Daisy Macula

Daisy Macula is an online entrepreneur who is based in the Philippines.

Daisy is well known in the SEO Community as being Virtual Assistant Filipino Service Provider.

Who Is Daisy Macula?

Daisy Macula is an online entrepreneur and a top-rated SEO strategist with more than 10 years of experience in the industry.

Her experience made her an expert in the field, assisting businesses to expand through strategic SEO, video marketing, Lead Generation, and Amazon FBA services.

She is the CEO of Remote Staff Seeker, a startup company committed to finding reliable and highly qualified virtual employees from the Philippines.

Professional Background

From one of the country’s biggest source of offshore talents and BPO industries, the Philippines, Daisy Macula has years of in-depth experience and knowledge about how the industry has changed, evolved, and progressed.

For the past ten years, SEO has been the most significant part of Daisy Macula’s work at Evolve Marketing Group, a US-based digital marketing company. Started as a general VA to becoming the Director of Marketing, she became one of the key people in the daily operation and success of the company. She is very passionate about helping clients generate organic traffic to their online properties and create a persuasive branding that converts their online presence into qualified leads.

She recently launched a startup outsourcing company called Remote Staff Seeker and has helped many SEO clients and friends in the industry find reliable and qualified remote staff (virtual assistants) in the Philippines. By doing so, she has enabled business owners to scale and attain their dream lifestyle.

Professional Mission

Here is Daisy Macula professional mission statement:

  • To help companies grow and expand by bringing in more business through organic SEO, Lead Generation, Paid Ads, and different social media platforms.
  • To help companies scale up by finding reliable and cost-efficient Virtual Assistants from general VAs to content writers to link building outreach people.
  • To help employers around the world foster a collaborative and beneficial working relationship with their VAs.
  • To contribute to the community by creating life-changing job opportunities in the Philippines and helping people maximize their potential and enrich their lives.

With her mission and intensive experience in the industry, Daisy Macula is one of the trusted SEO Specialist and Virtual Assistant Service Provider in the Philippines.

She is your go-to partner in helping you grow and scale up your business. Be it in the field of SEO, Lead Generation, and or hiring VAs, her result-oriented attitude assures a work accomplished in a timely and professional manner.

Get in Touch

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Email her at [email protected] for VA Service enquiries or at [email protected] for SEO and Lead Generation.

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