Nektan Affiliate Program

Nektan will be a familiar name to many seasoned gamers.  As such, the brand has taken advantage of its extensive gaming network. It is offering partners the chance to make passive money by promoting their sites and games.

You can sign up here and become a partner with this brand.

Nektan is a brand which has been growing for some time now. With many of their casino sites and slots brands being some of the best-loved by the gaming public. Getting involved with promotion could be a lucrative money-making opportunity.

But, affiliate programs can take work, at least to begin with.  Make sure to read up on how to make the most of these schemes before you get too involved.  They are great at helping to drive passive income. However, to make some serious money, you are going to need to promote well, and promote often.  You can do it!

How Does the Nektan Scheme Work?

The Nektan affiliates program works much in the same vein as other programs associated with online casinos.  That is, you can expect to claim a certain amount of money back. This is based on how much money new players from your links generate each month. Based on a sliding scale, you will get the chance to claim cash from those players you entice with online marketing.

Nektan will provide you with tools and services to help you push their brands.  For example, you will be able to track how your players are doing through their own software.

This means that you will always have access to a dashboard of data to measure your profitability.  It’s a great way to make sure that the program is right for you.

Right now, according to sources, Nektan also offers perks to new partners. It is worth taking a look at the official site and their terms before you sign up so you can learn more about the individual perks on offer.

Possible Commission

Let’s take a look at the potential commission on offer.  Sadly, Nektan doesn’t give much away when it comes to their commission scale off the bat.  The main site suggests that they have a basic rate of 35%. This is very competitive and is a fantastic introductory rate to a network which oversees some solid gaming brands.

However, other third party sites suggest that you could claim up to 50% revenue share if your clickers generate more than €15,000 in any given month. This isn’t especially clear through the parent brand itself, so be prepared to read the small print in a little more detail.

It is also suggested that you can cash out every month through Neteller, Envoy, BACS and other transfers, cheques and Skrill.  The representative minimum payout threshold for e-wallets appears to be €60. This is surprisingly competitive.

However, do also be aware that as with all affiliate schemes, there is no guarantee of any kind of income. You will need to keep an open mind before you get started. What’s more, you should always consult the terms and conditions before you fill in any details.

Sites They Promote

As always, make sure to check out the sites you can promote through an affiliate scheme before you become too deeply involved.  Nektan handles several popular bingo brands and casino sites.

Perhaps the best-known of these sites is The Sun Play, as it is tied in with the popular British newspaper of the same name.  However, their other sites do also have strong followings. This means you shouldn’t expect to have much difficulty convincing new players to get involved, either.

Nektan is a casino brand that most seasoned gamers should have come across already.  If not, there are at least some new experiences nestled in deep here which are well worth promoting.

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Become a Nektan Partner

To become a Nektan partner, all you have to do is head to the main Nektan website and follow the links.

You can sign up in a matter of minutes online. But we always encourage you to read all the terms and conditions before you get started.  Otherwise, you could find yourself expelled from the scheme if you make a mistake.

Nektan is a brand many people will be more than happy to partner with.  Take a look at the Nektan affiliate program and see how you get on in your own time!

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