Best Thermoplastic Markings Companies

Thermoplastic road markings or playground markings are used in car parks, cycle paths, parking bays, block paving, and more. Thermoplastic materials are what people use in making centre lines, bus lanes, and hopscotch squares.

Thermoplastic markings companies specialise in creating any design, symbol, or logo in a wide range of colours, and they can even add reflective glass beads if needed. Thermoplastic road markings are available in various formats, including tape, preformed shapes, unique logos, and bespoke shapes.

We have selected the best Thermoplastic Markings companies in the UK based on the latest in-depth reviews.

Best Thermoplastic Markings Companies 2021

From our research, here is a list of the best Thermoplastic Markings companies December 2021:

What is a Thermoplastic Markings Company?

Thermoplastic Markings companies provide thermoplastic road marking materials and line marking paints. They are the leading manufacturer of thermoplastic products for concrete, footpaths, playgrounds, and road safety. They may also be involved in the installation process.

Thermoplastic Markings firms manufacture a full range of thermoplastic tapes, preformed thermoplastic, and custom-shaped thermoplastic using water jet technology. These markings are non-toxic and can be used for the following:

  • Road line markings
  • Car park space markings
  • Double yellow markings
  • Playground games
  • Sports courts
  • Pitch markings
  • Direction arrows
  • Bicycle logos for cycling lanes
  • Disability logos
  • Playground activities
  • Company logos

How to Choose the Best Thermoplastic Markings Company

When choosing the best Thermoplastic Markings company, remember to check if they have the following:

  • They must have a hands-on design team.
  • They must offer the widest range of markings (thermoplastic) with durable material.
  • They must have a wide variety of surface paint.
  • Their installation instructions are comprehensive.
  • Their pre-shaped marks are precision-fabricated.

How Do Thermoplastic Markings Companies Make Money?

The first real thermoplastic road marking was created in the 1930s. These thermoplastic markings are applied on road systems, cycling lanes, buses, car parks, footpaths, airfields, playgrounds, and industrial estates around the UK annually.

Companies that specialise in thermoplastic markings provide precut marks that are precision produced using water jet technology. Because of the process they utilise to make markings, their products arrive in a single layer, making installation simple and eliminating the need for third-party ingredients like adhesive.

They have a diverse colour line because they make their polymers in-house. As a result, they can create vibrant designs that last for a long time. They sell distinctive, interactive, and attractive things, all of which are designed in-house by their dedicated design staff.

These goods are an excellent method to convert a playground or game area, allowing children to play, socialise, and learn while using their imagination.

Thermoplastic Markings Companies to Avoid

Thermoplastic Markings are generally long-lasting and suitable for the ground. However, some companies may have low-quality mark materials. When choosing a source for thermoplastic markings, take note of the following:

  • Avoid companies that do not have positive reviews or no customer feedback at all.
  • Avoid companies with staff that lack experience in designing, creating, or installing thermoplastic markings.
  • Avoid companies with repeated reviews about their materials being of poor quality.

Best Thermoplastic Markings Companies