Betdaq Affiliate Program

With the Betdaq affiliate program, you could make a lot of money each month. You can do this by encouraging your readers and visitors to sign up and deposit at the main Betdaq site. It’s a great way for you to build up unlimited cash on the side.

However, affiliate schemes can take some work. What’s more, you will need to ensure you are promoting the site within their guidelines and small print.  But the site will provide you with lots of tools to help you on your way. So let’s learn more about what they offer and how much you could earn.

Who Are Betdaq?

Betdaq is a Gibraltar-licensed betting site which offers lots of opportunities for betting fans. It’s fully regulated and punters can bet directly through an exchange.  This makes a change from other standard sportsbooks.

Betting exchanges give you the opportunity to play bookmaker yourself, and to bet on either outcome of a match. It’s a favoured option for many betting fans but your exact tastes are obviously going to vary.

The Betdaq affiliate program is a lucrative way to encourage people to visit the site and to take advantage of the many options open to them.  However, it’s also a superb opportunity for you to make a nice amount of money on the side. Lots of people join affiliate schemes for some of the best online casinos and top slot sites as a way of earning extra money.

Simply look at the terms and conditions for the site and the scheme. Then fill out a few details, and you could be earning thousands each month through a few basic promotions.  Do be aware that there is never any guarantee that you will make money!

Potential Earnings and Commission

The Betdaq affiliate program lets you earn up to 35% each month in terms of commission. That means the more people you refer, and the more they spend, the more money you could make in return.  35% revenue share is available to you if your clickers and referees spend more than €10,000 in a month.

That’s a high mountain to climb, but many people have done it through regular promotions and marketing.  The basic level of 25% commission is open to anyone who makes up to €5,000 in a month. This really isn’t a bad opening rate.

There is no negative carryover here, which is great news for anyone looking to make regular income from affiliate marketing.  As such, the scheme is fast becoming one of the most appealing programs of its kind. Be sure to check out some of the best UK bingo sites as well if you’re interested in affiliate marketing deals for these brands.

Payment Options

Of course, the way you get paid is very important.  It isn’t clear from the main site which options are available. But various sources confirm that you’ll be able to take money away through bank transfer.

You’ll need to have at least €100 available in your affiliate fund before you can take money away. Though if you don’t achieve this in any given month, it will carry over to the next.  This is well worth knowing.

Do make sure you read the payment terms and conditions before you supply any details to the scheme.  Otherwise, you may end up registering for a service that doesn’t work out for you!

Take care and make sure that you are happy to proceed.  Don’t feel bullied into a deal. Read what other scheme users have to say, as well as experts on the affiliate marketing scene.

Betdaq Affiliates Software

The Betdaq affiliates software should let you take a fair amount of control over your earnings.  The scheme lets you manage your marketing in a variety of different ways. Some examples include through links, banners and more.  You will also be able to monitor your earnings with ease online.

Wondering about the software Betdaq works with? They partner with the likes of IGT, Quickspin, Playtech and more.  These are very big names in the online gaming and betting industry, with some of the best online betting brands. So you should be confident that you are in good hands.

However, again, do make sure you read all terms supplied, and make sure you are happy to proceed.

More Affiliate Programs

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Become a Partner

It is very easy to become a partner through the Betdaq affiliate scheme.  The main site makes it very easy for you to register your details and to look closely at the terms and conditions.  Some information, such as payment and banking details, are not too forthcoming.

We must advise that as the site and scheme are under regulation control, you will have very little to worry about.  Take a closer look at trying the scheme out.

The Betdaq affiliate program runs a competitive rate of commission. What’s more, you will have a variety of promotional tools at your disposal.  It’s well worth a closer analysis.