Best 4G Pitch Companies

Synthetic turf is the only component of Fourth Generation (4G) synthetic surfaces. These surfaces are still in the early stages of development. However, they are intended to eliminate the need for infill goods (no infill means less maintenance) while still meeting the performance and testing requirements set forth by the accredited governing body.

4G Pitch Companies offer the most advanced artificial pitch with high-quality fake grass characteristics similar to natural grass. Since it’s porous, the water drains into the ground rather than forms puddles– perfect for Puma boots, Nike Mercurial Superfly, New Balance, and other football boots.

Several organisations are trying to install the 4G sports pitch for sports like football and rugby compliant to what the football governing bodies require. We have selected the best 4G Pitch companies in the UK based on the latest in-depth reviews.

Best 4G Pitch Companies 2021

From our research, here is a list of the best 4G Pitch companies May 2024:

  1. Sports & Safety Surfaces
  2. Soft Surfaces Ltd
  3. Playrite
  4. Leigh Spinners
  5. CC Grass

What is a 4G Pitch Company?

4G pitch companies provide 4G pitch fences, goal posts, netting, and lighting, including state-of-the-art LEDs even to non-league football clubs. They can replace older synthetic fibres and surfaces like tarmacadam, rubber crumb, rubber infill, or previous generation pitches like sand infill artificial pitches with new 4G football pitches. They can also help you start from the ground up if you need a fresh new 4G pitch installation compliant to sporting bodies requirements.

A 4G pitch company starts its service by giving a free site visit to evaluate your needs and playing characteristics, detail your pitch type and pile height options, and deliver a comprehensive 4G pitch cost estimate with the best price. Once you’ve decided on your 4G pitch specifications, they will set out a schedule with you, so you know exactly when you’ll be able to play on your brand new 4G pitches. They can set up your 4G pitch maintenance plan to go with your new surfaces, ensuring that your pitches stay in the same condition as when they were first placed.

How to Choose the Best 4G Pitch Company

The best 4G pitch companies have high-quality 4G pitches, more commonly referred to as artificial grass. But these companies do not just provide this pitch type but also be approved by sport organisations, offer maintenance services, and are willing to repair and renovate.

Approved Installers

When choosing 4G pitch companies, it is worth noting that they must be suitable for sports surface developments, and they are working with the emerging 4G pitches technology closely. If they are approved installers of market-leading artificial grass, they can be your 4G pitch suppliers of choice.


A degree of care and attention is needed for synthetic sports playing surfaces, even if you can use them whatever the weather and even if they require far less maintenance than conventional grass. Consequently, the top 4G pitch companies offer the latest 4G pitch maintenance services and equipment to look after various sports surfaces and ensure that your installed 4G pitch helps you consistently give your optimum performance.

4G pitch firms can provide ongoing care and maintenance to your surface along with one-off 4G pitch cleaning and renovation work. They can customise these services according to your schedule, requirements, and situation. They will also consider your place’s weather conditions and funding budget levels since these aspects can affect your 4G pitch usage.

Repairs and Renovations

A leading 4G pitch company repairs and renovates existing surfaces, so you can call the team that constructed your play pitch in if there are signs of wear and tear. It’s better to give prompt attention to your artificial surfaces whilst the damage is still tiny, or the split seam is still minor to prevent longer-term damage.

A regular maintenance schedule from the company also prevents the playability of your pitches from being affected adversely, apart from flagging up minor damage before it becomes too severe.

How Do 4G Pitch Companies Make Money?

4G pitches are not just about the playing experience. Companies that provide them also make sure that they follow the nine key stages of artificial surfaces construction. With that, 4G pitch companies earn through the following:

Designing and planning

4G pitch companies design the facility, obtain planning permission, create technical drawings, and ready specifications for construction.

Giving Considerations for Environmental Effects

They manage water run-off and drainage to mitigate the impact of the new facility and consider floodlighting overspill.

Setting Health and Safety Protocols

They create a safe and thoroughly planned construction site that employs the best practices and meets all legislative requirements. They properly prepare foundations that are crucial to the performance of any football pitch.

Depending on your artificial turf system, they may employ a shockpad to meet safety requirements and enhance performance standards.

Planning Drainage Systems

If you don’t want your football pitch to become waterlogged, whatever the weather, you need to have appropriate drainage systems. 4G pitch companies carefully chose materials to support the chosen synthetic turf system and the free drainage of the pitch.

Installing the Artificial Turf System

Of course, a 4G pitch company installs artificial grass or synthetic turf. This is the visible part of the pitch– the fake grass itself commonly referred to as the carpet on a football pitch. It can be sand-based with performance infill.

Completing with Ancillary Equipment

Apart from the main artificial pitch, 4G pitch companies also include additional requirements for an approved football pitch, such as appropriate fencing, floodlighting and goalposts. They may also have specific requirements such as team shelters, pavilions and car parks.

4G Pitch Companies to Avoid

First and foremost, you should avoid a company that claims to provide playing surfaces services but doesn’t know the difference between 3G and 4G pitches. Additionally, you must make sure that the company you hire is not one of the following:

Lack of Recommendation

Clients leave negative feedback about them, or nobody recommends them at all. Their site doesn’t have at least one example of their finished product when you explore their page for services.

Lack of Professionalism

The company staff are not professional when communicating with you or don’t have the appropriate answers to your questions about synthetic surfaces.

No Maintenance Services

They don’t have services regarding repair and renovation, or they don’t offer to maintain your pitch in any way.

Best 4G Pitch Companies