Nationwide Credit Card Debt

The Nationwide building society is authorised by the prudential regulation authority and regulated by the financial conduct authority under registration number 106078.

Managing your Nationwide debts can be very stressful and having that extra support behind you can relieve the pressure quite a bit.

Reliving the financial pressure is the main priority for your mental wellbeing and your financial situation.

If you’re struggling with your nationwide debt, this article will inform you on what to do and the right steps to take.

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How do I manage my debt?

One way to manage your debt is to stop using your credit card, this will prevent your debt from growing.

Doing this will help you to get into the routine of not using the card, which is easier said than done since it is a big temptation.

Another way is to keep track of everything you owe to Nationwide and any other bank or company you owe money to.

Doing this will make it easier to keep on track of your debts.

Why it’s important to manage your borrowing

Being able to manage your debt effectively is a good habit to get behind since it will get you out of debt faster and helps you to avoid additional charges.

It will improve your credit rating and give you the ability to get more credit if and when it’s needed for loans such as a mortgage or car loan.

Managing your debt will prevent any further expensive patterns of borrowing with Nationwide, meaning that it will become easier not to borrow at all.

Once you get into the routine of managing your debts it will make it easier to cope with any unexpected expenses.

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Repeat use on your Nationwide arranged overdraft

If Nationwide recognises you are constantly in your overdraft they will write to you expressing their concerns and making sure you aren’t falling into the pattern of repeat use.

Overdraft charges add up over time, making it a lot harder to stop repeat use if you don’t already have the funds to pay the remaining overdraft balance.

Being dependent on your overdraft can put you in a persistent debt situation if you continue to make late payments.

If you require debt advice Nationwide does have a helpline you can call to discuss your options the number is: 0800 328 7807

Or you can fill out an online form that will tell nationwide about your financial situation and they will tell you how you can budget effectively.

What to do if you’re worried about money

If you’re concerned about money and starting to recognise that your debts are slowly starting to build up contacting Nationwide is the best thing you can do.

They will offer you free debt advice and help you to make your monthly payment on time which will then reduce the interest rate.

If you do manage to keep up with the minimum payments, Nationwide may ask if you can increase them to pay off your debt a lot faster.


Paying off a credit card can cause a lot of financial pressure and can become very overwhelming for a person to deal with.

Nationwide offers a lot of help for any customers struggling with credit card debt, they aim to help their customers to become debt-free.

If you are struggling with nationwide debt take advantage of their services since they could really help you out in the long run.

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