Kindred Affiliates Partner Program

Kindred Affiliates is a popular casino marketing program. It was previously labelled under the Unibet brand who was well-known with their Unibet TV Adverts.  The company still oversees the popular Unibet Casino. However, the name has been changed to reflect changes behind the scenes.

Join the partner program here to make the most of the different benefits available.

Based in Malta, Kindred owns several popular sites and casinos. The Kindred Affiliates Program helps website owners drive more cash through marketing.

Why Join the Kindred Program?

Affiliate marketing is something which can take time and effort. However, the Kindred system is popular with many people as it can be a great money-spinner if you are able to keep up with fresh content and marketing.

It’s popular with many experienced affiliate marketers for a few reasons. It avoids pushing extra charges such as admin fees, and there is a very low payment threshold.  We’ll cover that in a little more detail a bit further down.

Beyond this, it’s worth signing up to the Kindred Affiliates Partner Program if you like their casino brands. Also if you feel you can generate enough money for yourself each month for it to be worthwhile. Learn more about other affiliate programs as well to see different options available.

How Does the Affiliate Program Work?

This affiliate program allows you to claim commission from players who play at the sites you advertise. For example, if you run a gaming blog, you may apply an affiliate message or add a link to convince people to take a closer look.

The more people click through and invest in the advertised site(s), the more money you will stand to get. This can be passive income, which means the more people you introduce who stick around, the more cash you will earn each month!

Potential Earnings and Commission

The earnings and commission are what you should always be looking at first when it comes to joining an affiliate program.  Is the Kindred program really competitive?  In some ways, yes. There is up to 30% in revenue share up for grabs here, with 20% available to you on anything up to €10,000 invested, 25% on up to €30,000, and 30% on anything over that.

Bear in mind, this is a lot of money to invest, meaning you are going to need to convert a lot of people, regularly, to claim any serious cashback.

There is also the option for you to make money back through sub affiliation if you really want to get in deep!  But, do be aware that – in general – negative carryover will be in effect to some degree.  This could impact on your future earnings, so be careful and plan ahead.

Payment Details

Do also pay attention to payment methods and details before you sign up. You can trade in various currencies, though your minimum payout will always remain €100 or equivalent.  Payments will transfer around every two weeks. You can receive and process your money through either Skrill or Neteller.

Firstclear LTD Gambling

If you ever see firstclear ltd gambling on your bank statement this is part of this affiliate platform.

First Clear is the financial provider, they basically wire the money from your bank account to your gambling account.

The Firstclear Limited gambling reference is also used for Affiliate Programs payments from Kindred Partner Program.

The Firstclear Ltd bookmakers are generally linked to Unibet betting on your bank statements.

Software Providers

Kindred uses NetRefer to run its affiliate program, which is regarded by many as one of the leading platforms for schemes of this type.  However, for many people, it’s the casinos themselves that will prove most interesting. The Kindred brand is likely bigger than you think, with some household names included in their roster of sites.

There are plenty of online casino brands and slots sites you will have heard of from this popular brand.

The Kindred Brands all offer various welcome offers and we have updated these bonuses in February 2024 to get you the best deals.

How to Get Started

Getting started is a breeze. Simply head straight to the Kindred Affiliates website, fill in a few details, and make sure you read up on any terms and conditions. You may have to adhere to certain content guidelines, which is generally the case for most affiliate programs.

Providing you regularly update your site or blog content, you’ll maximise your chances of driving up some serious revenue.  Make Kindred sites seem enticing – and see how you get on!  It’s a case of putting in the effort to make big money later on.

You can promote a range of top online bookies and bingo websites online using affiliate marketing. It’s well worth checking out these different schemes.

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