Global iGaming Affiliate Program

The Global iGaming partners affiliate program is a growing affiliate scheme for people who want to make passive income. They can do this by promoting casino brands and gaming sites on their own website, blog or social media.

You can join the scheme here to become an affiliate and start making your own commission.

With plenty of effort and the right persuasive text, you could be making yourself a lot of money in the bargain.  What’s more, you may not have to do much to generate cash in the long run.

But what is it that separates the Global iGaming affiliates brand from others available for you to sign up with?  In this guide, we will break down everything you need to know about the scheme. Then you can make an informed decision about what to do next.

Never joined an affiliate marketing program before?  The Global iGaming scheme may be your best opportunity to get started.

How Does the Partner Program Work?

Affiliate schemes and partner programs work through cross-promotion of casino sites and services.  This means you are promoting and marketing a casino site, or several casino sites, on behalf of a leading brand. You’ll need to create content on your website or social media which leads readers and visitors to click through and make deposits.

Once you have generated money from people clicking through to the sites you promote, you can receive a cut of the profits you generate.  Most affiliate schemes offer a sliding scale in this regard.

This is either based on the amount of money you bring in, or the number of people you have helped to sign up. We will look at how the Global iGaming partners affiliate program operates in this regard a little further down.

Supported Sites

As always, it’s a good idea to check which sites an affiliate program supports before you sign up.  You don’t have to be a member of any of the sites yourself. It is a good idea to make sure you are promoting sites that connect well with a wider audience.

The sites currently supported on this scheme include:

  • Cool Play
  • Lucks Casino
  • Slot Fruity
  • Coin Falls
  • Express Casino
  • Gamesburst
  • Mail Casino
  • Slots Ltd
  • Phone Vegas
  • Strictly Cash

You can take your pick from any of the above sites to promote – it’s entirely your choice! There are plenty of great slot sites and bingo sites you can promote through affiliate marketing as well.

Potential Commission and Earnings

Don’t sign up for an affiliate program until you know what you’re getting into with potential earnings. The Global iGaming partners affiliate program will let you claim up to 40% revenue share on cash made through your clickers’ deposits.

This is quite a competitive rate in the gambling market.  But, your clickers will need to be making more than £15,000 for the site for you to claim this cut.

You can claim up to 30% in revenue share on anything up to £5,000.  Make between £5,000 and £15,000 and you’ll get a 35% cut. You can negotiate these deals with the affiliate managers. The more money you make, the more you’ll stand to receive in return.

There is no negative carryover, either, which means you’ll be able to take greater control of the revenue you generate.

iGaming Software Providers

Do make sure to take a look at iGaming software providers before you sign up for the scheme.  The sites operated through the scheme are quite popular and offer a wide range of games. This means you shouldn’t have too much difficulty enticing people to come and take part.

The scheme oversees games and features from the likes of NextGen, Microgaming, 1×2 Gaming and NetEnt.  These are all big names in the online casino industry, which is a very good sign indeed.

This should give you plenty of confidence if you are considering signing up. Many of these software providers can be found at the top gambling sites including online bookies and more.


Each month, you will be able to cash out your earnings depending on how much you’ve made in that period.  You can use BACS transfers, Neteller, electronic transfers and PayPal here.

The minimum payout for PayPal is £200, but it rises to £100 for BACS and £500 for electronic transfers.  But, use Neteller, and you can cash out at just £20.

Thinking of joining the Global iGaming partners affiliate program?  You could stand to make some fantastic money.  However, do go into the scheme with a pinch of salt!

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