The Canopy Shop Review

Are you thinking of getting a canopy shelter, but unsure of which company to trust? Continue reading this article to know everything about The Canopy Shop and how they could be the best company for you!

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In this article, we will be breaking down who this company is, what they do, and how it could be the perfect company for you. It is super important that you choose the right company for you as you would not want to have a faulty construction that needs to be repaired or replaced.

The Canopy Shop offers a variety of different constructions, so reading this article will allow you to decide which is best for you in your desired space.

The Canopy Shop Overview

The Canopy Shop is the UK’s leading supplier and installer of canopies and carports who are required to provide expert advice as they state they have plenty of experience in the canopy trade. This company is based in the UK, working nationwide to give out their expertise and skills to ensure you are ultimately happy with the final outcome.

When looking for a company to install a canopy shelter, The Canopy Shop is determined to succeed in your ideal outcome for customer satisfaction. They create canopies for various outdoor spaces, such as patio canopies, timber canopies, carports, and even school canopies.

Whatever type of canopy you are looking for, The Canopy Shop will definitely have you covered! The amazing installers will discuss the process along with more information when asked as they are fully experienced in the canopy trading industry.

Services Offered by The Canopy Shop

The Canopy Shop offers the following services:

Patio Canopies

Garden and patio canopies are the perfect construction for a relaxing shady spot in your garden! Patio canopies can be installed to deckings or paving to ensure the UV rays and the UK rain pours don’t get to you! Having an outdoor patio canopy allows you to feel like you’re protected and indoors while you’re actually outside in the fresh air.

The canopy kits include:

  • Rainwater system- to allow you to not get wet under your canopy.
  • Polycarbonated glazing panels, which can be chosen in a variety of colours to ensure it’s to your own taste.
  • Aluminium canopy posts.

Not only do patio canopies protect you from the UK’s uncertain forecasts, but they also make your garden look beautiful as they bring a whole refurbished look all your friends will want to visit.


Many people view their cars as their pride and joy- so why would you not want to protect them in a carport instead of leaving them out in the open!

Not only are carports easy to assemble, they are also cost-effective and ensure more safety to your car. This way you have a space-reducing garage as it is ventilated and is great as a handy storage space. Your car can now be looking spotless whilst sat in your carport!

Carports come in a range of sizing and styles- so your carport can look how you would like, as well as your car definitely being able to fit in. Your carport can either be attached to your house or unattached, it is all to your preference.

School Canopies

School playground canopies can benefit the school as well as the pupils so much. They ensure uncertain weather suitability, so, if the children were to play outside- they still could under the shelter.

The Canopy Shop has been installing these structures for some time now, therefore have gained lots of knowledge on what definitely needs to be done to offer the best outcome to their clients.

Not only do school playground canopies protect children from the rain, but they can also protect them from the sun to supply a cool shaded spot. This way children can be taught or play outside in various weather conditions in the fresh air, instead of cooped up in a classroom.

Commercial Canopies

Having a commercial canopy can be such a beneficial structure! When the weather is not looking too great but you want all the customers to come to your commercial space, having this type of canopy is what you need!

Whether it is an entrance, loading bay, walkway, or outdoor social space- this is the canopy you need to ensure everyone is super happy! Commercial canopies protect you or any potential visitors from harmful UV rays or disastrous rain pours.

You could also use commercial canopies as a vehicle shelter, whether that be trolleys, prams, or bikes- it is perfect. They will apply a safe space to lock away your possessions and you will feel good knowing they are dry and safe in this structure.

The Canopy Shop Contact Details

To get in touch with this brilliant company, here are their contact details:

  • Address- Unit 13, Earlstrees Court, Earlstrees Industrial Estate, Corby, NN17 4AX.
  • Phone- 01536 446 393
  • Website

The Canopy Shop Reviews

The Canopy Shop has had numerous positive reviews because so many people are pleased with their brilliant work!

Olwen Griffith Stated:

We are really pleased with our Walbrook canopy that covers our double doors. The canopy keeps our doorway dry – and looks so pretty

Peak School in Derbyshire also said:

We are delighted with our canopy which is both aesthetically pleasing and has provided a much needed outside learning area. The installation team were very understanding of the children’s needs

Mark Adams reviewed:

Great quality at competitive prices. I have had many compliments from friends and family about the canopy. It extends the use of the garden over the rainy summer and well into Autumn.


This Canopy Shop review clearly portrays that this company is professional and offers a wide range of constructions. These constructions can vary for different spaces around the UK such as educational spaces, homes facilities, and even commercial usage.

They constantly provide for places across the UK to ensure that uncertain weather is never a problem! It is brilliant that a structure can supply a place to learn, play and meet outside in the fresh air when the forecast varies constantly.

The Canopy Shop are infinitely experienced and trained to know all the questions you might want to ask them as they have such broad knowledge from working in the canopy trade for so long. They are known to be reliable and supply you with long-lasting constructions as they are purposefully built the remain a long time. You will need to clean your canopy fairly regularly to ensure it stays longing brand new, however, it is super easy and quick to clean it won’t feel like a chore!

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