Able Canopies Review

Are you on the hunt for a canopy company you can trust? Well, look no further because Able canopies could be the one for you.

In this article, we will be reviewing Able Canopies to see who the company is and what amazing services they can provide. Continue reading this article to understand why Able Canopies could be the perfect company for your construction.

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Able Canopies Overview

Whether you are looking to have a canopy installed for educational purposes, architecture, healthcare, or commercial usage – Able Canopies does it all. When speaking to the Able Canopies’ team, you will be able to discuss a budget, size, and style you would like to ensure the canopy is bespoke to you.

Able canopies have been installing for schools, architecture, and more for over 15 years, ensuring that the customers are always happy and safe. They are proven to be happy with the outcome from numerous positively rated testimonials.

Each canopy installed is bespoke to each other, they are able to be altered to fit your specific needs including sizing and materials. Able Canopies have installed thousands of canopies and shelters across the UK for various schools, nurseries, restaurants, etc.

Services Offered by Able Canopies

Able Canopies offers the following services:

Covered Walkways

A covered walkway is a service offered by Able Canopies, whether you are after a wall-mounted canopy or a free-standing shelter, Able Canopies can install both. There are various designs to choose from to fulfill your walkway goal – apex roof style or contemporary curved! Each different construction is bespoke to you.

Your pathway does not need to be a straight line either, with pathways having many twists and turns, Able Canopies can follow your desired shape.

Installing a covered walkway to your outside path can benefit many different people, such as pupils in schools when transferring from one place in school to another, guiding visitors or staff in various workplaces and hospitality facilities. Able Canopies can bring a new look to your outdoor space with a covered walkway – it will really catch the eye.

Cycle compounds and shelters

Cycle compounds are offered by Able Canopies- fitted with a secure lockable gate for ultimate security on the steel compound. Steel cycle compounds can store up to 20 bikes, however, if more bikes need to be stored, they can be extended for more storage room.

With cycle shelters, they offer a stylish yet secure finish on steel construction. They are installed with as much quality as any other form of a canopy, built to withstand everyday wear and protection from the potential threat of a stolen bike.

Not only do Able Canopies install a steel bike shelter, but there is also a choice of timber. They provide a stylish and secure look as the glulam timber is curved and sustainable! Providing a natural and environmentally friendly feel, the timber cycle shelter is perfect to encourage people to cycle to their chosen destination.

Modular Outdoor Classroom

As Ofsted has stated that younger children should have learning time spent outside, it is crucial to have an outdoor classroom. With the weather in the UK being very inconsistent and uncertain- being able to learn outside can not always happen, however, with an outdoor classroom, it can be enabled to learn outdoors any day of the year with an outdoor classroom.

Outdoor classrooms can be attached to the school building or stand-alone, potentially meaning and installation of a covered walkway! The outdoor classrooms that Able Canopies install can be offered in aluminium, steel, or timber to allow you to have your own bespoke design.

You can decide the base, the number of sides, and how many doors you would like. You can also decide if you would like your outdoor classroom clear, translucent, or opaque as well as the colours too. It is all up to you to ensure customer satisfaction is 100%.

Sun Shade Sails

Protecting up to 98.9% of harmful sun UV rays, Able Canopies knitted fabric shades you from the sun as well as letting through a cool breeze through small holes in the fabric in the hot weather.

To install a sun shade sail, you must have enough space to accommodate the posts as they are commercial grade structures. They are not suitable for domestic purposes. They are also not suitable for rain coverage as they are not waterproof, they are for sun protection.

This service is mainly suited to schools, parks, and nurseries in various contemporary colours.

Able Canopies Contact Details

To get in touch with Able Canopies, here are some contact details:

Able Canopies Reviews

The Wyvern School said:

A fantastic structure designed and completed by a friendly team. Would recommend!

Leaf Hotels Group stated:

From start to the finish the order has been handled efficiently and installed within the expected deadline. We are very happy with the service provided.

Perryfields Junior School reviewed:

Very supportive during the planning stages. Installation was within the timescale given with very professional workmanship. Canopy looks great. Would highly recommend Able Canopies. Thank You Shane, Kevin & Danielle.

Church Eaton Endowed Primary School happily said:

Able Canopies have created a perfect outdoor space. The canopy has been put together from design to building in partnership with what our specific needs are. Nothing has been too much trouble. The builders have been very sensitive to the needs of our children, working quickly & with the least disruption as possible.


This Able Canopies review shows that this company is definitely a company to trust to install your canopy. They are constantly ensuring their installations are perfect for customer satisfaction. Having installed thousands of extensive canopies across the UK for different universities, hospitality, schools, and retail outlets.

The correlation of positive reviews shows that the outcome of the products Able Canopies have installed are always brilliant. They are completely legal and have some amazing certifications, including ISO, CHAS, OHAS, and Construction Line Gold.

No matter what, Able Canopies will try and test each product to be certain that the service they have provided is up to their standard (which is the highest quality).

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