Andrew Halliday

Andy is an online entrepreneur who specialises in technical and eCommerce SEO.

He was once responsible for £110m a year in sales, before deciding to go solo.

Who Is Andrew Halliday?

Andy Halliday is a Digital marketing specialist from Yorkshire.

More known for his technical SEO expertise, he can often be found delivering talks on Server Log Auditing or the latest issues found when crawling a site but more importantly how to fix them.

He started his digital marketing career at Ebuyer – and became the Head of SEO and PPC, after a short stint in the Finance sector – it was onto his own adventure, but using the skills and knowledge learnt from working in-house he is now able to apply them to a wide range of niches.

During his very first-ever SEO conference talk, he used the phrase

“You wouldn’t build a million-dollar house on quicksand, so don’t build a million-dollar website on poor foundations”

This is something he passionates believes in and strives for making websites as technically perfect as they can be.

What Does Andrew Halliday Do?

  • Founder of – a technical and server log auditing agency.
  • Director of Coreter Media which small businesses with their digital marketing
  • Owner of Encome – which specialises in income from e-commerce sites
  • Runs a running blog Air Beneath my Feet – to encourage others to take up long-distance running (Ultra distance)
  • Runs several affiliate sites in a wide variety of niches. These usually start out as testing sites for Onpage Rocks until they start getting traffic and rankings.

What Does Andrew Halliday Specialise In?

  • Technical SEO and Server Log Auditing
  • E-commerce SEO
  • Automation – he hates having to do the same thing over and over again
  • SEO Audits

A Little History On Andrew Halliday

Andrew Halliday (not to be confused with the footballer Andy Halliday) is from Doncaster, UK.

Is an ultra-marathon runner and he says some of his best ideas comes when out on a long run and the mind is clear from distractions

A father to three wonderful kids, of which his oldest can often be seen in his helpful videos. The #serverlogkid has even been asked to speak with his dad on stage – but so far has refused.

What Entrepreneurial Status Is Andrew Halliday?

Andrew Halliday is a Lifestyle Entrepreneur, making huge profits isn’t his end game.

Making enough money so he can have a nice lifestyle, travel the world and make memories is much more important to him than having x million in the bank.

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