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Looking for an insolvency or debt help company in the UK?

Having to juggle multiple piles of debt and arrears is never fun.

What’s more, if you owe money to multiple people, it might be time to think about setting up a plan for consolidation or streamlining your debt.

But how easy is this to do?

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Abbotts Insolvency Ltd Reviews

From our research here are the reviews we got on Abbotts:


Here is one of many positive reviews made about the debt advisors.

“Really helpful, the staff were exceptionally helpful and kind throughout the whole process”


The whole process is not as difficult as one might first seem. The debt advisors are able to give all available options on the call to suit their needs.

“The staff at Abbott’s didn’t judge me throughout the whole process. Would like to thank James specifically for helping me with this difficult situation”


There is always a solution available to help you during the hard times of debt. The various debt solutions can be discussed as part of your debt consultation call.

“After years of struggle, I have finally found the light at the end of the tunnel. Thanks to Abbotts for taking the time to run me through all available debt solutions available to me”

Turnkey Operation

It is clear to see Abbotts are able to assist from initial telephone call to completion in what they think feel is the best debt option to suit their circumstances.

“I can’t thank these enough. They made everything so easy and relaxed. They explained every single step of the way and kept me in the loop from the initial telephone call to the debt relief solution I took”


If you’re worrying about bailiffs or legal action, now is the time to reach out for debt relief guidance and support.

In this Abbotts Insolvency review, we will be looking at one of the biggest and most popular debt help providers in the city.

Abbotts Insolvency can help everyday people and professionals in all manner of financial concerns and potential credit problems. Read on for the full review and lowdown!

About Abbotts Insolvency Practitioner

Abbotts Insolvency is a leading name based in Manchester debt relief. They specialise in IVAs, meaning that they may be able to help you appease two or more creditors together at a time.

Abbotts work exclusively with Insolvency Practitioners (“IPs”) licensed by the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England & Wales (“ICAEW”) or the Insolvency Practitioners Association (“IPA”).

Abbotts may provide advice on behalf of IPs only after completing or receiving an initial fact find where the individual concerned meets the criteria for an IVA (individual voluntary arrangement), therefore, all advice is given in reasonable contemplation of an insolvency appointment.

Debt Help Company

In the event of increasing debt, it is always worth reaching out for help. Debt takes many forms and may incur through all walks of life.

What’s more, millions of people find themselves worrying about how much they might owe at any one time, and how many companies they might owe money to.

When you owe money to two or more people at a time, things can start to get quite stressful! However, help is always at hand.

It can be easy to let debt spiral out of hand. Some companies may continue to apply interest and demand repayments at short notice.

Solutions such as debt management plans and IVAs are very popular with those people who want to roll their arrears together into more manageable amounts.

Some of the reasons why people apply for help from a debt help company might include:

  • Increasing loan interest arrears
  • Unpaid energy bills and water rates
  • Council tax demands
  • Potential threats of legal action
  • Bailiff and enforcer visits

There’s absolutely no need to fear visits from bailiffs and enforcers. Make sure to contact a debt relief company as soon as possible to receive tailored help.

Naturally, most people will be keen to clear their debts – and their credit files – as soon as possible. However, instead of having to struggle with meeting creditor demands, it is worthwhile looking for help from a company such as Abbotts Insolvency.

The team at Abbotts will be able to take a close look at your circumstances and will consider whether or not it is worthwhile rolling your standing debts into an IVA. They may also be able to help with other debt advice.

Best Debt Help Companies

Find out whether Abbotts Insolvency managed to get into the top-rated companies for following debt solutions:

Debt Solutions

Abbotts Insolvency has a team of experts to help people in debt in the UK.

At Abbotts Insolvency they believe that a friendly, personal service from a dedicated team help many people in debt within the UK.

At Abbotts Insolvency they can help with the following debt solutions:

  • IVA Debt Help
  • Trust Deeds
  • Debt Arrangement Scheme
  • DRO
  • Bankruptcy

The debt advisors will need to know everything about the person in debt to check the best solution to fit their circumstances.

IVA Solution

The company specialises in IVAs, or Individual Voluntary Arrangements.

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Do I Qualify?

This means that you will enter into an agreement with your creditors to pay back any money you owe in reasonable, feasible, and comfortable amounts. After all, you’re going to want to clear your debt by any means possible!

Abbotts’ team of debt help professionals will take a look at your current circumstances, your debt profile, and your ability to repay the creditors you owe money to. They will work with you to develop a plan of action which will be comfortable to you, and suitable to your creditors.

IVA Terms

Abbotts will accept IVA applications from people across Manchester and beyond. You can contact them online, or via phone.

However, they must advise of a handful of terms before you start applying for an IVA with them:

  • Abbotts IVAs are available at a minimum repayment of at least £85 per month
  • You must be resident in either England or Wales
  • Your total debt must be more than £6,000 in total, and you must owe money to at least two creditors

Abbotts advise that IVAs are their main line of debt support, and it is a popular line of relief for many people. Abbotts Insolvency’s IVA procedures may help you to roll debts into a monthly sum which your creditors may be happy to accept.

However, do always remember that creditors do not have to accept IVA proposals.

Abbotts will help you craft the ideal approach to ensure that you can clear your debts at a rate and pace that is physically comfortable for your income and expenditure.

In most cases, creditors may be happy to meet debtors halfway with IVAs as it shows a willingness to clear debt.

Abbotts Insolvency Overview

Abbotts Insolvency is a debt relief company based on City Road East in Manchester.

They specialise in working with licensed insolvency practitioners, or IPs, who help the firm to make reasoned decisions on IVA applications and appeals to specific creditors.

The company purely offers IVA services at this time, indicating that they do not offer DMPs or Debt Management Plans.

If experts at Abbotts feel that an IVA may not be appropriate for your needs, they will recommend seeking further advice through the Money Advice Service, which is completely free to access.

At this time, Abbotts Insolvency do not operate in Scotland, and as such, cannot offer advice, guidance or products which tie in with Scottish debt relief standards.

The company also advises that there are some debts which will not apply to IVA applications. For example, they will be unable to support you if you owe money through:

  • Missed TV Licence payments
  • Court fines and arrears
  • Secure loans of any kind
  • Fraudulent exercises
  • Child support
  • Student loan repayments

Therefore, it is always a good idea to approach the company with a full background on the debt you owe, and to set reasonable expectations.

Abbotts Insolvency is otherwise a very flexible and friendly company, open and willing to support people across Manchester looking for debt relief and guidance.

Abbotts Insolvency Contact Details

Abbotts Insolvency is based in Manchester, UK.

The following contact details are available for Abbotts Insolvency:

  • Telephone Number: 01625 801007
  • Website:
  • Social Media: The company does not have a social media presence at this time.
  • Registration Number: 12256735
  • Data Protection Registration Number: ICO Number ZA561115

Abbotts Insolvency Works with Registered and Authorised Insolvency Practitioners

Final Thoughts About Abbotts Insolvency

Thousands of people across Manchester and elsewhere may find themselves owing money to multiple people at any one time.

For many people and businesses, setting up an IVA is a great way to ensure that debt is repaid at a comfortable pace.

Abbotts Insolvency works hard on behalf of hard working people across Manchester, particularly those who may find that they are starting to juggle more debts and arrears than they can feasibly afford at any one time.

Abbotts Insolvency specifically works with insolvency practitioners to ensure that applicants have access to IVA support.

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The company’s team works hard to provide IVA advice and ways through which people can start to consolidate nuisance debt without having to worry about muddling around with multiple contacts.

While the company does not offer additional debt relief support at this time, their IVA knowledge is well-regarded for a reason.

Therefore, if you are struggling to balance debt to multiple creditors in Manchester or elsewhere, make sure to contact Abbotts Insolvency right away as a matter of urgency.

Ever thought about setting up an IVA before? Abbotts might be your best port of call.

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