Best DAS Companies

When looking for a DAS company you need to choose a reputable business.

The best DAS company 2024 is there to assist you with debt arrangement scheme.

There are many debt arrangement scheme businesses to choose from but here is the updated list of the top-rated DAS companies in the UK.

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Best DAS Companies 2024

From our research, here is a list of the best DAS companies in July 2024:

  1. Stepchange
  2. McCambridge Duffy
  3. Debtline
  4. Carrington Dean
  5. Begbies Traynor
  6. Creditfix
  7. Payplan Scotland
  8. National Debt Advice

What is a DAS Company?

A DAS company is a business who helps you manage your debts into one monthly affordable payment.

Put simply, it is a team of insolvency practitioners working on behalf of people who may be struggling to pay multiple debts back to multiple creditors.

Employees at the best DAS companies know a variety of different legal routes through to debt relief. Therefore, instead of trying to research and balance everything yourself, you should take the time to reach out to a company with years of experience.

We’ve listed the best companies offering DAS services to people across Scotland. All of the companies in our list are certified and accredited to supply payment plan guidance and advice.

When you speak with a company offering debt relief for the first time, you need to ensure that you understand the ramifications if you cannot keep up to repayments.

Check out our video explaining what is a DAS and fully explains whether you qualify for a debt arrangement scheme plan:

As the video explains a debt arrangement scheme does not suit all Scottish citizens so it is important to take the debt assessment quiz to see your current circumstances.

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Do I Qualify?

Debt Arrangement Scheme Company

Are you looking for a company to help you with DAS, or the Debt Arrangement Scheme?

DAS is a debt solution which applies to Scottish people who find that they need help breaking down their debts and payments to multiple creditors.

It is sometimes easier than you might imagine to run up multiple debts with multiple people. That’s why many people look for the best DAS companies to help them get clear, legal advice on how to break free from the debt spiral.

But what is it you should be looking for from the best DAS companies? Is a DAS even the right choice for your financial situation?


We’ve listed the best DAS companies carrying insolvency practitioner licences in the UK. Be sure to take a look through our list of DAS firms and contact them to discuss your debt relief and advisory needs.

What is a DAS?

A Debt Arrangement Scheme, or DAS or DPP, is a form of debt advice that is available to Scottish citizens.

Therefore, if you live and work in Scotland, and are struggling to balance multiple debts with a variety of different creditors and company representatives, it may be an option that helps you to break down any money that you owe.

  • DAS companies will help you to make new proposals to creditors you are in debt to.
  • This means that you can effectively freeze or pause debt collection activity while you pay off your arrears in more manageable amounts.
  • These will be based on your current income and available credit, meaning that there may be means testing.
  • It may surprise you how many creditors are happy to align with the best DAS companies and DAS distributors. Creditors and companies will simply want the assurance that they are going to get the money that they are due.
  • However, this does not mean that there is any guarantee of a company or creditor accepting a DAS. That said, when you get in touch with the best DAS companies around, you have the best chance at making a deal with your creditors.

There are factors you need to consider. When you apply with DAS companies, you will agree to register yourself on the public DAS register. This means that people will be able to see your status online.

It’s important that you choose an experienced and reputable DAS company who can offer you the best advice and tools available to help you break free from debt.

Is a DAS Right For Me?

Signing up with the best DAS companies is a great idea if you are looking for ways to break down or consolidate debts you owe to multiple people.

That said, there may be other forms of debt relief which apply better to your financial circumstances. The best DAS companies will act on your behalf to consider the best options for relieving yourself of debt.

A DAS is likely to impact your credit file, as with many other types of debt relief. Therefore, you must consider whether or not it is the best choice for you.

To do this, you are going to need to see if the best DAS companies will support your needs. You must always get in touch with insolvency practitioners to ensure that you receive legal and financial advice that you can put into action.

Never consider taking on a DAS on your own. Approach a DAS business who will take you through the whole process step by step.

A creditor will be more likely to be receptive to contact from DAS companies on your behalf than from an unsolicited approach.

More Information

If you fail to keep up payments on a debt solution with even the best services, you may end up paying more in the long run with added interest fees and late charges.

One of the massive benefits of paying debt off with a debt arrangement scheme and applicable company is the fact that you can freeze any debt activity currently underway. This may mean that you don’t have to pay additional interest rates, or face potential legal action.

This type of payment plan is ideal for people who owe multiple debts to multiple places. However, there are circumstances where this may not be the best course of action.

That’s why you should always speak to the best company or business offering multiple routes for debt relief available. There is no reason to worry about debt when you have an expert to hand to support you.

You should also consider looking at multiple options for financial support before you consider any kind of bankruptcy option.

Contact an Insolvency Expert

Are you struggling with debt and personal finance? It’s likely a good idea to get in touch with an insolvency practitioner.

Rules in Scotland are very different to those elsewhere in the United Kingdom as far as finance relief is concerned. Therefore, you must make sure you ask for the best current advice.

Make sure to take a look through our list of companies and set up a free consultation as soon as you can. Breaking free from a debt spiral might just be easier than you think! There’s never any need to suffer in silence!

Other Debt Solutions

When analysing your credit report and current debtors it is advised to understand all the debt solutions available to you.

Here are all the debt solutions available to you depending on where you are based in the UK:

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The insolvency practitioner list above gives you plenty of options to choose the best IVA firm in July 2024.