Cozy Games Affiliate Program

Cozy Games is a popular brand with many online gamers and casino fans.  However, did you know that they now offer their own affiliate and partner scheme? The Cozy Partners program is a great way for casino fans to make some great money on the side.

You can join and become a partner here if you’re interested in earning extra income.

By agreeing to promote sites and brands operating through the scheme, you will be able to claim back a cut of any money that visitors who click through make for given sites.  This is often offered on a sliding scale or tier system, meaning that the more you promote, and the more people who sign up by clicking through, the more money you could potentially make.

However, affiliate marketing schemes can take time and effort to really work to your advantage. If you already blog or write about online games a lot, you may find it easy to cross-promote Cozy Games sites.

Signing up for the Cozy Partners Affiliate program means that you will be able to bring all of Cozy’s great sites and games to the masses.  Get good enough at promotion, and you could make a lot of passive income each month.

Who Are Cozy Partners?

Cozy Partners is the landmark affiliate program associated with Cozy Games casinos and gaming websites.  These sites are popular with the general gaming public, and they often provide well-known titles and big-name developers in their catalogues.

This means it may be even easier for you to encourage new players to come and get involved.  The scheme is popular with many people, partners and experts alike. Both for its competitive commission scale, and for its impressive array of titles and brands.

However, there is always more than just brands and commission to these schemes. This means it is always worth taking a close look at the small print before you get started.  Do also bear in mind that there is never any guarantee that you will make money each month.

It all depends on the effort you put in, and how willing people are to click through and play at given sites in the gaming industry!

Sites They Cover

It is a good idea to familiarise yourself with the sites covered under and supported by the Cozy Games brand.  In the Cozy Partners affiliate program, you will get to choose from some big casino sites and slots sites to introduce to your readers, visitors and followers.

Take a look at the various brands supported below – who knows, you may even recognise some of them!

  •     Windfall Casino
  •     Scrummy Casino
  •     My Touch Casino
  •     Gold Bank
  •     Casino Gates
  •     Lucky Admiral
  •     Slot Matic
  •     VIP Club Casino
  •     Casino Magix
  •     Summit Casino
  •     Mini Mobile Casino
  •     Grimms Casino
  •     Lucky Gold
  •     Pocket Casino

As you can see, the affiliate program covers a lot of ground, with niche sites and classy casinos alike supported. Therefore, you shouldn’t have any difficulty pitching titles to a wider audience.

Commission Details

Let’s take a look at the commission details for the Cozy Partners affiliate scheme, and what you can expect from monthly money injections.  The program supports a very lucrative flat rate of 50% commission on all revenue generated for your first two months enrolled.

Beyond this, you will be subject to a scale with an entry-level rate of 25%, and again, an upper level of 50%.  These are fairly competitive numbers, meaning that you shouldn’t feel too restricted by the terms set.

However, do also be aware that as with all affiliate schemes, there is no guarantee of any kind of income. You will need to keep an open mind before you get started. What’s more, you should always consult the terms and conditions before you fill in any details.

Many of the best online bingo sites and UK betting brands work with gaming affiliate programs, so be sure to check these out.

Payment from Cozy Affiliates

As always, it’s a good idea to make sure you know when you’re getting paid, and how. It’s the whole point of signing up! Payment from Cozy Affiliates is available through bank transfer, and you will need to have at least £200 available if you want to cash out.

What’s more, an administration fee may apply, at a rate of 15%.  It is always worth looking out for these fees – they are not always common, but as always, make sure to read up on the small print.

The Cozy Partners affiliate scheme offers a lot of great brands and some flexible ways for you to make passive money.  Make sure to read the terms and conditions, and to stick the style and tone guides the scheme sets for you. Then sign up and take full advantage!

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