Creditfix Insolvency Review

Are you struggling with debt you may owe to several companies or creditors at once? Are you worrying about bailiff action, or the effect that debt may have on your credit score?

There’s never any need to worry about going it alone. We recommend taking a look at Creditfix reviews to see what the company offers and listen to other people’s experiences with them.

Creditfix Insolvency is a leading name in debt advice and relief guidance, meaning that their experts will always be happy to help you find an appropriate solution to all your money woes.

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In this Credit Fix Insolvency review, we are going to take a look at the services that the company offer, as well as the contact details you’ll need to get in touch.

Could Creditfix hold the key to your financial circumstances, money struggles and worries? Let’s take a closer look.

Debt Help Company

A debt help company, such as Credit Fix, exists to help people free themselves from debt worries and concerns.

The fact is, when you owe any kind of money, it can get very stressful when you no longer have funds available to clear demands. It can happen to the best of us!

There are also plenty of reasons why debt can build up, and thousands of people find themselves building up credit card debt and other types of debts year after year. However, this really doesn’t have to be the case.

Credit Fix offers a variety of solutions to help you manage your money. They may even be able to help you wipe the majority of your money owed off file.

However, before we look into how the company can help you with the specifics, let’s consider a few reasons why it’s worth looking into support from any kind of debt help company.

  • You might be running behind on council tax payments
  • You might have received red bills or letters, and might be worrying about bailiff action which might occur at your property
  • You’re concerned about how much debt activity is going to affect your credit rating and score
  • You owe money to several people, and are struggling to keep everyone happy

These are all valid reasons to get in touch with a debt help company as soon as possible. Ultimately, letting debt pile up is only going to impact you negatively, both in terms of the short and the long term.

Therefore, it’s likely going to be worth contacting Creditfix Insolvency as soon as you possibly can.

Debt Solutions

Credit Fix Insolvency offers a variety of services and options for people who may be struggling to manage personal debt.

Therefore, as all debt cases and concerns are likely to be slightly different, the team will be more than happy to help you find an option which is comfortable for your income and expenditure. It’s always a good idea to check out reviews for these companies to make sure they are reputable and can be trusted.

Creditfix Insolvency currently offers support and advice across the following areas of free debt advice, as well as more besides:

  • IVAs, or Individual Voluntary Arrangements, where you and the team will agree to set up monthly payments to your existing creditors at a fixed rate per month.
  • Debt Relief Orders, or DROs, where you may be able to freeze activity on any money you owe, meaning that you can effectively take time to ‘catch up’. After such a time, Creditfix Insolvency may be able to wipe off some of your debt for you.
  • Debt Management Plans, or DMPs, which are informal plans and services whereby you can set up a plan of action to clear debt with your creditors. This service is generally the first port of call for most debtors, meaning that before you set up any agreements or arrangements, you may wish to simply analyse how you’re balancing and paying for your debts.
  • Debt Settlement Offers, which may result in you paying up to 25% of the debt you actually owe to creditors. While these options do not always get accepted, they may be worth pursuing if your creditors are willing to be flexible.

There are other options available – such as sequestrations and trust deeds – which are exclusive to Scottish debtors. Therefore, regardless of where you live in the UK, Creditfix Insolvency may be able to advise you on what you need to do next.

Ultimately, the team at Credit Fix Insolvency wants to help you avoid bankruptcy. Dealing with debt problems can be hard work, so it’s good to get help from trained professionals.

While they will be able to advise on whether or not bankruptcy is a viable option for you, it is always the final port of call, meaning that the team will look carefully at all other avenues first.

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Creditfix Insolvency Overview

Creditfix Insolvency is an Irish-based company with Carlisle, Glasgow and Manchester offices, meaning that they will offer debt support to people from all walks of life across the British Isles.

The company offers a straightforward approach to debt advice and guidance.

It is largely a web-based service, which means that you can start by setting up a plan of action through a debt calculator online.

From here, the team at Creditfix Insolvency will help you find a plan that suits your needs and expectations. Beyond this, the team will also help you to look at ways through which you can erase debt. This is the main focus of the company.

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While many debt help companies will look at ways for you to manage and relieve yourself from debt worries, the Creditfix Insolvency approach is to try and erase as much of it as possible for you.

The company has strong ratings on Trustpilot, and as such, it remains one of the leading names in the online debt erasure industry.

Customer Reviews

Below you can see some Credit Fix reviews from people who have used their service.

“Can’t thank credit fix enough! A massive weight has now been lifted. Everyone I have spoken to has been helfpful, friendly and understanding.” – Sophie

“I couldn’t recommend the service any higher, absolutely 1st class from day one.” – Mike

“Very knowledgeable, friendly and helpful. Process was completed with ease. No more stress!” – Alison

Creditfix Insolvency Contact Details

Want to contact Creditfix Insolvency? No problem. Here are all the contact details you’ll ever need to worry about.

  • Manchester Address: Lowry Mill, Lees Street, Pendlebury, Swinton, M27 6DB
  • Glasgow Address: 4 West Regent Street, Glasgow, Lanarkshire, G2 1RW
  • Carlisle Address: Unit 50, Carlisle Enterprise Centre, James Street, Carlisle, CA2 5BB
  • Telephone Number: 0808 253 2974
  • Website:
  • Email: Web form
  • Social Media: Twitter Link and Facebook Link
  • Registration Number: 432293
  • Data Protection Registration Number: Z2445731

Credit Fix Insolvency employs Tim Pope, Katy Walker, Michael Sloper, David Ranker and Samantha Warburton as authorised UK insolvency practitioner experts.

Final Thoughts About Creditfix Insolvency

Credit Fix Insolvency is a wide-reaching company with some fantastic tools and insights into how to better manage and erase your debt.

The company’s hard-working offices provide an intriguing online plan-building system, which may appeal to those looking for quick, easy ways to free themselves from mounting debts.

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They offer great customer service and you can get great support with IVA with Creditfix.

Are you struggling to pay back debts? Rather than head straight for bankruptcy, speak to the team at Credit Fix – they will be able to look at viable, comfortable routes for debt relief and repayment to benefit you in the long-term.

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