SIS Pitches Review

SIS Pitches is a sports pitch design and installation company that has worked with sites and organisations all around the world. This SIS Pitches review should tell you the basics of who they are, what they offer, and whether they are the right choice for your field or pitch needs.

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SIS Pitches Overview

Founded in 2001, SIS Pitches are based in the UK but have grown into an international business that keeps offices all over the world. Licensed by FIFA and having worked with many major organisations, they are a key player in sports pitches and turfs, making them a major option for many clients.

Their main, and only, focus is on producing and maintaining sports pitches for a variety of different sport types and games, spread across various parts of the world. This includes the UK itself to Ireland, Russia, Turkey, and even the Middle East, among plenty of others.

The company is still growing, and SIS Pitches have continued to get better at what they do, working with more and more materials to increase the number of options their clients have. This has led to them becoming even more versatile, all while focusing on their area of expertise.

Services Offered By SIS Pitches

All SIS Pitches services are based around the surfaces that they use in their pitches or the construction of those pitches. SIS Pitches offer the following services:

Synthetic Turf Manufacturing

SIS Pitches can manufacture their own synthetic turn for use in a whole host of different locations and projects, including bespoke colours that are designed to blend into specific types of grass that other manufacturers will not create. These are available all across the world.

All of this SISTurf is made in the UK to the highest possible standard of quality and durability, aiming to create a surface that acts just like real grass – or potentially even better – without being limited by the fact that it is artificial. 

The bespoke options available are very extensive. Not only can clients ask for specific heights and gauges, but also how they are filled, what the backing materials and styles are, and even the sort of grass that it is trying to imitate. You can choose a longer or shorter option for specific sports, too.

Sports Pitch Construction

The core of SIS Pitches is the sports pitch construction, which involves every step from planning and measuring to actually digging and filling. Each pitch is unique and built the customer’s needs in a bespoke way, meaning that specific locations and sports venues can get custom work done.

The extent of this work means that it can be applied to personal projects, residential areas, public sports spaces or even full-scale stadiums and it will always look correct, with no pre-set design details or packages that limit client options.

Since SIS Pitches are willing to handle the entire process from start to finish, you do not need to hire different contractors to take on different parts of the work.  This can all be done by the same company one step after the other, which makes the entire process faster and much smoother.

The options available are far too varied to list here, especially since the pitches are mostly bespoke. However, things like undersoil heating and irrigation can be brought up during the design process. This allows clients to specify certain things that they definitely want added to their completed pitch.

Sports Pitch Resurfacing

SIS Pitches can handle pitch resurfacing projects well, stripping away the old surface and installing a replacement (either identical to the old one or a new design) with no hassle and a minimum of disruption to your normal schedule. There are not any major delays to getting this process started.

This can be helpful for people who want a new pitch with a different material or who are looking to replace an existing pitch on a property that they recently bought. By stripping away the original material completely, it can be replaced instantly with very little extra work.

This also means that there is minimum downtime between the start and end of the project. In stadiums with busy schedules and events that were booked weeks or months in advance, a quick replacement might be necessary to keep the venue open for whatever’s planned to happen next.

This can also matter if a pitch is found to drain poorly or flood easily, which can happen if the original was installed without checking for how badly drainage would matter in that area. The replacements can be almost identical, but with a new drainage system installed underneath.


Alongside the installation, SIS Pitches provide the services to maintain existing ones and prevent wear, tear and other forms of damage that might make it unsafe or hard to use. This is important for major pitches that span a large area since a small amount of wear can quickly spread.

Frequently used pitches might need regular maintenance regardless of the situation. Having a proper maintenance structure set up can offset this problem and make it a lot easier for a single pitch to last much longer, even if it receives constant use across multiple different sports.

For pitches that have special features like painted lines or logos, this can also be a good way to refresh those logos without having to risk repainting them yourself.

Project Management and Design

SIS Pitches offers services to help with the management and design of a pitch project, from the basic checks and tests to the final stages of designing the finished area. This means that they can oversee things the client can’t easily do themselves or test designs against the space they are working on.

During this service, SIS Pitches keep you informed at each stage, manage every step with customer input, and put all of the necessary checks and regulations first. Since they are accredited by multiple different major governing bodies, these are genuine promises, especially the safety part.

You always have input on the plan and can always let them know if you want something changed or altered. You can also use this planning service to have your own plans checked and reworked if they are not suitable for your chosen goal.

SIS Pitches Contact Details

If you need to contact the company about anything, use the official SIS Pitches contact details to do so:

  • SIS Pitches address – Pure Offices, Lake View Drive, Sherwood Park, Nottingham, NG15 0DT
  • SIS Pitches phone number – +44 (0) 1900 817837
  • SIS pitches email[email protected]
  • SIS Pitches Facebook 

SIS Pitches Reviews

SIS Pitches seems to have an almost five-star review score on every major review site, and customers have a lot of good things to say about them. If there are negative reviews, they do not appear on the standard searches that you would expect to find them through.

Matt Hewlson had a lot to say on Trustpilot, part of which was:

“One aspect that has been consistent since SIS Pitches became involved in the project is your high levels of quality, communication, ability to adapt, patience and ultimately your professionalism and quality of service. This scheme was at severe risk when we had our false start pre-meeting, and without your understanding and ‘can do’ attitude I don’t think this scheme would have been deliverable, so we really appreciate that from you.”

“I can’t praise SIS Pitches enough: what they do and the quality of pitch installation that they deliver.”

Dan Tilley states:

“SIS Pitches were a pleasure to work with. The fact they owned the whole project both sourcing solutions for some of the added value elements… and equally managing the relationship with the different contractors meant they did offer a one stop shop solution to the whole project. Their commitment to being solution focussed for the client meant it felt more like a partnership project.”

From Dave Beckett:

“Having never undertaken a project like this before we cannot thanks SIS enough. From the first contact SIS were very helpful and guided us though the whole (installation process) from start to finish without a single hitch.”

A user called Jerome, also on Trustpilot, condensed it all into a single sentence:

“Excellent pitch from the moment it was laid.”


SIS Pitches are an ideal company for anybody who needs a full pitch job done, including the installation, replacement, maintenance and bespoke tweaking of the entire pitch area to customer requirements. The company can offer a service at each stage of the process.

While this SIS Pitches review can’t get too in-depth about everything on offer, since a lot of it needs to be communicated by the company themselves, you can ask them. Feel free to use the SIS Pitches contact details up above to get some direct answers from the company.

If you need a sports turf pitch done properly and are not sure where you should start, then it seems like SIS Pitches are a good company to work with. They are capable of providing key planning and surveying help as well as doing the construction on your terms, rather than their own.

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