Sprout Loans Review

Are you thinking about taking out a Sprout Loans loan or currently have one and want to learn more about the company? For people who have encountered financial difficulties in the past either due to specific circumstances like bad credit scores or bad service from a different service provider, this Sprout Loan Review will show you how Sprout Loans is a new and refreshing option compared to established lenders.

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Sprout offers an open & transparent service that will surely qualify in terms of what consumers or businesses need. They look beyond credit scores & offer simple pricing, no hidden fees or exaggerated interest rates. They aren’t brokers but a unique direct lending company founded by industry experts.

They always disclose details, especially for a personal credit report, so that way, the person and advisor are always on the same page regarding issues with the credit file.

This means that borrowers can know the total amount they’re paying upfront and can always contact customer support or as for a representative example if ever they need further information on the loan they want to avail of. A business like this can guarantee quality service that all eligible companies and individuals can be happy to settle with. Find out more bout their offers in June 2022 when you read reviews like this one!

Sprout Loans Overview

They’re in charge of checking each loan individually to guarantee that consumers have enough money and can afford repayments on the debt before transferring loans at Sprout Financial. They also record payments to a major credit bureau, which can help you improve your credit score, allowing their borrowers to enhance their financial health in other areas, such as mortgages. Sprout Loan offers lots of benefits such as a wide range of loan sizes (varying from £1,500 to £7,500), up to 5 years for loan terms, a competitive APR to note, easy access to those who are located in the UK, and they’re a direct lender, not a broker.

Customers who have trouble with repayments won’t have to worry as Sprout Financial doesn’t charge an additional fee. Instead, Sprout Financial only collects the repayment on the day agreed upon with the customer. The company will only refinance in two situations: once a loan passes a period of 12 months, or if 50% of the balance has been repaid.

Asgard Financial Services Limited trades as Sprout and Sprout Loans (Asgard). Jennymount Business Park, 10 North Derby Street, Belfast, BT15 3HL. Registered Office: 6th Floor, The Lanyon Building, Jennymount Business Park, 10 North Derby Street, Belfast, BT15 3HL. Northern Ireland is where the company is registered. NI624908 is the company number. The Financial Conduct Authority (Firm Reference Number 680043) has authorised and regulated Asgard, and it is registered with the Information Commissioner’s Office (ZA120670). The Consumer Credit Trade Association has Asgard as a member (CCTA1114).

Services Offered By Sprout Loans

At Sprout Loan, they specialise in any Personal Loan amount, IVA Early Settlement, & Consolidation Loans. They even give out free debt advice should you need more information on that. Sprout Loans offer the following types of loans:

  • IVA Early Settlement
  • Debt Consolidation
  • IVA Payment for Cars

For return customers, the Sprout Loan company offers the following loan services:

  • Home Improvement
  • Car Repair
  • Medical
  • Education Pay
  • Wedding

Now, before you commit, here are some key features to note when it comes to understanding a Sprout Financial Loan:


  • The minimum APR is ideally 39.90%
  • Depending on the specific circumstances of you and your account, the APR could possibly go up.

Loan Amount and Repayment Period

  • A customer can borrow amounts ranging from £1,500 and £7,500, and this can be paid in a period between 18-60 months.
  • There’s an 0.8% daily cost cap on the total loan borrowed. This includes a combination of interest and other various charges. The default cap fee is £15.
  • Even if the borrower can still be charged after receiving a default, the rates cannot exceed a charge of 0.8% daily.

These limits apply to credit agreements having an interest rate of 100% or higher, and they apply when the debt is required to be repaid in full or in part within 12 months. It’s also crucial to be aware of the rules that have been in effect since 2017. Lenders must guarantee that information is available on a price comparison website that has been certified by the FCA.

Sprout Loans Contact Details

Do you have questions, clarifications, or any issues that need resolving? You can contact a customer support representative using the following methods:


(033) 3939 9393


Main Site

Contact Form


Email Site

[email protected]


6th Floor, The Lanyon Building, Jennymount Business Park, 10 North Derby Street, Belfast, BT15 3HL

Note: Read up on the complaints policy on this link here. You should contact the Financial Ombudsman Service if Sprout Loans does not respond to your complaint within the work week.

Sprout Loan Reviews

Thanks for the timely and efficient support starting with Daniel Shaw. He was clear on explaining the approach and connecting me to the right folks on the Sprout side. I then had a great experience with Soumya Membe, my funding processor. She was extremely helpful providing me with timely updates. Thanks again for your support. – Eve Emerson

Great company to do business with and I recommend them to anybody. – Paul Deroseney

Incredible company that can help junp start your financial needs. The staff worked with us every step of the way. If there was a rating over 5 star I would give it. – Hal Baxley

Fantastic Creative Money Source! Im actively working with Danny from Sprout Financial. Love the man. He takes my calls and knows in the ins and outs of getting funding. He lifts mountains, even if you have to do it one pebble at a time. I was very skeptical of non-traditional funding but Sprout is the real deal. Great team, fantastic underwriters (Sunny) and they answer the phone. Pebble, hill or mountain, you should just call. – Leandra Hammond


In our Sprout Loans Reviews, we have supplied you with some of the most important, detailed information about Sprout Loans that are sure to make you consider using the services of Sprout Financial.

Oftentimes, bank representatives don’t make it a point to put the client’s needs first and this can be very disenchanting. The team at Sprout has proven to not only provide clear, concise advice on topics like mortgage, refund, approved loans, and other money issues but also take the time to provide professional, straightforward service.

It’s great to see how a customer’s needs are met pretty quickly, especially since the team keeps borrowers updated and in the know throughout the process. Another noteworthy thing is that they don’t charge prepayment amounts so consumers won’t have to worry much! This means you, as a consumer, won’t have to make any additional payment fees if you decide to do early repayment.

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