I cannot afford to pay my Jacamo Catalogue Account Debt?

Many are worrying “they can’t repay Jacamo Catalogue Debt” and what solutions there are?

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Catalogue companies give us the freedom to view present-day trends without making it a big deal. All the goods are laid out before us and in a few clicks, they are on their way.

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Now we can browse at home and avoid long queues or lengthy waits while cashiers run around trying to find the answers to our queries. We can bag a new look in minutes and swerve those pesky germs that loiter around hot stores…perfect for men who hate shopping and don’t want to catch the dreaded ‘man flu’.

But with busy lives, it is easy to lose track of payments. Before we know it, an interest-free period has come to an end and those inflated charges are sneakily putting a strain on the monthly finances.

If you are struggling with your minimum payment, you are not alone. You only have to look at the many posts on mail-order catalogue forums to see that catalogue debt is on the increase.

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Millions of people throughout the UK are in the same boat as you; each one trying to conjure money out of thin air to settle the next monthly payment but; there are plenty of ways to manage catalogue debt, so wipe that sweat from your brow and read on….

I Can’t Pay Jacamo Debt – What Should I Do

Although it is tempting to bury your head in the sand, debt never goes away; it lingers at the back of the mind. A lot of guys put money worries to one side because they find it embarrassing or shameful; two emotions that cause them to sink even further into financial despair.

When your catalogue payments are causing a lot of stress, you should take a simple debt test this will help you sneak up on your bills before they sneak up on you. With just a few easy online questions you can see how serious your financial situation is. The debt test can provide solutions to get out of debt.

Can I Write Off Unaffordable Debts

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Do Not Pay Jacamo Until You’ve Received Free Debt Advice

With clear direction you can remain level-headed. Knowing that you are not alone with your money worries can also bring a great sense of relief.

Spread the Cost

Sometimes in life, we have to raise a hand and admit that we are in trouble. Debt advice companies know how awkward it is for some of us to discuss money matters but a financial advisor deals with people from all walks of life; he is not there to judge your situation, he is there to take away the negativity you impose upon yourself and make your catalogue payments easier to manage.

Who Is Jacamo?

Jacamo is a mail order catalogue company that was launched specifically for men. It was founded in 2007 and has gained a reputation for supplying on-trend clothing to fashion- conscious buyers. However, it is not a sole trader, Jacamo operates under the parent company known as The N Brown Group who in 1999 launched Simply Be – Jacamo hit the scene in 2007 and J D Williams became an online department store in 2018.

Jacamo describes itself as ‘The online store that caters for the larger man, providing affordable casual day wear and business attire’.

A credit limit is set for new customers based upon a shoppers financial situation and credit score.

Complaining About Jacamos debt collection

If you have a complaint, you should send a formal letter to:

Head Office address


Griffin House

40 Lever Street


M60 6ES

Tel: 0345 071 9022

Registered in England No. 178367

Jacamo is supervised under the Consumer Credit Act 1974 by the Financial Conduct Authority at 12 Endeavour Square, London, E20 1JN. (Authorisation No: 311618).

Interest and Charges

When writing a letter of complaint It is important to keep a record of all correspondence you send/receive. When writing be sure to stay on point and resist the urge to add personal emotions and views. Customers who stick to the facts make it easier for a company to find a resolution.

You should also record any phone conversations you have with the company. Be sure to take the full name of the person you are speaking to. If you are unable to reach an amicable solution, you may need to escalate your complaint to the Financial Ombudsman. Having all the above information on hand makes it easier to recall facts and shows that you have made reasonable steps to find a resolution.

For help with writing a letter of complaint, go to your favourite search engine and type in ‘sample letter generator for creditors, no money to pay‘ this will generate a list of websites that offer templates you can copy and send to the company.

The letter will explain your current financial situation and provide an estimate as to when your circumstances may change. For example, if you think your situation will improve in three months, the letter will ask the company to put a hold on your account and freeze all interest and charges until (give a date). This will provide the breathing space to contact a debt advice company and work out a plan for catalogue repayments you can afford.

How Do I Close My Jacamo Catalogue Account?

To close your credit account, simply contact Jacamo direct and ask for it to be arranged.

Final Thoughts

When shoppers start missing payments, a mail-order company, on top of the minimum payment plan, will add late payment fees and interest; as such, a customer’s balance will increase. Shoppers are hit with administration fees at £12 per time plus the standard interest rate which at present,is a staggering 39.96% apr variable with Jacamo.

What does APR stand for?

The abbreviated term APR stands for Annual Percentage Rate; this tells us how much we are being charged to borrow from the company. The percentage rate is spread over twelve- months. To calculate the monthly apr charged by Jacamo, divide 39.96 by 12 to reach 3.3%. You then times the amount you owe by 3.3. For example: (£960 owed x 3.3% = £31.68). This is the amount of interest added per month.

Alternatively, you can work out the apr on your account by using the Jacamo payment calculator on their website. Simply key in your outstanding balance, then enter the apr currently charged. You will find your current apr on the front of any Jacamo statement. Full details of Jacamo’s interest rates can be found in their Terms and Conditions.

When you know the amount of interest you are paying per month, on top of the minimum payment scheme, you gain a better understanding of how much debt you are in.

Note: If you are seriously struggling with monthly repayments do not order any more items from Jacamo, Stop using the account with immediate effect.

Compound Interest

If you scroll through your credit agreement, you will see that Jacamo also charges interest on interest (known as compound interest). This is added to a customer’s balance each month with the minimum payment .

The Rising Cost of Debt

When you look at the figures close-up, it is easy to see how people can fall into severe debt. The worst thing you can do is ignore it; money worries do not go away, they only get worse.

Catalogue credit is a cost-effective way of buying expensive items at an affordable monthly rate but it can prove very costly if payments are not settled within the interest- free period. It can cause serious damage to a perfectly healthy credit score.

If you have concerns about your current financial situation, take a simple debt quiz; it will help you to see how far your money is going and provide sound advice for moving forward. In just a few minutes you can have the contact details of someone who can provide a workable solution to satisfy your catalogue accounts…an affordable debt solution could be just a debt quiz away.

Stay in control…

You do not have to accept any demands made from home shopping catalogues or debt collection officers. Although they will convince you that they have your best interests at heart, they are merely trying to force large sums out of you to bring the account to a close. Many will insist on a credit account being settled in full.


I may not be able to pay my debts. Can I pay a minimum payment?

Although an interest-free period is an attractive option, it is only viable if the entire debt is settled on or before the promotional date comes to an end.

Making the minimum payment will keep your account afloat and stop late payment fees from being added but you will, in essence, be digging yourself into a big hole as the interest will continue to accumulate. This is a loop that you should avoid at all costs; it will lead to persistent worries. Credit customers should seek immediate help from a debt adviser.

Catalogue accounts and persistent debt

If you’ve been making minimum payments on your account for at least eighteen months, you can expect a letter from your catalogue company telling you that you are in persistent debt.

Persistent debt is a term used when your monthly minimum payment does not reduce the balance. The amount you pay is simply going toward interest and relevant charges.

At this stage, a creditor has the legal right to contact you. The company wants you to gain control of your monthly payments and get out of the persistent debt you are in. The aim is to find a more efficient way of repaying what you owe. Before agreeing to any sum, it is strongly advised that you seek debt solutions from one of the free debt advice companies online.

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What happens if you don’t pay catalogue debts?

Catalogue debt is dealt with in the same way as credit card arrears. If you do not pay the monthly sum on your statement your account will go into default. When you break the terms of your credit file agreement, the company will take action to retrieve the amount owed. Your account will be cancelled and you will no longer be able to order anything.

Please note: A Notice of Default is not recorded on your credit file. However, failure to settle all monthly arrears will affect your credit rating.

Can bailiffs come for Catalogue debt?

Credit cards, water bills, pay-day loans and catalogue debt fall into non-priority debt. This means that creditors and debt collection agents cannot enforce action from a bailiff.

The only time they can do so is when you refuse to meet the terms outlined in a County Court Judgement. At this point, a company can seek court action and request the services of a bailiff to collect the amount outstanding. If a court agrees, an enforcement officer with a Warrant of Execution could pay you a visit.

What to do when you have debt you can’t pay?

Seek financial advice; this will stop the matter from escalating. Debt advice is readily available. Look online for non-profit organisations and talk to experts who can help shoppers put their life back on track. They are there to help you with your debts and provide some valuable peace of mind. Let them find a solution that puts you in control of your monthly repayments at a price that meets your current financial situation.

Financial advisers have years of experience handling catalogue debt; yours is nothing new. they handle credit accounts by the score and have never encountered one that does not have an easy to solve solution, so take the debt quiz test today and make that first step to tidying up your credit file and becoming debt- free. Stop trying to sort out your finances single-handed, leave it to the experts!

One last word…

Take debt advice before agreeing to pay anything, no matter how tempting it may seem. There is a lot of financial help available; don’t let it affect your health or your relationships. In no time at all your current situation could seem like a distant memory.

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