Gambling Affiliate Programs

We have compiled the best Gambling Affiliate Programs for you.

Here at Boomtown, we work with all the biggest online brands in helping them sign up new players.

How Much Do Gambling Affiliates Earn?

In general, a gambling affiliate will earn higher than £20,000 per month if ranking well for big search volume keywords.

Yes, that means gambling affiliate marketers earn more than the prime minister in the UK.

Super Affiliate Earnings

Super affiliate earnings are when they earn more than £100,000 per month profit.

It’s difficult to label someone as a great marketing expert if they become a super affiliate based on revenues because one player alone can put you into that category.

A super affiliate runs a website that most other affiliates in the industry know well. They build large branded sites that are able to earn great commissions.

Is Affiliate Marketing the Best Job in The World?

In the gambling industry being an affiliate marketer can allow you to travel the world being a digital nomad while working on your laptop.

You can work in any location with wifi connection and work whatever hours you choose.

And do all this while earning huge wages from commission plans.

I can honestly say being an affiliate marketer is the best job in the world

This article below shows you the blueprint on how to set up as a gambling affiliate and then all you need to learn is SEO as a trade. This will allow you to rank your branded website on Google to drive traffic through your affiliate links.

What is a Gambling Affiliate?

A Gambling Affiliate is a marketer that drives traffic to gaming operators.

Affiliates are an important part of the online gambling industry.

As gambling affiliates can drive serious traffic levels, gaming operators offer big commissions to attract and retain successful sign-ups for their casino games.

Affiliate Revenue Models and Commission Plans

There are 3 times of commission plans you can take up from gaming operators.

What is a Rev Share?

Rev Share is an ongoing partnership, where you continuously receive profit as long as your players keep playing.

Rev Share stands for Revenue Share and average rev share commissions are 40%.

A rev share model is the best revenue model if you are driving online gamers that deposit high amounts.

What Does CPA Mean?

CPA stands for Cost Per Acquisition where you guarantee a flat rate for every depositing player that you refer.

When choosing the Cost Per Acquisition revenue model, you should look at the player value because if driving high rollers you are only receiving a one-off payment for that sign and could be leaving money on the table.

This structure delivers a commission whether your players win or lose. And this commission plan works if budgets are tight and you need to reinvest in the early stages of starting your online gambling affiliate career.

What is a Hybrid Deal?

A Hybrid deal is a revenue plan from gambling affiliate programs that combines Revenue Share and Cost Per Acquisition.

So you will get paid for signing up a player to their brand a small amount to hopefully cover the costs of your advertising.

Then you will receive a revenue share agreement (albeit a smaller percentage) for the lifetime of the signup you have sent to them.

Which Revenue Model Is Best?

It all depends on your current financial status on which is best and also the player value you send.

If finances are tight you need to take a CPA plan because get paid per player registration and can reinvest this to grow the site.

However, if your player value is good and you don’t need instant money then the best plan is a revenue share because you receive commissions for the lifetime of that player you have sent.

A hybrid is somewhere in between the two revenue models and can work nicely. But you really need to dig deep into your data to see what would be best.

Casino Affiliates

If you are looking to become a casino affiliate then let us start by prewarning you it is a tough niche to enter.

Not only is the online casino market hard to rank in but also you need your team to keep on top of compliance. The best online casino brands have to stay compliant with advertising standards, so this is something you’ll need to consider.

Which is the Best Casino Affiliate Programs?

The best casino affiliate programs are:

There are many more great casino affiliate programs available but we feel these are the top-rated.

Slots Affiliates

Being a slots affiliate marketer can be a profitable trade if you understand the player value and driving traffic to the correct brands.

If you are able to rank websites or drive traffic of online slot players then earning commission can be good for video slots. You’ll find plenty of online slot websites which use affiliate programs.

Which is the Best Slots Affiliate Programs?

The best slots affiliate programs are:

There are many more great online slots affiliate programs available but we feel these are the best of them all.

Bingo Affiliates

When becoming a bingo affiliate marketer then make sure you realise this is mainly UK based only.

Online bingo sites in the UK are popular and therefore bingo affiliates can work well if you geo-target this area.

Which is the Best Bingo Affiliate Programs?

The best bingo affiliate programs are:

There are many more great bingo affiliate programs available but we feel these are the top-rated.

Betting Affiliates

Sports betting affiliates need to understand what they are writing about on their reviews to earn trust for bettors. Many of the best online betting brands are involved in affiliate programs.

If you are able to provide the best welcome bonuses and information on sports events you can earn money promoting betting affiliate programs.

Which is the Best Betting Affiliate Programs?

The best betting affiliate programs are:

There are many more great betting affiliate programs available but we feel these are the top-rated.

What Makes a Good Affiliate Program?

Making your affiliates happy is the best way to long-term affiliate success.

The most important factor to a great affiliate program is how good the products you are promoting are.

Over time, you will earn a good reputation that will go a long way to aiding you in your future sales if you look after the affiliates.

In the gambling sector, a crucial part of the program success is how well they keep the online players depositing. The affiliate programs need to keep them happy with regular bonuses and offer to keep them playing.

You will find the best affiliate programs bring the biggest player values and for that reason, you should always be looking to take a rev share with these companies.

Best Gambling Affiliates

From our research, here are the best gambling affiliates:

  1. Boomtown Bingo
  2. Winners are Grinners
  3. Bingomum
  4. Which Bingo
  5. Onyx Affiliates

All Gambling Affiliate Networks

Here is the list of gambling affiliation companies:

If you decide to start marketing for the gambling industry we wish you all the best.