Active Wins Affiliates Program

Casino affiliate schemes can offer you a great way to make some serious cash without having to do too much in return. The Active Wins Affiliates scheme allows you to promote a choice of casino and gaming brands through your blog, website and/or social media.  

Providing plenty of people click on the links that you promote, you can claim back a specific rate of commission based on what they spend at the affiliate sites.

Providing you introduce plenty of people to the top online casinos each month, you might receive a healthy return.  Active Wins Affiliates is one of the most popular schemes of its kind and is backed up by leading games and developers.

However, do take caution – as there is never any guarantee that you will get a return on affiliate schemes!  Make sure to read through any terms and conditions you receive, and do double-check what other people say about the program, too.

Who Are Active Wins?

Active Wins is a popular affiliate program which is responsible for helping to promote a series of big-name casino and gaming brands in the gambling industry.

It is popular with many people for its competitive commission and revenue share rates, as well as the variety of sites and games for you and your clickers to choose from. You can find plenty of the best online bingo sites to promote.  The more varied the sites, the better chances you have of getting money back!

Active Wins also uses a team of affiliate software providers in the form of Income Access, which is known as one of the most streamlined and accessible affiliate reporting programs online. Through here, partners can take full control of all their data, their reporting and more besides.

It’s a great way for you to see how things are going! As it can take time to get to grips with affiliate marketing, it’s great to have some powerful tools by your side!

Commission Details

Always make sure to check out commission rates before you sign up for an affiliate scheme.  The general rates of pay on rev share from Active Wins are very competitive.  You could earn up to 35% commission on money your clickers generate while depositing at the sites you promote.

However, you will need to make at least £20,000 from depositors while doing this!  The rate resets each month.  The opening rate is 25% for anything less than £10,000, which is also very competitive.

Sites They Promote

Again, it is also worth making sure you know which casinos and gaming brands are included when you sign up for an affiliate scheme for the first time. Active Wins promote a series of well-known sites and gaming platforms. These include UK slots sites and many more brands you will be familiar with. Keep an eye out for some of the top betting brands to promote as well.

They are mid-range sites, however, they are extremely popular with casino fans and slots players who enjoy gaming on the go. What’s more, they are backed up by various leading developers.  

The main sites Active Wins promotes include:

  • Betfred Casino
  • Kerching Casino
  • Oreels Casino
  • Temple Slots
  • Scorching Slots
  • JackpotJones
  • Prospect Hall
  • Jackpot Strike
  • Pots of Luck Casino

ActiveWins Brands

As you can see there are some huge brands operated by Active Wins and we keep all the bonuses up to date in February 2024.

As you can see, there are some big names here which you may already recognise!  If not, do take a closer look before you start promoting them, as this will give you a good feel for what to expect when you plug them to the people who visit you.

Receiving Payment

Receiving payment is nice and easy.  There is no negative carryover here, and you can expect to take £50 minimum away providing you are using an e-wallet.

This happens on a monthly basis.  You can use Skrill, Neteller, or a Player Account.  Do make sure to double-check the payments terms and the system in general before you start!

It is worth remembering, as with any casino affiliate scheme, that if you do not make the minimum amount of money in any given month, you won’t be able to take anything away.  However, £50 is a very competitive rate which we feel is up there with the best of them.

Become a Partner with ActiveWins

Becoming a partner with the ActiveWins affiliate program is easy.  Simply head to the main site for the Active Wins affiliate scheme and register a few details.  Once you have verified who you are through email, you can then start setting up marketing tools and using the brand’s software to take a close look at your stats.

Always make sure to read the small print involved and to ensure you understand the correct formatting and tone expected by the Active Wins affiliate scheme.  Otherwise, you may find yourself at risk of being released!

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