Tom Livingstone

Tom is known for his business management and growth strategies, but is primarily an SEO Specialist.
He has grown a full service digital marketing agency from 2 staff to 27 full-time employees. He is now foraying into affiliate marketing, buying, growing and selling websites as digital assets.

Tom is known for building digital brands for local companies and helping them move into the digital era.

Who Is Tom Livingstone?

Tom spent 9 years in the Royal Air Force before venturing out as an SEO specialist, and now 8 years on has used his experience to grow multiple online businesses.
A northerner with a southerners accent, you’ll enjoy Toms no BS approach to marketing strategy.

What Does Tom Livingstone Do?

Tom runs a successful digital marketing agency alongside:

  • Owner of multiple affiliate website projects
  • Founder of Right Click Inspect Ltd a new SEO Company & Paid Search Consultancy
  • Lead SEO Consultant at Tom Livingstone SEO
  • Director at Bright Design a web design and digital marketing agency.
  • Partner of Run It Up Media a Local SEO Agency in The South East

What Does Tom Livingstone Specialise In?

Tom is an expert in SEO and link building, Affiliate marketing, PPC Adwords, Paid Social Ads including Facebook & LinkedIn Ads.

A Little History On Tom Livingstone

Tom grew up in Northampton to a middle class family. He left there at 18 to join the Royal Air Force and travelled the world, serving in The Falklands and Iraq before deciding upon a career change after 9 years.
He initially started amending websites, but quickly found the big for all things SEO and took a punt on his career when deciding to set up Bright Design. Now he is an owner of multiple businesses and Tom has shown that if he can be successful, anyone can.
You might not be able to teach aptitude, but there’s no excuse for not having the best attitude which is what Tom says is the reason for him getting to where he is now.

Where Is Tom Livingstone Located?

Tom is located in Northampton and has an office in Blisworth where his agency is located, but frequently consults with both UK and international businesses.

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