Totesport Affiliate Program

Totesport ran their own affiliate marketing program up until recently.  However, that side of the brand has since been dissolved into Active Wins. This means that for this guide, we will be focusing on the new parent program instead.

Sign up to the Totesport affiliate program here to see what they have on offer.

But what is it about the Active Wins scheme which is so appealing to gaming marketers?  For one thing, the brand handles several of the UK’s biggest and best-known slots gaming brands and casino sites.  So, you always stand a good chance of making connections to drive up your passive income.

What Does it Mean to Be a ToteSport Affiliate?

As with casino affiliate schemes in general, you generate income based on how many people click on affiliate links from your website or blog.

In effect, you are promoting sites on behalf of Active Wins. So providing people click, register and play at the sites, you’ll stand to get steady commission back each month.  Think of it as a nice way to make money without having to actively work for it each time!

However, affiliate marketing does still take time and effort. Your site or blog will need to be relevant to the industry itself, and what’s more, you’ll need to adhere to certain content guidelines. Providing you regularly update with engaging content, there is no reason why you won’t be able to make some serious money.

Totesport Affiliate Commission

With Active Wins, the commission you could stand to get each month varies from site brand to site brand.  It’s largely based on how much revenue share your clickers generate for the site each calendar month, too.  Let’s look at Totesport affiliates commission as an example.

Across all games and sportsbook features at the Totesport affiliate program, you stand to receive 25% as a flat rate of commission.  This may seem a little low compared to other gambling affiliate schemes, but it is actually fairly competitive.

What’s more, Active Wins oversees a series of alternative brands and sites. This means you can further pick and choose to boost your passive wealth.

Software Providers

Totesport affiliates/Active Wins works with a number of big software providers through their various gaming brands.  Many of them you will have come across before.

The more familiar and more reliable the software developers are, the more likely it will be that your clickers generate cash for these sites.

Payment Options

Active Wins supports a variety of different payment methods on the scheme. Each has different payment thresholds, or minimum withdrawal rates.  Most affiliate marketers will find the banking overview to be fairly reasonable. The withdrawal rates for some methods are very competitive indeed.

You can get paid through your Player account, Neteller, Skrill, or electronic bank transfer. The minimum payment threshold is £50 for everything bar the electronic transfer, which carries a threshold of £150.  Regardless, these limits are still very competitive compared to the wider market.

You’ll get paid by around the 20th, and the better news is that the scheme won’t apply any admin fees or hidden charges.  You’ll be surprised to learn how many affiliate schemes still do this!

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Further Details

Signing up as an Active Wins affiliate is nice and easy. But, it will mean you need to invest plenty of your own time and interest. If you are already running a gaming site or blog, you may be able to generate some lucrative passive money on the side.

The Active Wins affiliate program is flexible and competitive. As their main website and FAQs state, all digital marketing channels are worth pursuing. This means you won’t even need a website of your own to get started.  Do, however, make sure you take a close look at terms and conditions before you sign up as a new affiliate.

Making money through affiliate marketing isn’t difficult. But do be prepared to put in a minimum of effort on a regular basis!