I cannot afford to pay my Ace Catalogue Debt?

Many are worrying “they can’t repay Ace Catalogue Debt” and what their solutions are?

Check out our comprehensive article here if you are struggling to pay catalogue payments.

If you are struggling with your catalogue debt payments, don’t worry, you are not alone.

In our Ace Catalogue Debt guide, we will explain whether catalogue debts can be written off.

We also explore catalogue debt help solutions and explain whether you can get a CCJ for catalogue debt.

I Can’t Pay Ace Debt – What Should I Do

Do not ignore debts from Ace Catalogue because the debt will never go away until you set up a repayment plan or speak to a professional debt advisor.

When speaking to a specialist debt consultant he can run a disposable income check on your current financial situation and give you all debt solutions available in April 2024.

Some search “how to get rid of Ace Catalogue debt without paying” and depending on your financial history there could be ways to legally write off catalogue debts.

With just a few easy online questions you can see all options available from you here:

Can I Write Off Ace Catalogue Debts

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Who Is Ace Catalogue?

The Ace Catalogue is a mail-order catalogue business, which has been operating for over 30 years.

Ace started in 1974 as a paper specialist and grew into the giant catalogue it is over the years, now selling a wide range of products.

Some of the products it boasts include:

  • Cards, gift wraps and paper
  • Electronic gadgets and goods
  • Confectionary
  • Household decorations and applications
  • Innovative gifts
  • Clothing and footwear

Ace specialises in providing personalised gifts, especially around Christmas time.

Customers who shop on the Ace catalogue can apply for a credit account, which allows them to make monthly payments for their purchases.

If you fall behind with the monthly payments, there will be consequences.

It’s important that you are frugal with your spending and ensure you can afford the items you are purchasing.

How to pay off Ace catalogue debt?

When looking for the best way to pay off Ace catalogue debt you have many options:

  • Repay debts using a credit card
  • Set up a monthly repayment plan direct
  • Speak to a debt advisor on various debt solutions

Debt doesn’t have to remain looming over your head forever. It is possible to pay off your debts in a way that suits you.

As soon as you fall behind with missed payments, contact an expert debt advice specialist.

Can I pay off Ace catalogue debt with a credit card?

You can pay off catalogue debt using a credit card, but this could get you in deeper debt on your credit file.

Outstanding debt can impact your credit rating if the outstanding balance remains unpaid.

Creditors might be reluctant to offer higher credit limits if they see you’re already struggling to repay debts.

Credit cards allow you to transfer money to repay Ace catalogue debt but make sure you check the interest and fees from your credit card provider.

Should I pay the minimum amount to Ace catalogue?

When making minimum payments on your catalogue debt, the total amount owed can actually increase.

The subtotal money owed can increase because making the minimum payment might not cover the amount charged in interest.

You may need to increase the minimum monthly payments to an amount where it starts to decrease the debt.

With the debt levels to the catalogue company increasing, this can place individuals in a status known as ‘persistent debt’.

It is strongly advised if you get in a state of persistent debt to speak to a specialist debt company that can free unsecured debt interest rates.

Free Debt Interest Rates

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Do Not Pay Ace Catalogue Until You’ve Received Free Debt Advice

Catalogues are unsecured debts and it is always advised to speak to a debt advisor for free advice before making any payments.

Do not make any payments until you have received professional advice to understand all the debt solutions available to you.

Here are all the debt solutions available to you depending on where you are based in the UK:

For more information check out our guide on providing practical debt solutions in April 2024.

Debt collectors may be intimidating and scary but you don’t need to pay them on your doorstep and you don’t even need to let them in your house.

It is important to speak with a professional who works in the debt industry before making catalogue repayments.

Debt advisors can provide useful advice on how to deal with debt collectors and the best way to go about clearing your debts.

Complaining About Ace Catalogue Debt Collection

If you have a complaint, you should follow these steps:

Get In Touch With Their Customer Service Team

You can find a helpful list of FAQs on the Ace website, which covers many common queries.

Using the FAQs can help deal with concerns without having to take any further steps.

If you still would like to speak with an Ace customer service advisor, you can find their contact details on the Ace website.

Wait For a Response

The complaints procedure for the Ace catalogue can take up to 56 deals to resolve.

All of the complaints they receive will be looked into thoroughly and impartially to find a way to solve the issue.

If the complaint can’t be simply resolved within 3 days, they will send you an acknowledgement receipt to assure you the matter is being dealt with.

The acknowledgement receipt with include information regarding the individual who is dealing with your complaint, their contact details and the next steps.

They aim to keep you informed of the progress made throughout the complaints procedure.

If your complaint still hasn’t been sorted within 8 weeks, they will either send a final response or a further progress report.

Escalate Your Complaint Further

If you aren’t satisfied with how your complaint was handled, you can escalate this complaint to be looked into further.

You can contact the Financial Ombudsman Service if you aren’t happy with how matters have been dealt with or if the complaints procedure has lasted over 8 weeks.

The Financial Ombudsman Service’s contact details are as follows:

Popular Questions

Can you get a CCJ for Ace catalogue debt?

Ace catalogue can apply for a County Court Judgement (CCJ) to be brought against you to retrieve their money owed.

Only the court can implement the CCJ (County Court Judgement) for your catalogue of unsecured debts owed.

If you do not keep up with payments to your CCJ then and only then will the court, not the catalogue, have the authority to send in bailiffs.

Can Ace catalogue send bailiffs?

Ace catalogue company do not have the authority to send bailiffs to your home.

Catalogue companies are also not allowed to take any of your personal possessions in order to pay for your unsecured debt.

Only the court, not the catalogue, have the authority to send in bailiffs if you fall behind on payments to your CCJ.

What happens if i don't pay Ace catalogue?

Ace catalogue company reserve the right to impose a charge to cost the cover of missed or insufficient payments and are entitled to debit your account with any costs incurred by them.

Catalogue companies will ask you to catch up with the debt arrears and if you can’t pay the creditor the account will default and further action could be taken against you.

You are signing a consumer credit agreement when you have a catalogue account, which means the debt is enforceable in the courts.

How Do I Close My Ace Account?

It is very simple to close your Ace Catalogue account, all you have to do is contact them directly.

If you have a certain concern that is causing you to consider closing your account, you can speak with a customer care advisor.

Their customer service team will help you to resolve any issues you might have.

If you just want your account to be closed, then provided you have a clear account balance, the Ace team with close it for you immediately.

Contact them, explain you want your account closing, and they will get that sorted for you in no time.

Final Thoughts

Falling into debt can be extremely stressful, so it is important to be careful when buying from online catalogues.

Always shop within your means to avoid racking up credit card debts.

If you do happen to fall behind on catalogue repayments, speak with a trusted debt advisor right away.

You can work your way out of debt in a reasonable period, on your own terms.

Get in touch today to start your journey into being debt-free.

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