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Rank Affiliates / The Rank Group handle some of the UK’s leading casino and gaming brands. The Rank brand has been around for over 80 years. However, the current plc in charge of the name has been operating for over two decades.

Which Brands are on this Affiliate Program?

At Rank Affiliates you can look to promote the following:

The Rank Group oversees the operation of two colossal names in UK gaming and leisure. Mecca Bingo, which was previously known as Top Rank, is just one of them.

The other is Grosvenor Casinos, which has grown to become the largest operator of casino games in the UK. Here is a little bit more information on both of the brands:

Mecca Bingo

Mecca Bingo is hugely popular both on the high street and online. The Rank Group operates meccagames.com and meccabingo.com, as well as scores of bingo halls available for players to join across the country. They compete directly with the likes of Buzz Bingo.

This is a slight rebranding of the popular Gala Bingo name. Mecca Bingo is well-regarded as one of the most popular online bingo sites. It’s also a leading name in traditional high street bingo fun.

Grosvenor Casino

Grosvenor, as a brand, was originally set up in 1970. Having evolved from the County Clubs chain, this brand of casinos focuses on luxury gaming and bar facilities.

It is one of the leading names in authentic, classy online Vegas fun. Over 50 Grosvenor Casino branches are operating in the UK, following a small acquisition from Gala.  There are even two based on the continent in Belgium.


The Rank Group also oversees Enracha, which is a Spanish gaming website that specialises in live casino games, bingo and slots. This brand has been around since 2011, and continues to grow, as does Rank’s presence in Europe.

Mecca and Grosvenor Affiliate Program

As you can see above these are some of the most popular brands based in the UK.

Are you interested in making money from online gaming? Not having much luck on the reels or the tables, and want to try something a little bit different? You may have come across affiliate programs before. Rank Affiliates is a brand which is helping to bring some of the biggest online gaming brands to the masses. This is through the Mecca and Grosvenor affiliate program line-up from Rank Group PLC.

If you’re new to affiliate marketing and are unsure how you could make money from signing up with Rank Affiliates, read on. We have all the details you need to get started. If you run your own website, particularly if it relates to online gaming, you may be able to make a tidy sum from referring people to Rank’s brands.

What is the Rank Affiliate Program?

The Rank Group is on the London Stock Exchange. This means it is open for members of the public to take a financial interest. People invested in the brand, too, can take advantage of their affiliate program.

The Rank Affiliate Program is set up to help people make money from customer referrals. Rank has been around as a brand for over 80 years, having branched into the online gaming scene in recent decades. Rank is all about bringing more and more people to big online brands which offer fun and prizes.

Their program will net you up to 35% revenue over a customer’s lifetime. That means, even long after you have referred a customer, you could still be cashing in some passive money. All you need to do is sign up with Rank and to encourage your visitors and readers to check out their big brands.

How Does the Rank Affiliate Program Work?

The program works through the following, simplified steps. Do, however, take a closer look at Rank’s website for the full lowdown.

  • Sign up with Rank and agree to become an affiliate partner.
  • Agree to promote brands offered by Rank according to their terms and conditions, including expectations of form and tone. Don’t worry, as they have plenty of customer care personnel ready to help you.
  • Use Rank’s advanced tracking to check how your referrals are going. You’ll start making money once your first visitors clicks on your affiliate link, signs up at a site and makes a deposit. It’s as simple as that!

Do be aware; however, that affiliate programs can take time to generate serious cash. You’ll need to put in the effort, to begin with, to push for that elusive passive income.

More importantly, it’s a good idea to get acquainted with Rank’s brands. Mecca and Grosvenor are very well-known on the UK high street as well as online.

Commission and Payment

Of course, before you start with Rank Affiliates, you’re going to want to know when, and how, you’ll get paid. Essentially, you’ll start seeing conversions once a visitor who’s clicked on your affiliate link has made a deposit.

Rank will pay out £50 minimum every 30 days. This means if your earnings are lower, they will spill over to the next earning period. This then continues until you break the threshold. Payment is available in GBP, and you can receive money via Moneybookers, bank transfer or Neteller. It’s nice to have a bit of flexibility!

Is it a Good Way to Make Money Regularly?

If you run a popular gaming site, and you think your readers would like to take a look at these brands, then you could be earning some fantastic income. The work you will need to do will rely on regular blog posts and links to Rank directly.

Signing up with Rank will let you in on all the details you’ll need to keep in mind. Stick to their style and form, and you should have no problem turning over some serious cash if you have a healthy visitor base. Again, affiliate revenue can take time to accumulate! Have faith!

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About The Rank Group

The Rank Group is first and foremost involved in UK gaming markets. They are a plc in charge of the Rank brand, which has over 80 years’ experience in the film industry.

The plc has over 160 locations worldwide and has headquarters in Maidenhead, UK. Its CEO is John O’Reilly, and its Chairman is Ian Burke.

The Rank Group is one of the most profitable gaming giants in the UK. They also have locations in Spain and Belgium on the continent.

The company oversaw revenue of £691 million in 2018, which helped to cement them as one of the biggest operators of gaming in the here and now. They are in charge of a handful of big gaming brands, those of which we will cover in a little more detail below.

Who is the Owner?

An executive committee owns Rank Group plc, and as mentioned, is overseen by a Chairman and a CEO. The Group itself was set up in 1995.

After taking control of the Rank name, they seized upon the online bingo boom of the early 00s. This was as well as taking control of many bingo halls and clubs scattered across the country.

The owner oversaw Rank Organisation film-making and distribution until 2005. After this, their focus switched to gaming full-time. Enduring Rank films include The Thirty-Nine Steps, Four Weddings and a Funeral, and many of the popular Carry On films.

More Information

If you’d like to know more about Rank Affiliates and their brands, please click here. You can read their handy guides and learn more. Affiliate marketing and linking can generate some fantastic cash for the right people. It’s passive income at its most lucrative.

What’s more, you’ll be introducing genuinely engaged people with brands they will love. Get earning up to 35% for life – start today!

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