I cannot afford to pay my Littlewoods Catalogue Debt?

Many are worrying “they can’t repay Catalogue Debt” and what solutions there are?

Check out our comprehensive article here if you need debt help on catalogue repayments.

You’ve pushed the boat out! You’ve purchased a new wardrobe, and new furniture too. You and your home look top notch, but the bill from the Littlewoods Catalogue looks anything but!

More customers are reaching out to us than ever before, and their main concern is increasing pressures from the Littlewoods Catalogue to make debt repayments. Unfortunately, due to unexpected circumstantial changes, these customers are unable to settle these growing debts.

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If you find yourself in a similar position, and can’t pay the money you owe to the Littlewoods Catalogue – it’s important to know you’re not alone. We’re here to help!

I Can’t Pay My Littlewoods Debt – What Should I Do?

First and foremost, do not panic – this is the worst thing you can do and it certainly won’t help the situation.

To ensure you free yourself from your catalogue debts quickly and efficiently, we’re here to offer guidance when it comes to paying your Littlewoods late payments.

To conquer your Littlewoods debt, one of the best things you can do is take the debt quiz.

This will help you to understand all your options when it comes to clearing your Littlewoods Catalogue bill. There are more debt solutions available than you think, many of which promise to help you pay bills without getting you into further, unmanageable debt.

The debt quiz will help us to understand your existing circumstances and financial affairs, which will in turn help us to offer you a range of debt solutions, suited to your lifestyle and needs. The result? A monthly, manageable repayment plan that promises to help you repay all of your Littlewoods debt in one easy, hassle-free bundle.

Do Not Pay Littlewoods Until You’ve Received Free Debt Advice

It’s important to invest in debt advice from a professional before making any repayments to Littlewoods Catalogue.

Our handy debt quiz is a great tool to use when it comes to learning more about the debt solution options available. This quiz can be taken for free and you are under no obligation to take any debt advice offered.

It’s good to know that the debt you have with Littlewoods Catalogue may be subject to deductions depending on your current circumstances. You may even be entitled to up to 90% off your existing Littlewoods Catalogue debts.

If you are battling with additional debts, including overdrafts, credit cards, loans or debts with other home shopping catalogues, it’s a good idea to invest in the services of a debt management agency, an IVA company, debt advice or a debt charity.

There are several options to choose from, all are registered in England and all are authorised and regulated by the financial authorities, all rights reserved.

Who Is Littlewoods?

Littlewoods PLC began life as a family-owned business and one of the biggest in the United Kingdom.

The company, founded by John Moores, first launched in 1923 in Liverpool. Today, it’s part of The Shop Direct Finance Company – a multi-brand financial services provider and online retailer which comprises littlewoods.comvery.co.uk, Littlewoods Ireland, and Very Exclusive.

Recent modernisations and company restructuring have made it one of the UK’s largest operating eCommerce stores. It stocks over 400,000 products, with the majority of online sales coming from mobile devices. All phone and mail orders have now been replaced by electronic commerce tech.

Littlewoods Catalogue currently offers a 0% interest rate on purchases, and 10% off all orders for new customers who open an account. Their ‘buy now, pay later’ option includes interest rates that are calculated at a standard daily rate of 44.9% per annum.

Unless you pay your bill in one lump sum every month, you’ll be subject to late payment fees and high-interest rates – this can make shopping way more expensive in the long run. Interest rates are unique to each customer, and are calculated at checkout.

In addition to their fashion offerings, Littlewoods Catalogue also offers a range of other products, including well-being supplies, beauty products, home and furnishings, electrical items, games, DVDs, gifts, and toys – all delivered to your doorstep. They also offer a Littlewoods Credit Card.

If you’re unable to pay for items upfront, we’d always suggest you look at other alternatives to update your home, wardrobe, and wallet.

Paying on time and in full is the only way to steer clear of high-interest rates and late payment fees.

Instead of risking these additional costs, add money to your bank savings as opposed to using credit, and only make purchases when you have enough to buy the item outright.

One purchase can become a huge debt in a short amount of time if you’re unable to make the minimum payment requested by the catalogue company each month.

Not making the minimum payment will also affect your credit score, which will remain a poor credit rating on your credit file for many years. Make sure you read the small print before lending money from any company or service, including catalogue companies.

Many people will get contacted by their lenders to get told they are in persistent debt. This is when you have paid more for interest than you have paid back for the borrowed money.

Find out more about persistent debt here!

How to Stop them from Calling

Debt collectors are renowned for hounding debtors. If you owe Littlewoods debt, the company collecting this outstanding money will often call or write to you numerous times. You are within your rights to tell a debt collection agency to refrain from these communications.

Speaking to a debt adviser is one way to stop communication from a debt collector agency. They can send a letter on your behalf detailing your existing circumstances and the reasons why you are unable to make catalogue debt payments.

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If you have many debts to contend with, from catalogue companies and payday loans, you can quickly become overwhelmed. Choosing to bury your head in the ground and ignore these payments is not the answer.

Reaching out to a debt adviser is the best course of action. They’ll be able to advise you on a sensible repayment route, creating a payment plan that suits your circumstances and budget, and is often interest free.

Fill in our debt quiz today to learn more about catalogue repayments, IVA, interest free solutions, how to protect your credit rating, and managing payday loans. Rest assured, help is at hand!

Complaining About Littlewoods Debt Collection

If you feel the debt Littlewoods Catalogue is demanding from you is unwarranted or unfair, speak to a debt collection adviser for advice today.

If you are making every effort to repay the company, yet feel they are still disregarding your current situation, such as by constantly hounding you and putting pressure on you to pay more than you can afford, you may have grounds to submit a complaint.

Your first port of call should be to send this complaint directly to Littlewoods Catalogue – The Shop Direct Group. Begin by sending your complaint in writing to the following address:

Sandringham House, Sandringham Avenue, Chelmsford, CM92 1LJ

If you’d prefer to make a debt collection complaint over the phone about your Littlewoods debt, you can call 0344 822 8000 and speak to the Littlewoods customer complaints department between the hours of 7 am and 11 pm, seven days a week.

Alternatively, you can post a complaint to their Twitter or Facebook page. Although, it’s important to remember anything you say on social is in the public domain. If opting for this route, avoid adding any personal details or order numbers to your post.

If you’ve attempted to reach out to the Littlewoods Catalogue Customer Services Team and are unsatisfied with their reply to your debt collection query, or you haven’t had a response and it’s been over eight weeks, you can consider contacting the Financial Ombudsman Service or Citizens Advice.

Any claims made should be done within six months of your last correspondence with Littlewoods Catalogue.

Closing Your Littlewoods Catalogue Account

If you’ve decided that you would like to close your Littlewoods Catalogue Account – it’s actually an easier process than you may expect.

You can request that your accounts are deleted by sending an email to the Littlewoods Catalogue, asking them to remove your details from their existing database.

To close and delete your Littlewoods Catalogue count, follow these steps:

  1. Open the email registered to the Littlewoods Catalogue site or application.
  2. Compose a new email addressed to [email protected].
  3. Write ‘Request to Delete Account’ in the subject box of the email.
  4. In the body of the email, ask Littlewoods Catalogue to remove your details from their current database, including all of your personal information.

Debt Solutions

When analysing your credit report and current debtors it is advised to understand all the catalogue company solutions for debt available to you.

Here are all the solutions available to you depending on where you are based in the United Kingdom:

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Final Thoughts

If you want to learn more about managing your Littlewoods debt, paying it off and the many catalogue company solutions for debt available, seeking debt advice by completing a simple debt quiz online will help you to manage your repayments.

Our handy debt collection calculator will analyse and determine your existing debt, as well as your current income, offering efficient and manageable ways to resolve financial issues and catalogue company or credit card loans.

As well as payment plans, a debt quiz can determine if you’re entitled to help from a Government Approved Debt Relief Scheme, which can mean a massive reduction of up to 85% off your existing debt amount.

Instead of ignoring debts, take advantage of the help available. Seeking advice from a debt adviser will help you to understand your options, what you owe and the best way to pay it back.


I may not be able to pay my debts. Can I pay a minimum payment?

Yes, you can. This is called a debt collection payment plan.

Such a plan allows you to predetermine a set amount, often paid weekly or monthly to debt collection agencies, that enables you to pay what you can afford.

We can help you determine this amount by looking through your existing finances to decide on a budget. This could be as little as £20 per week. This payment plan must be agreed with both the debtor and the Littlewoods debt collector, and is often confirmed by mail or phone.

What happens if you don't pay catalogue debts?

If you are unable to make catalogue repayments, the company in question will send you a request asking you to pay your Littlewoods debt.

If you can’t pay the minimum payment amount, the catalogue will likely take action against you. On top of this, your account will be frozen with immediate effect, meaning you will be unable to make any other purchases.

This may affect your credit rating and can result in court action. Debt collectors may also request a CCJ.

Can bailiffs come for catalogue debts?

Catalogue debts such as Littlewoods Catalogue debts are classed as non-priority, similar to that of a loan or credit agreement debt.

If you owe Littlewoods debt, they will like to contact you via phone calls or letters, which can be intimidating.

However, it is important to remember that these companies don’t have the authority to send bailiffs to your property. They can only do this if they have a CCJ, which they have to request from a court.

What to do when you have debt you can't pay?

As mentioned earlier, don’t panic!

There are options available and providing you seek the correct advice, you can conquer this debt. Other debts collection solutions you may wish to consider include an IVA, also known as an Individual Voluntary Agreement.

This agreement helps those in debt to write off existing accounts, paying only what they can afford per week or month.

Other options include government schemes and debt charities. You may even be able to reduce your repayments by up to 85%. To calculate these reductions, you can use an online tool, such as a debt calculator.

For more information on evaluating your debt, talk to a financial conduct authority specialising in debt collection companies.

Why is a third party debt collection agency contacting me?

Quite often, a third party debt collection agency will buy debt from a lender, such as Littlewoods. These people offer a debt solution to lenders in that they take over the debt collection role. If you have an existing debt with Littlewoods, this is why these people are contacting you.

Just like other registered office businesses, debt collection agencies must abide by certain rules. Although they are allowed to contact you, they cannot demand entry to your home. The only way they will be able to gain entry to your home and remove belongings is if they have obtained a CCJ.

Whether a credit agreement or a catalogue debt, no amount is too big to too small for these people and ignoring them won’t make them go away. For this reason, it’s always a good idea to reach out for advice when you need it!

If you want to find out more about how to deal with your Littlewoods debt in the best way, click below!

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