Linwood House Private Rehab Centre

Linwood House Private Rehab Centre is based in South Yorkshire and is one of many addiction centres owned by UK Addiction Treatment Group.

Linwood House rehab provides various Alcohol Rehab & Drug Rehab Treatments.

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In our Linwood House Private Rehab Centre guide, we provide all the information from costs and addiction therapies to the latest reviews in April 2024.

Linwood House Rehab Overview

Linwood House is one of UKAT group centres that is regulated by the Care Quality Commission, meaning regular visits are carried out. The CQC ensure a high standard of care is carried out within the rehab centre, paying close attention to client safety and the cleanliness of the clinic.

The rehab centre offers 24/7 support and all-inclusive treatment. There are no hidden extras. After paying for your stay, everything else is included. Linwood House will provide bespoke treatments to suit individual needs and will provide clients with their own private rooms, so they can be left undisturbed in a relaxing environment.

We were particularly impressed with the homemade meals offered by Linwood House, delivered by an in-house catering team. This is great for those recovering from addiction, as they will be given wholesome food with the necessary nutrients they need for a healthier lifestyle.

Services Offered By Linwood House

There is a range of different services that are provided by Linwood House. We have listed a few of these services below:

Alcohol Rehabilitation

Alcohol rehab is just one option when it comes to the treatment of alcoholism.

There is a range of benefits when it comes to inpatient rehabilitation for alcoholics. Some of the advantages include:

  • Sole focus on recovery – when participating in residential rehab, the client has no other option but to focus on their addiction and how they will recover. With no distractions or temptations on the way, clients are more likely to have a successful treatment.
  • 24/7 Support – when in a rehab centre, clients will have full access to specialist help and support 24 hours a day.
  • Sense of community – patients will be able to meet other people like them and will be able to gain the company and support of people in a similar situation.
  • Learn coping methods – a therapist will be able to teach patients how to cope with their symptoms through intensive therapy.
  • Fast admissions – Linwood House offers quick admissions, so you can get the help and support you need as soon as possible.

By taking part in an alcohol detoxification, clients will be able to overcome their addiction and reduce the risk of relapses in the future.

Drug Addiction Rehabilitation

Drug addiction is becoming increasingly common and more treatments are being tested in hopes to help people overcome their addictions and remain sober.

There is a range of different drug addiction treatments available to people who go to Linwood House for drug rehab. Some of the most popular therapies and treatments Linwood House provides include:

  • Drug Addiction 1-1 Therapy
  • Group Therapy
  • Drug Addiction Medical Detox (a substitute drug may be used during this)
  • Communal Areas

Linwood House is open 24 hours, 365 days a year. The specialised addiction team have years of experience and has treated plenty of people addicted to drugs in the past.

With ensuite rooms available and free aftercare for alcohol and drug addiction treatment, Linwood is often a popular choice.

Linwood House Contact Details

Here are all the contact details for Linwood House rehab.

  • Website:
  • Telephone: 03301 736 751
  • Address: Linwood House, Wensley Rd, Barnsley, South Yorkshire S71 1TJ

Linwood House Reviews

There are a number of reviews available for Linwood House. We have listed some of the reviews below:

This is on behalf of my husband, he would like to say a massive thanks to all the amazing staff who helped him during his stay at Linwood house. A special thanks to Maggie his therapist Natalie his support worker and he said the chef in the kitchen 😂 your food was fantastic. He’s home now and like a new person, he’s made some friends for life. Me and my family want to thank you for everything.

– Danielle

Excellent therapists, nurses and support staff. Comfortable accommodation. Linwood house literally saves lives.

– Simon

A very friendly and dedicated team with only one priority and that’s helping beat addiction.
I can’t thank these guys enough, nothing is a problem.
After five weeks I feel like a new man taking one day at a time.

– James

As a supplier of cleaning equipment and products to Linwood House I spend a lot of time at this centre and felt compelled to write a review. I am always impressed with the care and commitment of Lynn and her team and particularly with the focus on providing an immaculately clean environment for patients. Their commitment to investing in the top of the range equipment and high quality cleaning materials is second to none. If I had a family member afflicted with addiction I genuinely wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this centre for their recovery.

– Peter


Overall, Linwood House has a number of benefits, including fast admissions (often same day), healthy, homemade food menus, 24/7 support and 12 months of free aftercare. If you or your loved ones require alcohol or drug addiction rehab, you may want to contact Linwood.

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