Clovis Canopies Review

Are you interested in having a canopy shelter built, but unsure on which company you should trust to do the job? It is completely understandable, but you’re definitely looking in the right place!

Continue reading this article to find out everything you need to know about Clovis Canopies and why they could be the perfect company for building your canopy!

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In this article, we will be looking at who the company is and breaking down what they do and every other aspect you should know.

Whether you are unsure of which sort of canopy you want or are just unsure of which company, this article should help you decide.

Clovis Canopies Overview

Clovis Canopies are a UK-based canopy construction company that works all across the nation and all year round. They build canopy shelters for multiple different spaces, such as for schools, dining areas, entrance canopies, cycle parking, and walkway canopies.

Clovis Canopies are known for their quality and durability as they attempt to use the highest standards, giving a 25-year guarantee. They have traded for over 45 years and many of the staff have around 20 years of experience, showing they are into the second generation of the family business.

The company is accredited with quality, environmental, and health & safety standards proving that they can be trusted. Being a family-run business also shows that team works together well.

Clovis Canopies follows a six-step process each time, beginning with arranging a site visit to then give a detailed quotation. As step three they will check if any planning permission is required to then give an on-site survey. As the final two steps, they will fabricate and install.

Services Offered by Clovis Canopies

Clovis Canopies offer the following services:

Entrance Canopies

These specific canopies are designed to sit above a building entrance (it’s in the name!) They can be fitted directly onto walls- meaning you would need absolutely no columns into the ground!

These entrance canopies can be constructed in a range of styles, such as Apollo, Oxford, and Uxbridge designs making your entrance canopy more personalised to you. The majority of installations are constructed for schools, hospitals, and commercial properties.

Entrance canopies can be incredibly beneficial to staff members when locking and unlocking doors in the rain. These canopies also have a 25-year guarantee, Clovis Canopies install their work with the highest standards to ensure complete customer satisfaction.

Spectator Stands & Team Shelters

If you are looking to shelter your spectators, this design is for you!

Providing shelter and covered seating for sporting facilities is very important- this can make sure that the largest possible audience can watch without the fear of getting wet. Whether you want a flat roof or a curved roof, Clovis Canopies can install it! You can also have gutters incorporated to avoid the rain.

Garden Centre Tunnel Canopies

Powder-coated garden centre tunnel canopies can make your environment feel comfortable and asl give a lovely finish. As garden centres get increasingly popular, it is important to make sure customers are able to browse without feeling uncomfortable and have a good shopping experience. It is also important that the plants are well looked after, tunnel canopies can ensure this.

Garden Centre canopies can withstand heavy impacts, knocks, and scrapes as they are incredibly strong. Other types of canopies will most likely get very damaged from the impact that garden centre canopies can withstand.

Not only are they weatherproof, but they make your space feel brighter and bigger, this can really encourage customers to shop in this garden centre as a brighter environment gives off positive effects- this could increase how much a shopper spends as it would make them feel great!

School Canopies

Whether it’s a nursery, primary school, secondary school, or college- Clovis Canopies does it all!

As one of the UK’s leading suppliers of canopies for schools, it is crucial that Clovis Canopies completes their school canopies to the highest standard. They have an enormous range of styles that are of the highest quality- this will make your school canopy more suited to you as you will have more choice!

Regarded by Ofsted, having an outdoor learning space for children is a key factor for early years- installing a school canopy can make sure that this service is acquired, giving your school the best reviews, and that children have the accessibility to learn all your round (through the different weathers) under this canopy.

Clovis Canopies Contact Details

Get in touch with Clovis Canopies by accessing them with these contact details:

  • Address 104 Branbridges Road, East Peckham, Tonbridge, Kent, TN12 5HH.
  • Phone ( Sales/Estimating) 01622 873904
  • Phone (Suppliers) 01622 873901
  • Twitter
  • Facebook


Check out some of the amazing testimonials Clovis Companies have got:

S Pearce at Peter’s Hill Primary stated:

I am delighted with the end result. The quality of the product is excellent. The workmen have been fantastic – they have taken our needs into consideration at all times – been very approachable and hard working. My thanks to them. I am happy to recommend your canopies and workmanship to my colleagues and your prospective clients.

M Tonet as Nephco Ltd said:

Just a word of appreciation for the canopy that you supplied and fitted for us. Very favourable comments have been received by all that have seen it. If has been a pleasure dealing with your company, throughout the process, from start to finish, which has been conducted in a very professional manner. Please pass our appreciation to all that contributed to the final product.

Julie Cook at Claremont Primary School praised to say:

Our school has previously had numerous canopies built around it with different companies and sub-contractors involved – but Clovis has provided the most skillful and effective workforce to date!

I would thoroughly recommend you to other schools!

Congratulations … and thank you for a job well done.


Clovis Canopies is definitely a company that would be perfect for you if you are looking for a stylish, purposeful, and withstanding canopy. We would definitely recommend this company as the canopies they install are of brilliant, high quality and always look spotless!

This Clovis Canopies review considers the different features the company has to ensure that you know exactly who you would be working with and all the fabulous attributes they have. Not only do they have some great traits- but they also have lots of accreditations to show that they are a company to trust- this is always necessary as some companies can seem decent, but they are not.

Clovis Canopies have gained some incredible reviews that can show their constructions are always up to scratch as all of their reviews are positive. You can definitely trust this company!

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