Domo Sports Grass Review

Domo Sports Grass is a sports surface creation and installation company that offers a range of useful pitch and field options. This Domo Sports Grass review will go into the specifics of what they do and who they are, as well as any reviews their customers have left.

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Domo Sports Grass Overview

Founded in 1989, the original Cabrita Carpets business’ artificial grass production line ran until 1999, when it was acquired by Domo. That is when Domo Sports Grass was born, quickly starting to produce more and more artificial grass as newer technology continued to become available.

Over time, Domo Sports Grass gradually grew into what it is now, the parent company was then acquired by Chequers Capital in 2017, and it was improved even further. This, the current version of Domo Sports Grass, has been operating for multiple years with a strong focus on product quality.

With over 200 employees and experience installing over 100 million square meters of their artificial turf across 84 different countries, the company has learned a lot in 30 years. Not only has Domo Sports Grass worked with countless different clients, but they have improved constantly.

Now, many Domo Sports Grass products and services are actually quite popular, receiving a lot of attention from customers who need specific work done or have heard about them from another company. Their portfolio of finished work continues to grow with each passing year.

Services Offered By Domo Sports Grass

As the name suggests, Domo Sports Grass generally produce sports grass surfaces, but they also have several unrelated or non-surface options available as extra features and equipment. Domo Sports Grass offer the following services:

Football and Rugby Pitches

The Domo Sports Grass football (or rugby) pitches come with a range of different grass options, allowing clients to choose the type that best suits their needs. These different turf types are ideal for different uses, but they still both lead to excellent performance on the pitch, as well as player safety.

The two main dedicated turfs that they have created for football areas use completely different designs, but both are excellently designed and work well as the basis for a larger sports facility. They are also meant to look natural, meaning that they will not stand out from real grass nearby.

The rugby pitches require more attention since rugby is a contact sport that can involve players falling over or being tackled onto the solid ground. In this case, Domo Sports Grass offer shock-absorbing materials and shockpad layers to minimise the chance of player injuries during games.

Hockey Fields

Hockey pitches need to be as level and balanced as possible since the ball spends most of the time rolling around on the floor. Each slant or bump can alter the way that the game plays and send it off-course, sometimes even throwing the game for one side or the other.

Like the football options, hockey pitches can be made out of multiple different artificial grass types, all of which have a different design. However, none of these designs obstructs the ball in any way, allowing it to roll properly and continue to move as if it was being played on a natural field.

For games like hockey, this is extremely important, so choosing a good surface type can make a significant difference to how the players perform. However, Domo Sports Grass provide enough choice to create several different kinds of hockey pitch, each with the highest performance possible.

Tennis Courts

Tennis courts require a smaller area but are often very mobility-focused, so Domo Sports Grass have specific grass types to accommodate this kind of movement. They also come in more than one colour, allowing clients to choose the kind of surface they get and tailor it to their preferences.

These court materials are all meant to emulate ‘ideal’ tennis-playing conditions, which means that they are able to offer consistent ball bouncing heights and distances, regardless of the weather. They are also very easy to maintain, requiring very little work to keep safe and playable.

All surfaces are suitable for indoor or outdoor use and can work perfectly fine regardless of where they are installed.


Like Tennis, padel is another racket-based sport that can easily be played both indoors and outdoors. Padel materials are stitched together in a variable way, allowing for some client customisation before any of it is installed, and are also able to offer improved traction over other materials.

As with the tennis surfaces, these materials can be used in all weather conditions, require very little maintenance, and come in a variety of colours. Consistent ball bounces are also a major feature of these designs, just like before.

Multisport Pitches

Multi-use games areas (MUGAs) are increasingly common these days, and Domo Sports Grass offers multisport grass types that are meant to work well for almost any kind of sport. These can be used to create all-purpose exercise areas or to be a cheaper alternative to multiple dedicated pitches.

These different designs all vary quite significantly, meaning that customers get to choose the one they think they will need most. High density, low density, varying textures, multi-directional fibres and various other options all change the way that these surfaces feel, but they are very versatile.

Sub-Bases and Shockpads

To make sure that Domo Sports Grass artificial surfaces are performing properly, clients can get custom infills, sub-bases and shockpads that alter the way the surface feels while it is being used. 

Shockpads can help absorb impacts and keep players safe from harm, which makes it much easier for contact sports like rugby to be played without as much risk to the people involved. It can also be used to lessen ball bounces during games where bouncing the balls is not necessary.

Various infills can increase comfort and add even more shock absorption or rotation resistance, essentially giving the surface extra qualities that it would not normally have. These can be used for various sports and are all suited to different roles or niches.

The sub-base options provide a strong, stable underneath layer for the surface to rest on, basically improving the overall reinforcement of the artificial grass. They can also retain water to aid in drainage or be used to flatten a space effectively and remove any chance of bumps and dips.

Accessories and Maintenance

Once everything is installed, Domo Sports Grass can provide a range of different extra accessories and services to make sure that the surface is kept functional and clean. This can include replacing infills, inspecting weak areas, cleaning the surface or selling emergency repair adhesives.

Some of these accessories also include tape to patch up holes, maintenance tools and a variety of other useful gear that can help manage the surface without needing direct help from Domo Sports Grass specialists. All of this gear is available whenever it is needed and can be used straight away.

On top of that, the services that Domo Sports Grass have available are a fast way to get professional cleaning, repairs, maintenance, checks and other important work done without needing to find another company that can offer it. These are all carried out by the company’s best specialists.

Domo Sports Grass Contact Details

If you need to know more about the services on offer or want to arrange something, then you can use these Domo Sports Grass contact details to get in touch.

  • Domo Sports Grass Address – Domo Sports Grass, Industriepark West 43, 9100 Sint-Niklaas, Belgium
  • Domo Sports Grass Email Address[email protected]
  • Domo Sports Grass Phone Number – +32 (0)3 780 45 75
  • Domo Sports Grass Twitter –
  • Domo Sports Grass Facebook –
  • Domo Sports Grass LinkedIn –—sportkunstgras

Domo Sports Grass Reviews

Most of Domo Sports Grass’ reviews come from Google Reviews, but there are others spread out across certain corners of the internet. Almost all of them are positive, with only a couple of niche exceptions.

Péter Szabó says:

“Correct, reliable business partner. Recommended for everyone.”

Ben Caers simply called the company’s employees:

“Always friendly.”

An unnamed user added on:

“Nice factory and great lawn.”

Almost all of the company’s reviews hit the five-stars mark, and most customers have been very positive about Domo Sports Grass. The only negative reviews seem to come from one-off issues with delivery times and delays, mostly from at least two or three years ago.


Domo Sports Grass services are all geared towards creating great synthetic and artificial grass surfaces, something that they do extremely well.  They have a great reputation and a lot of excellent products and services to back it up, as well as many different projects under their belt.

This Domo Sports Grass review can’t answer every question you might have, so feel free to loop back to the Domo Sports Grass contact details if you have anything to ask them. They’ll definitely be happy to answer any concerns you might have about what they could offer you or your business.

If you are interested in Domo Sports Grass, then they are worth looking into. They might surprise you with the number of options that they can offer.

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