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If you are looking for a trustworthy & reliable PR Agency Located in London. Continue reading this company review on Wi Communications.

Our team here at Best-Companies this month October has decided to review all the top PR Agencies in London, and Wi Communications is one of them.

Wi Communications PR Agency carries out Public Relations and corporate communications for various big brands throughout the UK.

When our team checked out their website, we saw various big brands they have worked with within the past, including DHL, AGK Logistics and Port of Hamburg using integrated campaigns and successful marketing techniques to ensure PR success.

Wi Communications specialises in PR for many different markets, including logistics, tourism, pharmaceuticals, healthcare, automotive, human resources and offer clients a range of different services including both traditional and digital marketing.

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Is Wi Communications Reliable PR Agency?

Wi Communications ltd has been established on 5 September 2016. They offer clients extensive knowledge and irreplaceable experience in the PR market.

Wi Communications ltd founder Marisa Lutter is an expert in her profession and has more than ten years of experience managing major international projects, she leads a team that all have a wealth of knowledge and expertise in their individual fields.

The company specialises in three different divisions: International PR, Websites and Mobile Apps no matter where you are in the world (except Africa) as they haven’t reached there just yet!

However, if Wi communications are not active or have an existing partner in your location. They will find you a local partner in your area and liaise with them.

They are a multi-lingual company and can communicate with people using their own company, and if they cannot, they will find a local native interpreter to assist with the meetings.

They pay close attention to a companies communication strategy. They offer clients a range of marketing skills from brochure design to digital marketing.

They produce apps for both iOs and Android as well as cross-platform apps if requested.

They keep well-documented reports on everything they do and keep the client up to date and well informed about what they are doing at each stage of the project.

If you wonder what ‘wi’ means, in the dialects of Lakota and Dakota (Native Americans Tribes), the word ‘wi’ means sun.

Wi Communications believe that all their clients and marketing projects should shine and be as powerful as the sun.

The company also strongly resonates with the characteristics of these tribes, such as the pioneering spirit, flexibility, teamwork and sportsmanship.

This is important because of the diverse industries they cater for, it is important for them to be flexible and pioneering with their approach.

Wi Communications could take your company to that international level with years of industry expertise and staff who are fluent in most languages with a strong and dependable knowledge of PR.

They are flexible in meeting face to face. For example, this can be done in one of their locations in Germany, Spain or England. If this can not be done a member of their team can fly out to you in one of your offices.

If this cannot be achieved a conference call can be held at your convenience to discuss the next steps of the project.

So if you are wanting your next Public Relations Project to shine, enquire with them today.

Wi Communications Reviews

Marista Bestvater- Executive JOB.N

“We hired Marisa and her team as a service provider, to launch our award-winning brand JOB.N with a resounding media response. In doing so, Marisa perfectly manages to put herself in the position of our industry’s target groups. Therefore, I would gladly recommend WI Communications as a partner.”

Arkadius Grabietz- Managing Director AKG Logistics

“Marisa increased our brand awareness in Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan and Germany. As a result, potential customers and partners became aware of us and placed significantly more trust in our expertise.”

Joerg Chilla- Air Freight Manager Dusseldorf, DHL Global Forwarding

“Marisa developed a model of an event controlling platform for us. It is used to plan, measure and evaluate events. Thus, Marisa helped our marketing and sales department save expenses and reduce the budget by means of rationalisation.”

Wi Communications Contact Details

Wi Communications Companies House Details

Wi Communications Ltd is an active company incorporated on 5 September 2016 with the registered office in London, Greater London. Wi Communications Ltd has been running for 4 years.

There is currently 1 active director, according to the latest confirmation statement submitted on 4th September 2020.

  • Incorporation Date – 5 September 2016
  • Company Number – 10358326
  • Company Full Name – Wi Communications Ltd

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