Debt Help Charities

When looking for free debt advice in the UK it is advised to speak with a specialist debt aid charity organisation.

Anyone who needs information, support or advice on managing their money and dealing with debt can work with a debt advisory charity.

The Debt Help Charities also specialise in helping to fix serious debt problems using legal government legislated debt solutions.

Dealing with debt can be a stressful struggle, but there are many fantastic sources of free help and advice available to you.

There are many debt management charities to choose from but here is the updated list of the top-rated debt organisations in the UK.

This debt advice charity guide talks you through some of the debt charities and organisations that can offer support and free advice, what they do, and who can use them.

If you have a debt problem, don’t be afraid to seek help. You don’t have to be stuck with debt forever, there is a way out.

Best Debt Help Charities 2024

Here is a list of the top debt charities updated in April 2024:

  1. Stepchange
  2. Citizen’s Advice
  3. National Debtline
  4. Debt Support Trust
  5. Christians Against Poverty
  6. Debt Advice Foundation

* is for information purposes only. Nothing constitutes professional or financial advice as per finance legal disclaimer*

Comparing the Top Debt Charities in the UK

Here are some debt aid organisations which give free support to people who are struggling with debt in the United Kingdom.


StepChange is formerly known as the Consumer Credit Counselling Service.


StepChange is the UK’s leading debt charity helping people with debt problems by providing free debt advice.

With UK debts on the rise, StepChange has helped over half a million people every year with free practical debt support.

The StepChange debt advice charity offers free debt advice in offering all personal debt solutions available in April 2024.

StepChange debt advice can lead people all the way through complicated processes, such as creating debt management plans, IVAs or even bankruptcy.

A debt advisor from StepChange will work with you to organise a budget to suit your personal circumstances and set up a debt solution where you will make one monthly affordable payment.

The Stepchange debt charity will also be impartial when helping you decide whether this is the right way forward or whether a different approach might be better.

  • Website –
  • Email –  [email protected]
  • Telephone –  0800 138 1111
  • Address –  Wade House, Merrion Centre, Leeds, LS2 8NG

The website offers free, impartial and confidential and every client receives expert personalised advice to help them deal with their unsecured debts.

For more information on the UK’s leading debt aid charity check out our Stepchange Review.

Citizens Advice

Citizens Advice offer free debt advice for residents in the UK struggling to pay debts owed.


At Citizens Advice they provide face to face financial advice as well as over email and phone.

As part of the debt consultation, they will direct you to a provider of free Debt Management Plans or other debt solutions like IVAs Individual Voluntary Arrangements.

Citizens Advice is a Debt Counselling charity funded by the lottery, charitable trusts, private companies and many more.

As well as debt advice, Citizens Advice offer assistance on employment, housing, benefits, tax credits and immigration.

Citizens Advice have been providing the United Kingdom with free debt advice on various issues since 1939.

The website provides free, independent and confidential advice.

For more information on the registered charity check out our Citizens Advice Review.

National Debtline

National Debtline provides free and confidential debt advice and support by phone, email and webchat for people with money worries and debt problems in England, Wales & Scotland.

National Debtline gives free money advice on all types of debt including rent arrears, credit cards, loans, overdrafts and catalogue debt.

They will also talk you through any debt processes, such as debt relief orders, that might be confusing or intimidating, to begin with.

Debt Support Trust

Debt Support Trust is a registered debt advice foundation, which aims to support people in debt and help them become debt-free.

Their money advice service can help individuals struggling with debt understand their options, such as debt relief orders and individual voluntary arrangements.

Debt can be confusing and you might not understand all of the terms and procedures being offered to you.

Debt charities, such as Debt Support Trust, can help you understand possible systems that you could benefit from, like debt consolidation loans.

Christians Against Poverty

Christians Against Poverty (CAP) is a Christian charitable company specialising in debt counselling for people in financial difficulty in the United Kingdom.

The Christians Against Poverty debt aid charity help individuals with unsecured debts find the best solution which might include bankruptcy, individual voluntary arrangements, DRO or Debt Management Plans.

Not just for Christians, this charity offers debt coaching in your area and a free course that teaches budgeting skills and life skills.

Debt Advice Foundation

Debt Advice Foundation is a registered UK debt advice charity.

The website offers free, confidential, impartial support and advice to anyone worried about debt, including loans, and credit.

Debt Advice Foundation offers professional help to anyone who is struggling with money, or who doesn’t quite understand debt processes, such as debt relief orders.

They can find the most suitable solution for their client’s unique debt problems, from debt consolidation loans to a new repayment plan.

Popular Questions

Does a debt charity charge fees?

A debt charity is fee-free and no charges are made against the debtor.

Some debt companies charge large fees for debt plans and that is why sourcing a debt relief charity is advised.

Always make sure to check the company you are speaking with is free, confidential and professional.

Who can use debt charities?

Debt charities can help anyone who is struggling with finances.

Debt advisory services offer reliable support and confidential debt advice for those with money troubles.

You should never have to pay for debt help services, as there are many free professional debt charities.

Should you decide to handle your debt yourself, you can still contact a debt advice service for useful information. They often can provide template letters to help you speak with your creditors.

How can debt charities help?

Debt charities can help individuals struggling with money, with many offering the following services:

  • Contact debt collectors on your behalf.
  • Help you set up an achievable debt management plan.
  • Provide template letters for contacting creditors.
  • Inform you of what rights you have around debt collection.
  • Offer advice on the most suitable debt plan, for your unique circumstances.
  • Provide emotional and reliable support.
  • Prohibit creditors from contacting you for 30 days.

Remember, no debt welfare charity will charge for any services or information. Don’t be fooled by commercial businesses who will pose as a debt advisory service, while trying to charge their clients for their help.

Do Debt Charities Need to be FCA approved?

Provisions made under the Financial Services and Markets Act (FSMA) 2000, financial activities have to be regulated by the FCA.

Any debt relief charity (including not-for-profit) carrying out a regulated activity must be authorised or registered (unless they are exempt) by The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA).

The Foundation for Credit Counselling, trading as StepChange Debt Charity and StepChange Debt Charity Scotland, has received authorisation from the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA).

Citizens Advice are exempt because guidance services are not regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA).

Registered Charity No: 1097217 (England and Wales), SC038776 (Scotland). CAP is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.

The FCA is the independent regulator for all providers of financial services in the UK and provides information about financial products.

Final Thoughts

When you are looking for free help, you should be careful to ensure that the organisation you choose to help you is actually free.

Some debt management companies are set up as for-profit and can charge large fees for their services.

As some for-profit companies are established in the UK you need to be careful with some debt advice you read online. Some can be misleading as they encourage people to pursue debt solutions that aren’t appropriate to their particular debt problem.

With many debt advisory organisations and UK charitable trusts, you can seek expert advice from specialist debt advisors to assist you in your financial difficulties.

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