Credit Card Debt Written Off

Many debtors search for the “clear credit card debt loophole” and how you can get “credit card debt written off” in the UK?

Using the clear credit card debt loophole can help you improve your disposable income by only repaying an affordable monthly repayment.

There are debt solutions with legal loopholes in the consumer credit act to write off debts and clear credit card debts you cannot afford to pay.

Prior to writing off credit card debts, some look to find ways for credit card consolidation methods with balance transfers.

In this Credit Card Debt Written Off guide, we will explain all the viable options available in June 2024 if you are struggling with credit card money worries.

What does ‘writing off’ debts mean?

Writing off your credit card debt means that your creditors have agreed to and cannot continue to chase you for the money that you owe.

Writing off debts will only be considered in very rare circumstances such as if you are long-term unemployed or experiencing mental health issues because of the stress of the debt.

However, if your debt does get written off it doesn’t mean it’s completely gone away, it will still stay on your credit report as paid or partially paid.

If it is listed as a partially paid debt it could impact your credit score.

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What are my options?

Writing off credit card debt is usually agreed upon if you are struggling with the repayments for your unsecured debts, the usual ways you can write off your debt are:

  1. Bankruptcy
  2. Debt relief order
  3. Individual voluntary arrangement(These measures only apply to England, Wales, and Northern Ireland)

However, whilst these measures will write off all or some of your debts this method may not be suitable for everyone since there is a risk of losing assets.

Such as your house or your car, so it’s important to get the right advice when dealing with debt.


If you are in Scotland you can use:

  1. Sequestration or Scottish bankruptcy
  2. Protected trust deed
  3. Minimal assets process bankruptcy

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Will writing off my debt affect my credit rating?

If you have missed payments or paid late, this will be marked on your credit history and your credit rating will drop.

Usually, the effect of your credit rating plummeting will be effective for 6 years.

If there is no contact between you and the creditors for 6 years, this can be written off.

Can I ask my creditors to write off my debts?

If you are in a situation that makes you unable to work, therefore, meaning you cannot pay back your debts, it would be wise to ask your creditors to write off your debts.

Although it is not always agreed to, there are chances that it could be successful if:

  • They are able to see that you do not have any assets able to take in order to pay back your debt
  • You provide the creditor with evidence to prove that it is not fair for them to attempt to pursue the debt
  • They are able to see that you are unlikely to get any repayments from you

Usually, your case will have to be incredibly serious to be accepted, so you must have some medical evidence or extra proof for them to consider your request.

Whether you have council tax arrears, child maintenance arrears, energy bills, or rent arrears, your outstanding debts have a chance to be written off by the debt collection agency.

What happens next?

Once the debt has been settled, you will no longer be responsible for payments and the company or creditors will not be able to contact you regarding the debt.

In the likely event that the creditor has agreed to partially write off your debt, you will still be expected to pay the outstanding balance.

Either through smaller monthly payments or a lump sum. A partial debt write-off will be marked on your credit file which could potentially impact your credit score.

the debt will be listed on your credit history for six years, meaning afterward you will be able to make a fresh start.

Credit card debt advice

If you are still worried about your debt or looking for alternative ways to write the debt off, you should take advantage of a money advice service.

They are debt specialists that help to deal with every kind of debt and can explore any options that they think may be suitable for you.

If you require debt advice, debt charities are always able to listen and help you.

Is it possible to get rid of credit card debt without paying?

It is incredibly difficult to escape your debt without paying, however, there are some situations you can find yourself in to feel as though you are not paying, these consist of:

  • Changing jobs for a higher-paid role
  • Asking for a raise at work
  • Get an extra job on the side
  • Sell some belongings that could equate to the balance of your debt
  • Ask to have your monthly payment or interest rate lowered for your credit agreement.

Benefits of paying off credit card debt

There are many advantages of paying off credit card debt quickly:

  • Any underlying stress you are feeling could disappear
  • Your credit score will improve, giving you a higher chance of getting a loan in future
  • The interest you pay over time will downsize
  • You can now prioritise different spends


Applying to write your debt off may work out well for you if you come under the accepted criteria and relieve the stress and give you financial freedom in a sense.

A debt management plan is probably the best route to go down most of the time when looking to seek advice

Another option would be an IVA which is an Individual voluntary arrangement that is a legally binding agreement

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Alternatively, you could also speak to your credit card company to see if they can offer any free debt advice.

Credit card companies are more than likely to refer you to a debt adviser or a debt management company to find the best debt solution for you.

When you owe money it can be a hard financial time for you no matter how big the debt is so it’s always important that you find a solution that fits your needs.

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