Debt Focus Insolvency Review

Being in debt is no fun for anyone. What’s more, even owing a small amount of money to a big company can feel extremely stressful.

Debt help companies such as Debt Focus aim to help relieve this stress from as many people in the UK as possible.

However, millions of people out there are still struggling to handle and pay debts on their own.

There are plenty of great reasons why teams such as Debt Focus will be happy and willing to help!

This Debt Focus review will look closely at the company and will discuss why it might be a good idea to get in touch with them for debt advice and guidance.

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The company specialises in personal finance queries, and as such, you can rely on them to handle a variety of concerns with complete impartiality.

Thinking of reaching out for debt advice? Read on to find out more about Debt Focus and why they might be the best fit for you.

Debt Help Company

It always makes sense to reach out to a debt help company if you are struggling with mounting fees and debts.

The more people you owe money to, the harder it is going to be to get back on level pegging again.

That’s because if you fail to pay debt back on time, you might be required to pay more, or you might even face legal action.

However, there is no reason to panic. Companies such as Debt Focus work hard to help people bring their finances back into a better field of clarity.

This means that they may be able to set up long term plans, or even short term management solutions to help you get back on the right track again.

Here are just a few debts which could build up and affect your credit score in the long run:

  • Credit card bills and arrears
  • Loans and borrowing fees – including interest
  • HMRC demands
  • Energy and telephone bills

There are, of course, more ways to build debt – however, you should be focusing on breaking it down, not building it up!

Some debts can be covered through specific arrangements and creditor proposals, which means you may be able to relieve more of the debt you owe than you might think.

Debt Solutions

As part of our Debt Focus review, it’s crucial that we consider some of the leading ways in which the company could help to relieve your debt.

Debt Focus offers a flexible approach, which means that they understand no two debts are the same.

Circumstances will differ from customer to customer, and what’s more, debt solutions that may work well for one person may not be so applicable to your own needs.

Here is a quick overview of some of the services Debt Focus offers to customers and clients right now:

  • IVAs, or Individual Voluntary Arrangement, where you will agree to pay back all your creditors under a single, monthly umbrella payment. This service is available through specific circumstances, but if you owe a substantial amount of money to several people, it is likely to be most beneficial to you.
  • DROs, or Debt Relief Order, where you may be able to delay any debt collection activity for up to a year. This process can be considered a secondary approach to debt consultation after Individual Voluntary Arrangement (IVA) and debt management plans. These plans, where applicable, may freeze action until you are able to clear token amounts. In time, the debt you owe may be cleared from file.
  • Bankruptcy is also an option which Debt Focus supports – however, it is a process which you should only ever consider as the last resort. Bankruptcy can impact your ability to borrow money and to set up businesses for several years. Therefore, Debt Focus will work with you on more accessible debt relief services as a priority. You may never need to reach this point.

As you can see, Debt Focus offers people a range of support and guidance.

The fact remains that there are more than a few ways to relieve yourself of nuisance debt. Why should you ever have to handle and process it all on your own?

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Debt Focus Overview

Debt Focus is a fully-licenced insolvency firm, offering advice for free on a variety of personal debt concerns.

Based in the North West of England, the company’s small yet dedicated team has years of experience in helping debtors from all manner of backgrounds who owe various amounts of money.

They are a friendly and flexible team, available for contact either online or through one of two main helplines.

Debt Focus has built up a strong relationship with leading creditors over the years, as well as the customers they help to set up plans with.

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Therefore, new applicants should feel all the safer for getting in touch with them. Their relationship-building has helped them to understand what creditors are most likely to be flexible with in various cases.

Debt Focus’ team of insolvency practitioners are fully licenced, which means all the advice and guidance they supply is regulated through the Insolvency Practitioners Association.

Debt Focus Contact Details

You can contact Debt Focus through the following details:

  • Address: Skull House Lane, Appley Bridge, Wigan, Lancs, WN6 9DW

  • Telephone Number: 0800 157 7330 and 01257 267 030
  • Website:
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Social Media: No links at present
  • Registration Number: 6831646

This insolvency practitioners association is registered in England, Wales.

Gary Birchall, Anthony Fisher, Jane Hardy and Dean Smith are all licenced insolvency practitioners working with Debt Focus

Final Thoughts About Debt Focus

Debt Focus is a leading Lancashire debt advisory group who is always pleased to help new customers find appropriate routes towards relieving themselves from debt stresses and strains.

Their hard-working and licenced experts have a wide array of knowledge which will apply in multiple debt situations.

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Are you looking for help with mounting debts and arrears? Make sure you contact Debt Focus Insolvency group as soon as possible to learn more about options which may be available to you right away.

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