Casiplay Affiliates Program

The Casiplay affiliates program is one of the most popular growing schemes of its kind.  These schemes offer marketers the chance to make extra income.

However, there are always going to be a few details you will need to bear in mind before you get started. That’s what we’re here for – to guide you through the whole process from start to finish!

The Casiplay partner program allows you to make money from revenue created by people you refer to their casino.

So, the more people who click on your advertisements and make a deposit at the casino the more money you can expect to make in the long run.  This can roll over from month to month, though, the brand will give you tools you can use to measure this.

Brands They Cover

At present, the only brand covered by the Casiplay affiliates program is, of course, Casiplay Casino.  It is a great mid-weight site which offers plenty of well-known slots games for you to dive into.

But, do be aware that the casino may only appeal to a select audience. Therefore, you are going to need to dive in and take a look at what’s available to see how you can feasibly market to the right people.

Don’t worry, as Casiplay Casino does cover plenty of ground. What’s more, you will receive plenty of promotional tools and materials to use as you go.

You can choose to market the casino as you wish through regular written content or social media posts. You can also install banners and interactive ads to appeal to a wider audience.

Commission Available

Of course, it is always worth taking a look at available commission rates before you sign up to a scheme such as the Casiplay affiliate program. So, what’s available from this brand?

Casiplay offers up competitive sliding scales between 30% and 50% commission each month. This is a great starting rate, and what’s more, the upper rate of 50% is pretty much the best you can expect from affiliate schemes full stop online.

However, it’s worth remembering how much money your clickers will need to invest for you to claw this money back in rewards.  You’ll need clickers to pay in at least £50,000 for you to take full advantage of the top rate.

Don’t feel too bad though as anything up to £5,000 will still earn you a cut of 30% of the profits. Providing you promote the casino regularly, there are no reasons why you won’t be able to turn over a regular income in this way.

But, it is always worth remembering that there is never any guarantee that you will make money at any given time. So, do be careful!

Casiplay Affiliate Software

The Casiplay affiliate software you will use to track profits is known as MAP, or Mediacle Affiliate Platform. This software will let you see how many people are clicking, what your reach potential is, and how much you are making.

It’s a great way to ensure that you are keeping the money rolling in, while keeping tabs on how your strategies are doing.  You can use this software to fine-tune your experience. This means that if a certain method of promotion isn’t working, you can tweak things based on statistics and analytics.  Simple!

Payment Methods

You should be able to slide into the payment system here with ease. They process payments via e-wallets such as Skrill and Neteller, as well as via bank transfer.

Do be aware that you will need to have £20 available to transfer to your e-wallet, and at least £500 for bank transfer. What does put Casiplay behind the pack a little is an admin fee of 5%, which can cut into the money you take away.

However, many people shouldn’t find this too much of a bind, but in any case, take care to read all the small print you receive.

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Become an Affiliate

Want to become an affiliate or partner with the Casiplay affiliate program?  We don’t blame you.  Take a look at the main site for the program and fill out a few details to get started.

You will need to agree to market in a specific way. This means that you should always pay attention to Casiplay’s style guide and terms and conditions along the way.  Take a look and you could be making stacks of cash in no time!