Top Shopify Agencies in the UK

Since its inception in 2016, Shopify has garnered a combined platform sales of $200 billion. This number proves you can make thousands of pounds via Shopify if you have the right product.

But it’s not just about the right product. Factors like marketing, branding and website optimisation can affect your ability to make Shopify Sales. That’s why it’s important to have the best UK Shopify agencies in your corner.

We understand how complicated it is to choose the best Shopify agency in the UK. After all, thousands of agencies out there claim to offer top-notch Shopify branding and marketing services.

Even a trusty old Google search won’t help. Searching the phrase “top Shopify agencies in the UK” will return thousands of results — leaving you even more confused than before.

That’s why we’ve gone ahead to do the hard work of researching different Shopify agencies and the services they offer. This blog is your comprehensive guide to the top Shopify agencies in the UK for 2022.

Here, we’ll cover the best Shopify agencies to help with your brand’s web design, marketing, app development and branding needs.

What to Expect from the Top Shopify Agencies

We understand you’re here because you need to find a Shopify agency you can trust. This blog isn’t a random list of Shopify agencies available in the UK. Instead, we used a detailed research process, making sure every UK Shopify agency on this list ticks the requisite boxes.

Below is a quick rundown of how we chose the best Shopify agencies in the UK. You can also use the information in this section as a guide for vetting Shopify agencies on your list.

Below are the factors that determine the best Shopify agency for your brand:

Shopify Agencies Offer Different Services

In searching for a proven Shopify agency, it’s important to remember that these organisations are not the same. The major difference between top Shopify agencies in the UK is the extent and scope of their services.

Some Shopify agencies focus primarily on the app development side of the equation. Conversely, other Shopify agencies mainly deal with web design.

Similarly, some Shopify agencies are home to marketing gurus — professionals that’ll help your target customer base find you. And in the same vein, some blanket agencies do a little bit of every aspect.

The information above means there’s a crucial step to follow in your search for a Shopify agency. It’s critical to isolate the type of support your Shopify brand needs. This info will streamline your agency search, helping you determine where to cast your net.

The temptation to find a Shopify agency that offers a broad group of services is real. But it’s one we strongly suggest you resist.

Firstly, it’s challenging to find a Shopify agency that delivers top-notch services across the board. And even if they do, it’s likely to come with astronomical pricing.

Define the Project Need and Budget

This factor is an extension of the point above. Say you have identified the need for a Shopify agency that specialises in web development. The next consideration is the extent of the web development project and your need for it.

There are typically three types of projects:

Theme Setups

Theme setup jobs are on the lower rung of the price ladder. They usually cost anywhere between £800-£2,500, depending on the agency’s experience and job complexity.

Full-Custom Project

The best Shopify agencies in the UK charge £5,000 and above for full-custom projects. This pricing can reach £50,000 depending on the size and complexity of customisation.

A full-custom Shopify project involves creating a store outfitted with all the bells and whistles essential for a great user experience. Custom projects can be super complex and often require the intervention of multiple specialists, including a UX/UI designer, web developer and content writer.

Exactly how much a top Shopify agency in the UK will charge for a full-custom project depends on the following:

  • Project complexity
  • Designer experience
  • Developer experience
  • Type of user features
  • Extent of customisation

Modified Theme

This type of project is the middle ground between a full-on custom project and a theme set-up for a Shopify brand. In this instance, the agency will only be tweaking and customising specific elements of your Shopify online store.

The best Shopify agencies in the UK charge £2,000 and above for modified theme jobs. Although, the pricing can rise depending on the level of modification required.

Realistic Budgets

We understand the uncontrollable urge to save money while working on your Shopify store. However, the urge to save money should never supersede getting top-quality Shopify agency services.

Often, clients have unrealistic guesstimates of how much a Shopify project will cost. After all, they’re not familiar with the Shopify industry and how it works.

Price conversations with different UK Shopify agencies will help you isolate an average price — and you can go from there. Hence, we recommend speaking to different agencies during your search for the best Shopify store. It’s the same model we utilised before coming up with the list below.

Furthermore, it’s important not to look for the cheapest UK agency to provide crucial Shopify support. Expert Shopify agencies in the UK will always charge you a fair amount for your project. This pricing is often a function of their experience, expertise and the job complexity. Plus, it applies whether you choose to work with a freelancer or an official agency.

Contravening the rule in the last paragraph is always a bad idea. The lowest possible Shopify agency fees often translate to poor services. Usually, the agency isn’t charging more because they don’t have the requisite expertise or experience. And this always equals poor end results.

Therefore, it’s crucial to ensure that your choice of Shopify agency offers prices similar to the industry average. If the pricing for their services seems too good to be true, in all likelihood, it is.

Price Range

Our list of top Shopify agencies in the UK covers companies with different types of budgets. Some Shopify agencies on this list provide enterprise solutions that demand deep pockets. Conversely, others focus on making Shopify services accessible to small businesses and medium enterprises.

The last point we discussed gives you an idea of what to expect in terms of pricing. The trick is to pick a Shopify agency with pricing somewhere within that range.

It’s not a good idea to pick a Shopify agency with a price range far below your budget. If their pricing is far below your budget, they’re probably not investing the time or resources necessary to achieve your desired results.

It’s completely normal for a Shopify agency in the UK to ask about your budget for a project. This is all part of the initial consultation, and it shouldn’t put you off working with them. The Shopify agency isn’t trying to pull a fast one on you.

Instead, a professional Shopify agency asking about your budget wants to zero in on realistic deliverables for that price range. So, it’s up to you to remain honest about your budget for Shopify support.

Say you provide a lowball budget to gain the upper hand during negotiations. The agency will counter that proposal by offering limited services, which means you won’t be getting everything you need for your Shopify store — even though it’s now affordable.

Instead of providing a lowball budget, ask the Shopify agency for their price range. Their answer will help you:

  • Determine if you have a realistic budget
  • Avoid overcharging issues
  • Understand the factors that combine to determine the price of Shopify agency services in the UK.

Boxes Your Shopify Agency Must Tick

The search for the right Shopify agency in the UK is crucial. Your choice here can make or mar your brand’s revenue stream. You want an agency that’ll do the heavy lifting so you can focus on satisfying your customers. Plus, you want them to do it with minimal intervention on your part.

Any Shopify agency that ticks the boxes below will likely provide the support level we describe above. These boxes include:

Portfolio and Case Studies

The best Shopify Agencies in the UK always provide a portfolio of their previous work. This portfolio is the only concrete proof that they can do their job. As such, it’s always a huge red flag when an agency refuses to provide a portfolio.

The portfolio and case studies should contain minor details of brands they’ve worked with in the past. It’ll provide insight into how their marketing, web development and other services work.

P.S: They get extra points if they’ve worked with similar Shopify brands in your niche.

There are two sides to the portfolio aspect of choosing a Shopify agency. The average Shopify agency is working on multiple projects simultaneously. Consequently, they may not have the resources to load the portfolio with as much detail as you want.

For example, clients often want to understand the rationale behind the agency’s method and how they delivered the service. The Shopify agency may not provide this level of detail. And it’s best to remember that a lack of detail is not a reflection of their services. It just means they have limited time available.

Portfolios and case studies often include links to client websites. When viewing these websites, it’s important to remember that clients can make changes to web pages after delivery. Therefore, it’s better not to make a hasty judgement based on a single project.

Portfolios belonging to a prospective Shopify agency can be super informative. You can glean info on the following talking points:

  • Whether or not they work with enterprise or startup clients
  • The size of Shopify brands they work for
  • Custom or theme setups?
  • Attention to detail

The answers to these questions will help you determine if the Shopify agency is right for you. For example, say the agency has no experience working with Shopify startups like yours. Then, they’re not an ideal choice for your brand.


Slow, unmotivated responses indicate that the Shopify company isn’t up to the task. Top Shopify agencies in the UK offer effective, direct-response communication channels.


Portfolios and case studies provide you with the company’s perspective on past projects. Reviews offer the customer’s perspective. Therefore, it’s important to consider both factors before partnering with a Shopify agency.

Start by looking for previous client reviews on platforms like Facebook, Yelp and Trustpilot. You can also try to match online client reviews to the portfolio. Matching methodology and results to a customer review will provide a big picture of how the agency works.

And what about when you come across a bad review? A bad Shopify agency review isn’t a red flag in itself. The talking point here is the agency’s response to the bad review.

Did the Shopify agency explain the circumstances behind the bad reviews? Did they try to resolve the issue? These questions will provide insight into how the agency is likely to approach relations with your Shopify brand.

The last point is ensuring online reviews come from real-life clients instead of bots. A little research on the alleged client will help you verify their review.

The Team

You want to ensure that every team member working on your project has the skills to deliver top-quality work. The first factor to look for is expertise. Ask about the team’s qualifications, expertise and experience on the job.

Skills and expertise are not enough. It’s always better to ensure the team is enthusiastic and passionate about your project.

And finally, you’re going to work together with that team for a long time. You should get on easily with them. If you enjoy working with them, the chances of fantastic project results increase astronomically.

Best Way to Contact a Top Shopify Agency in the UK

You know all about what to expect from a top Shopify agency in the UK. The next logical step is contacting prospective agencies and nurturing the beginnings of a professional working relationship.

Here’s what you need to do:

First Impressions are Important

A negative first impression is almost impossible to change. This mantra should be on top of your mind when approaching a Shopify agency in the UK.

The first contact you’ll have with the agency likely revolves around introducing your project before explaining your expectations and goals. It’s the point where you discuss the agency’s availability and whether they can provide the support you need.

Here’s what you need to understand. The top Shopify agencies in the UK are busy. They’re usually in the position to nitpick their clients. The influence of this factor on client choice increases with reputation and expertise.

So, it’s best to avoid the following if you want to partner with the best Shopify agency in the UK:

  • Being impolite
  • Communicating like it’s a privilege for the company to work with you
  • Unprofessional conduct
  • Lazy work
  • Providing only the barest minimum info

The bullet points above describe a client no reputable Shopify agency in the UK wants. Therefore, exhibiting the characteristics above is likely to make the agency categorise your brand as a risk. They’ll likely respond by increasing the pricing to “repel” your brand or reject your project proposal.

Provide a Brief

The brief describes your vision and needs for your Shopify brand. It’s usually a written document that expresses the services you expect from the Shopify agency.

Sure, it can be tempting to provide minimal detail in the brief. But it’s also important to think about the agency’s point of view. They’ll assess the goals outlined in your brief and design strategies to achieve them. Therefore, it’s better to ensure your brief is comprehensive and accurate.

Briefs intended for custom designs should be super accurate. The degree of detail you provide will help the designers recognise where to start and how best to deliver your vision. Similarly, the brief will guide the web developers, helping them recognise which functions and features to implement.

Say your project isn’t a fully custom one. Then, it’s better to divide the brief into two sections — one detailing the optional features and the other touching on must-haves for your project. Sometimes, Shopify agencies provide a brief formatting guide to ensure clients provide all the info they need. If they provide this guide, use it and follow all recommended steps.

Ask About the Price Range

The pricing mechanism for a Shopify agency is often complicated. It takes time for the agency to figure out the specifics involved in your project. Therefore, it’s usually a good sign if the agency asks for more details before providing a pricing model. They simply want a bigger picture so they can give fair pricing.

It’s important not to rush the company into providing a final quote, especially when they don’t have all the information they need. Rushing the agency will only lead to them giving you a high price quote to cover any possible losses.

Expect a Pushback

The top Shopify agencies in the UK swing into action after the first consultation session. This is where their customer services, expertise, and experience become evident.

Remember, you’re not hiring a yes man that’ll agree with every one of your requests. Instead, you’re hiring a Shopify expert that can provide valid recommendations, which may sometimes be contrary to your ideas.

It’s important to remain patient during these back-and-forth discussions.

Weigh the merits of their ideas to estimate whether they’ll add value to your brand. If they do, you might want to approve those recommendations!

The Overall Best Shopify Marketing Agency: Bing Digital

Here we take a closer look at the best Shopify marketing agency in the UK.

  1. Bing Digital

The top Shopify agency in the UK is Bing Digital. There’s no substitute for experience, and they have 20 years of marketing experience.

The bulk of their clients uses Shopify and Magento to sell products and services to customers worldwide. Bing Digital uses Google Ads, Paid Social, Creative Production, PPC, and organic social media content to push Shopify brands.

It’s not just marketing, either. They provide a full range of Shopify agency services — from creative design and web development to marketing and optimisation. This connected service range allows Bing Digital to provide strategic solutions that drive your Shopify brand forward with laser focus.

Bing Digital is home to top-level developers and designers. Their designers will sit with you, understanding your vision and providing suggestions. Similarly, their top-rated coders have the skills to build functional, responsive Shopify websites that satisfy your customers.

Here’s what to expect when you choose Bing Digital as your Shopify partner:

  • Significant return on ad spending
  • Increase in customer base
  • Improvement in sign-ups and subscription numbers
  • Increase in social media conversion
  • Organic Shopify website traffic that converts
  • Online eCommerce store management

Bing Digital takes a holistic approach to Shopify agency services. They’re also flexible and experienced enough to scale up or down to meet your brand needs. Get in touch with Bing digital to discuss custom strategies to foster your Shopify brand’s growth.

Top Shopify Website Development Agencies in the UK

Consider the following Shopify agencies for projects that revolve strictly around web development needs:

  1. Kubix Media

Kubix Media is in Birmingham. The outfit is home to a team of highly-rated Shopify web developers. Kubix Media is also present on the latest list of Shopify’s recommended agency partners.

The one caveat to their services may be the pricing. Their pricing model for Shopify agency services starts at £5,000. Therefore, they aren’t for everyone.

If you have the budget for it, Kubix Media guarantees a faultless, responsive website. They also provide specialised services for growing eCommerce brands. Their exhaustive list of clients includes Wilsons, Lisa Yang, Hoodrich and Nourished.

  1. Charle

Charle is a London-based Shopify website development and design company. Their target clients are primarily fast-growth Shopify brands looking for specialists to design and optimise their online stores.

As one of the top Shopify agencies in the UK, Charle uses a proven 4-step approach to provide top-quality services. Every project starts with a strategy, discovery and planning stage. This step allows their design team to understand your brand and gain insights from your competitors.

The second stage is web design and visual building. This project stage is where the creative team builds out wireframes — the foundation for your website. The web design stage is deliberate to maximise customer experience and boost conversion numbers.

The third phase of Charle’s top Shopify agency service is web development and building. Here, their top-rated web developers will build the code for your website. They dot all the I’s and cross the T’s to ensure your website meets the best industry standards. There’s constant assessment and reassessment at this stage.

The final phase is testing and launching your Shopify website before delivery. This stage marks the website as flawless. Then, and only then, will Charle deliver your project.

  1. Blue Horizons

Blue Horizons is in Gloucester, and they advertise themselves as the one-stop agency for all Shopify support needs. Their services extend beyond website design, development and building.

Blue Horizons’ bouquet services include the following:

  • Brand Development
  • Promotional Design
  • Print Media
  • Shopify Marketing
  • Logo Design

The good news is that Blue Horizons’ pricing model starts on the affordable side of the scale. Web development and design prices start at roughly £2,300.

  1. Sheer Digital

Sheer Digital is home to an experienced team of web developers and web designers. They have a decade of experience helping Shopify brands in the UK with their online stores.

A quick look at Sheer Digital on Clutch uncovers a decent reputation. They have over 15 active Clutch reviews and even have a few Clutch awards to their name.

Their latest case study has details of a project with Kimon, a luxury bag brand targeting UK customers. Sheer Digital built a fantastic eCommerce website with widgets and features for product customisation.

  1. Quickfire Digital

This company is a top Shopify support and Shopify Plus agency in the UK. They specialise in building customer websites, apps and software for Shopify brands. Quickfire Digital also provides accelerator services to boost startup growth.

Quickfire Digital is an accredited Shopify expert and partner. Their team of strategists, developers and account managers specialise in the following:

  • Shopify optimisation
  • Shopify training services
  • Shopify consultation
  • Store migrations to Shopify and Shopify Plus
  • Customer app and software development
  • Personalised platform integration

Their long list of clients includes Mylee Cosmetics, Blakely Clothing and Tala Activewear.

  1. Create 8

Crest 8 is one of the top Shopify web design agencies in the UK. Their team of web design creatives will handle the following:

  • Custom-built stores
  • App integrations
  • Theme customisations
  • Theme built stores
  • Shopify migrations

Create 8 has worked with clients like Walker Slime, CTRL, oohbox and Abreo.

Top Shopify Plus Agencies in the UK

We understand that Shopify store owners always have varying agency needs. This blog section details the best Shopify Plus agencies in the UK.

  1. Eastside Co

Eastside Co was one of the very first agencies in the UK to achieve the official Shopify Plus Partner Agency status. This rating proves Eastside Co has the skill and knowledge to handle all of your Shopify Plus needs.

Their services include client website design and consistent management. Eastside Co uses advanced discovery audits, website builds, and the latest marketing strategies to deliver world-class results.

  1. Blubolt

Blubolt has 15+ years of experience building and designing websites for various clients. They offer UX design services, optimisation and website building services. Their Shopify agency services also extend to app building and development.

Below are the reasons Blubolt is on our list of top Shopify Plus agencies in the UK:

  • Omni-channel services
  • Proven track record
  • eCommerce specialisation
  • Beautiful, distinct web designs
  • Exceptional support level
  • Sliding scale services
  1. Propeller

Propeller has offices in London and New York. This extensive network is proof that Propeller has the network and resources to solve your Shopify Plus problems.

The company is home to world-class web developers with an innate understanding of the Shopify Plus ecosystem. They understand the industry standards for D2C eCommerce websites and can also help with migration from Magento stores to Shopify Plus.

Propeller’s long list of Shopify Plus agency services includes:

  • Theme customisations
  • Custom websites
  • D2C restaurants and online food store websites
  • Wholesale support
  • Site maintenance
  • App selection and customisation

Some of their recent clients include Gemma by WP Diamonds, MWELL and Tivoli audio.

Top Shopify Optimisation and Conversion Agencies in the UK

Are you looking to increase your conversion numbers? Below are the top Shopify agencies with a track record for boosting brand conversion numbers in the UK.

  1. Swanky Agency

Swanky Agency is ideal for Shopify brands looking to increase their conversion numbers. Their services include using the latest marketing tactics to increase organic numbers. They also tweak your website and CTAs to improve your conversion numbers.

Swanky Agency’s strategy is data-based. Their experience and feel for the market helps them identify the elements that’ll move the needle positively. From campaign analysis to development and testing, Swanky Agency does it all in-house.

  1. Whole Design Studios

Whole Design Studios is home to Shopify experts. Their team of developers and designers know their way around the optimisation niche.

This in-depth knowledge allows Whole Design Studios to boost client revenue using next-level CRO strategies. Their services include:

  • Isolating business objectives and goals
  • Project audits
  • Data collection and analysis
  • Development
  • Strategy and Hypothesis creation
  • A/B Testing
  • Learning and Optimization

Whole Design Studios offers affordable pricing for startups and mid-sized Shopify brands. Their conversation rate optimisation services start at £1,500 every month.

Top Shopify App Development Agencies in the UK

Searching for a Shopify agency to develop and build an app for your brand? Then, check out these two-rated Shopify app dev agencies in the UK:

  1. Liquify Design

Sometimes, finding the tool or widget you need in the Shopify store is almost impossible. Liquify Design is here to help whenever you find yourself in those shoes.

Liquidy Design is a top UK Shopify agency that focuses on building personalised Shopify apps to service your website needs. With multiple years of experience under their belt, the Liquify Design team can code any feature into your app.

  1. Siruss

Siruss is based in Shrewsbury, and they’re a trusted partner to build the Shopify app of your dreams. Their method starts with a consultation session where they listen to your Shopify app needs. Then, they provide direction and solutions for your idea.

Siruss offers a transparent pricing model. They’ll break down all the tiny costs that make up the price of your new Shopify website. Remember, developing and maintaining a Shopify app isn’t an easy prospect. Therefore, don’t expect Siruss’ services to come cheap.

  1. Modus Apps

Modus Apps has the main aim of helping your brand remain distinct. Their team of experts — based in Bristol — will help you build your very own flawless Shopify app.

Their founder, Gordon, is a man with extensive eCommerce experience. This experience radiates to the rest of the team, translating to pragmatic yet robust Shopify app solutions.

The Modus Apps team is also an expert at data analysis and insights. Therefore, if you have a new idea for your Shopify app, this amazing team can bring it to life.

Choose the Best Shopify Agency in the UK

The top Shopify agencies in the UK offer a full range of support services to take your brand to the next level. Above, we’ve highlighted all you need to know about finding and selecting the ideal Shopify agency for your business.

Use the hacks above to select the ideal Shopify agency for your brand or startup. Good luck!

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