I Cannot Afford to Pay My Yes Catalogue Account Debt?

Many are worrying “they can’t repay Yes Catalogue Debt” and what solutions there are?

Check out our guide on all debt solutions for catalogue debts in the United Kingdom.

There are few feelings better than getting new items for your home and looking around the room with newfound self-confidence and pride.

However, with things being as difficult as they are right now, you might no longer be able to pay for the items you bought interest-free from Yes Catalogue.

You are not alone. More and more people are looking for help when it comes to being unable to repay catalogue debts, that they otherwise would have been able to afford.

Being pestered and hassled by companies like Yes Catalogue can be stressful and damaging for your mental health.

Especially when you have fallen on hard times and are struggling to pay for even just the necessities.

If you are finding it hard to keep up with payments and owe money to Yes Catalogue, we are here to help you find a solution that works for you.

There are so many options available and we are sure that you will leave here feeling better about the situation.

Debt Solutions To Assist Your Yes Catalogue Debts

When analysing your credit report and current debtors it is advised to understand all the debt solutions available to you.

Here are all the debt solutions available to you depending on where you are based in the UK:

I Can’t Pay My Yes Catalogue Account Debt – What Should I Do?

The worst thing you can do in this situation is panic. Even though the situation can seem scary at first.

Our priority is providing you with the information you need to deal with catalogue debts and aid you onto a debt-free path.

It’s important to act as quickly as possible and try to get ahead of the situation. The best thing you can do when you become aware that you won’t be able to pay your debts to these companies is to take the debt quiz.

Find Out The Best Debt Solution Bespoke To Your Financial Situation

30 Second Debt Assessment Quiz

There is a variety of debt solutions available, that can help you find a plan that works best for your own situation and will help you reduce your Yes Catalogue debt. A debt-free future is possible.

The quiz provided above will ask you to enter your current circumstances and provide you with the best options suited to your situation so that you can repay your catalogue debts with an affordable repayment plan.

Do Not Pay Yes Until You’ve Received Free Debt Advice

Professional and tailored debt advice can be accessed via the debt quiz provided. You will be available to use this at your discretion and you will be under no obligation to follow the recommendations.

The quiz is also free to use so there really is no downside to giving it a go.

In the UK there are plenty of options available to people struggling with debts, ranging from credit card debts to catalogue debts and plenty in between.

You should get professional advice before speaking to the catalogue companies because then you will be aware of your rights and cannot be taken advantage of.

That is why the debt quiz is a brilliant resource – you will be able to get advice that is suited to your situation and will give you the crucial information needed when speaking to catalogue companies.

Many companies will try to scare vulnerable people with debts into entering unfair and exploitative repayment agreements that do little to alleviate the situation.

This is why getting advice and understanding where you stand is vital. Understand what your options are and be aware of what the borrower can and cannot do

Who Is Yes Catalogue?

Yes Catalogue is a catalogue company based in Telford and is different from many other online catalogues in that they do not perform credit checks on those who apply to use their service.

Thereby guaranteeing that everyone who applies for an account will get one.

They do offer interest-free credit but customers must be aware that this can mean that companies like Yes Catalogue make their money from debt interest and charges instead.

This is controversial as people who have a bad credit score and would not qualify for a credit card, for example, will be accepted and only need to make six payments in order to get the items they want.

These six payments only prove that you are able to repay over a short period of time and does little to prove whether or not a customer is financially trustworthy. There is no credit check.

Instead of having your credit status checked, Yes Catalogue use a payment system that allows potential customers to prove that they will be able to keep up with payments by staging the purchase over a number of instalments.

They claim that this structure shows them that the customer will actually be able to pay for the items and do so on time and according to the contract they agreed to.

The Yes Catalogue website states that once a customer has made six payments, they will qualify as a “good credit customer” and they will then receive their item.

For each item that is fully paid off, the customer will be allowed to have their catalogue credit limit increased. Their catalogue credit tiers that customers can ‘unlock’ are £300, £400, and then finally £500.

How to Stop Catalogue Companies From Calling

As guaranteed to you by the law, you have the right to tell debt collectors to discontinue communicating with you.

Having catalogue debts can be massively stressful and this can have a negative effect on not just your mental health but also on your physical health too.

If you do seek out a debt consultant they can help stop debt collectors from contacting you, by sending them a letter explaining your current financial circumstances.

If your catalogue debts are spiralling out of control and you are being hassled by bailiffs or another type of debt recovered, you can get a financial advisor to help halt their pursuit of you and offer you debt solutions.

It is a common worry that catalogue companies can send bailiffs if you can no longer afford the repayments you originally agreed to.

Luckily, most catalogue companies cannot send official debt recovery specialists, as catalogue debt is classed as a non-priority debt and is on the same tier as credit card debt.

A catalogue company that you are in debt to can send scary letters and intimidate you over the phone, but they cannot send bailiffs to reclaim catalogue debts from your home.

Only the courts have the power to do this and not any old catalogue company, despite what they may say.

As said before, you should get expert debt advice and the best way to get quick and tailored advice is to do the debt quiz as discussed earlier.

Interested In Finding Out More About The Debt Solutions Available?

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Complaining About Yes’ Debt Collection

If you feel as though you have been treated unfairly by Yes Catalogue or think that you have been put into debt that you cannot afford despite making a genuine effort to keep up with payments, you may have cause to make a complaint.

If you have catalogue debts, Yes Catalogue should want to help you find a solution. Ultimately, they want you to continue making payments, even if they have to be reduced for a period.

You should make an effort to contact Yes Catalogue directly as soon as you feel is possible.

Contact Yes Catalogue Directly

You should make an effort to get in touch in writing and send it to the address stated below.

Yes Catalogue Limited

Jordan House

Hall Court

HallWPark way



Yes Catalogue also has a customer service number that can be contacted on 0370 0340110.

This can also be a good way to get in touch with general queries that do not warrant a formal complaint or request.

Their company number, should you be asked by a financial advisor, is 10366168 and their directors are Stuart Pearson and Andrew Thomas Perry.

You also have the option to raise a complaint via Facebook but you must remember that this is a public forum, so don’t put any personal information in your complaint.

Their Facebook is mainly for advertising and marketing, so if you have a serious enquiry you are best getting in touch via telephone or writing to them.

Escalate Your Complaint to the FOS

If you are still not satisfied with their response to your complaint or it takes them more than 8 weeks to get in touch or resolve, you should consider taking your case to the Financial Ombudsman Service.

You can contact the FOS via the following methods:

If they have got back in touch with you, you should make your complaint to them within 6 months of Yes Catalogue’s final response letter to you.

How Do I Close My Yes Account?

You can close your Yes Catalogue if you no longer have any outstanding payments by getting in touch and speaking to their customer service team. The number is listed above.

You can also do this by contacting them by post but this is usually just for formal complaints and closing your account shouldn’t require this.

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens if you don't pay catalogue debts?

Not paying catalogue debts can have a devastating effect on your credit rating.

Interest and charges can also start coming in thick and fast – this is how many catalogue companies make their money.

Can bailiffs come for Yes catalogue debts?

Luckily for you, most catalogue companies cannot send an official debt recovery specialist, as catalogue debt is classed as a non-priority debt and is on the same tier as credit card debt.

A catalogue company that you are in debt to can send intimidating letters and try to coerce you over the phone.

They cannot send bailiffs to reclaim catalogue debts from your home.

Only the courts have the power to do this, in the form of a CCJ.

The catalogue company in question has no authority to reclaim your property, despite what they may say.

What to do when you have debt you can't pay?

The most extreme option is to declare bankruptcy – this is the most serious form of insolvency.

This is the last-ditch solution for an individual with spiralling debts, who has little to no money left after paying for essential expenses each month.

You have to pay to declare bankruptcy, and after doing so your debts will be written off after one year.

If you do have a small amount of disposable income left each month but not enough for the creditor to agree to, you may still have to legally contribute a small amount for up to three years.

This is not a decision that should be taken lightly as it will have a serious and long-lasting effect on your credit score.

It is not typically needed for a person who is indebted to a catalogue company, as it is classed as a non-priority debt, unlike a mortgage for example.

Can my catalogue credit card debt get cancelled?

If your debts are out of control and you have exhausted other repayment options, then insolvency is an option.

If you owe over £5,000 to more than one debtor then you qualify for an IVA – an IVA is an individual voluntary arrangement and this involves making a formal agreement with a creditor that is legally binding and is approved by the courts.

If you are approved for an IVA, you will make monthly payments that are legally approved.

During this period of time, all of your assets will be frozen and any outstanding debt after the agreed period of time, usually around five years, will be written off.

Will not paying my catalogue debt give me a bad credit score?

Buying items on a weekly or monthly payment plan will have an effect on your credit rating, as it is essentially a line of credit, just like a credit card. No matter how it is framed on the company website.

Missing a payment can have a negative effect on your credit rating and so you must consider if it is with the risk.

You also risk accruing interest and charges that are tied to unpaid debt.

Final Thoughts

It is important to remember that there is help out there for people with catalogue debts that they cannot afford to repay.

Getting in touch with a debt advisor or a financial advisor is the best first step. This should be done before attempting to negotiate with the company that you are indebted to.

You should first do the debt quiz, as this can help you get an idea of what solutions are available to you and what your options are.

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