Fluid Credit Card Debt

Are you in debt with Fluid? Are you unsure what to do? Have you exceeded your credit limit?

Having credit card debt can be overwhelming and add to your financial pressure.

Knowing what to do with your debt can make all of the difference.

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We will cover all there is to know about Fluid credit card debt and help you find a quality debt help service.

Keep reading this article to get advice on your next steps to solve your Fluid debt problem.

What Is A Fluid Card?

A Fluid credit card acts as a credit broker for the company NewDay. These credit cards can be used for everyday spendings, such as food shopping, clothes shopping, and other everyday expenses.

This card can also be used as a balance transfer card to help to manage any debt you may have since the card was designed to give you greater control over your credit card balances.

Are Fluid A Legit Company?

Fluid is a legitimate company that is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.

They were established by NewDay Ltd, a well-known financial services company in the UK.

They offer credit cards and other credit products to UK customers. They also own the company Aqua, another credit card similar to Fluid, but the only difference is the higher credit limit.

Why Is Fluid Contacting Me?

There are many reasons why Fluid could be contacting you. It could be because they believe you have missed a monthly debt repayment on your credit card.

They can contact you by phone, email or text message and send you a letter in the mail. They could potentially send bailiffs to your home if you chose to ignore them.

If a debt collector cannot reach you or doesn’t have your contact information, they are legally allowed to contact your family members; but they are limited on what they can say.

How Do I Stop Fluid Chasing Me?

The best way to stop Fluid from chasing you would be to start paying the debt they are chasing you for.

This can be hard to budget. However, payment plans can be implemented to help you out as much as possible.

The other option is to ask creditors to remove your contact details from their records. If you do this, however, it is still important you read letters and emails from your creditors.

Fluid Contact Details

You can contact Fluid via the following methods:

  • By phone: 0333 414 1090
  • By post: Customer Service PO Box 136 Sheffield  S98 1HB
  • Online: You can send them a message online by logging into your Fluid online account manager

What Happens If I Ignore Fluid?

If you choose to ignore Fluid, they could potentially take you to court over the matter, depending on how big the debt is.

This is not something you would want to risk, so it is not advised you ignore any calls, texts or emails from your creditors or any debt collection agency that may contact you.

They can also send the bailiffs to your home to seize your possessions if a judgement is passed against you in court.

What Happens If I Cannot Pay My Fluid Debt?

If you cannot pay your Fluid debt, there are many routes you can take to make sure you can easily afford the repayments; these include:

Debt Management Plan

A debt management plan is an affordable monthly payment plan you and your creditors agree upon through a direct debit.

DMPs are used when you can only afford to make small monthly payments or you have debt problems and will only be able to make repayments in a few months.

Debt Relief Order

A debt relief order is a simplified and quicker alternative to bankruptcy. You will not pay anything towards your debts for 12 months.

In those 12 months, creditors cannot chase you for payment, relieving financial pressure.

One of the downsides to a debt relief order is that it will stay on your credit report for six years which may impact your credit rating.

Individual Voluntary Agreement (IVA)

An IVA is an agreement with your creditors to pay off all or part of your debt. This will give you more control over your assets.

To qualify for an IVA, you need to get an insolvency practitioner since they can determine how much you can afford to repay and how long the IVA will last.

Keep reading to learn more about plausible debt solutions that will help you repay your debts to Fluid. 

Will Fluid Debt Affect My Credit Score?

If you are in debt after using your Fluid credit card, they will share how you use it with credit reference agencies so they can update your credit score.

This will help other creditors decide how risky it is to lend money to you. Fluid will also share extra information such as :

  • Your credit limit.
  • The amount of money you spend in a month.
  • The amount of money you have withdrawn from the cash machine every month.

With your Fluid credit card, you can make balance transfers so they may report how many times you do this in a month to the credit reference agencies.

How Do You Do A Balance Transfer With Fluid?

To do a balance transfer with Fluid, you first need to use the online account manager that Fluid provides and request one.

Once logged in, you must provide the details of the card from which you want to transfer the money, and Fluid will do the rest.

How Long Does Debt Stay On Your Credit Report?

Debt can stay on your credit report for six years. After six years, they can no longer chase you for the debt or ask for any payment.

If you have had a creditor try and contact you about debt over six years old, you can send them a letter to prove the debt isn’t statute-barred.

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How Can I Manage My Fluid Debt?

If you are struggling to manage your Fluid debt, there are many ways you can do this. Some of these include:

Working out your budget

Once you work out your budget, debt becomes much more manageable and solves many financial difficulties.

If you have more than one debt, it would also help to make a list of the debts in order of most important to least important and then you can work out how much a month you can allocate to each one.

Seek advice

Seeking free debt advice from a professional can also help you a lot since they can advise you on the best ways to repay debt affordably.

They can also help and advise you on the aftermath of dealing with debt and how not to let it affect your mental state by worrying about money.

Personal loans

A personal loan is another option. However, it may be difficult to secure if you have a bad credit score.

However, it is always worth visiting your bank to see if you qualify for a loan; if you don’t, they can advise you on boosting your credit score.

Continue reading our informative article to find out how to make a complaint about Fluid.

What Happens If I Fall Into Persistent Debt With Fluid?

Fluid monitors and checks your account to ensure you don’t fall into persistent debt. The FCA has considered ways credit card customers do not fall into debt.

However, if you do, they will contact you to suggest ways that you can increase your payments. If, after 36 months, your debt is still active, they may need to take additional measures.

In certain situations, Fluid may need to freeze your card until you can afford to pay the increased monthly repayments.

How Can I Avoid My Account Going Into Persistent debt?

The best and most effective way to not let your account fall into persistent debt is to try your best to make regular and higher payments.

Fluid has introduced a system called Boosted payments which helps you to clear your balance faster and helps you to save on interest.

Can My Fluid Debt Be Written Off?

Having your Fluid debt written off is possible if you have a very large debt, and it is unlikely you will be able to repay it, or it would take an extremely long time.

Seeking advice from a debt management company is the best way to see if your debt is eligible for a write-off.

However, some debt management companies charge fees, so do your research before committing to one.

How Can I Complain About Fluid?

If you need to complain about Fluid, you can do this in a way that is the most convenient for you. You can either contact them by:

  • By Phone: 0333 414 1090
  • In Writing: Complaints Department PO Box 700 Leeds LS99 2BD.
  • Online: You can also make a complaint online by logging into your online account manager.

The Financial Ombudsman Service

This external body plays a big role in the complaints process.

They help settle disputes between customers and financial service businesses without playing favourites.  To contact the Financial Ombudsman Service, you can either:


Can I Go To Jail If I Don’t Pay My Debt?

If you don’t pay your debt, you cannot go to jail over this.

If you have been threatened to be sent to jail by a debt collection company, it is classed as harassment, and they are in breach of legislation.

How Long Can A Debt Be Chased For?

For most debts, the maximum amount of time you can be chased for is six years.

This applies to most debts such as credit card debt, personal loans, payday loans, and council tax arrears.

What Is Fluid’s Credit Limit?

Fluid credit cards have a minimum credit limit of £250 and a maximum of £2500. However, you cannot transfer balances from store cards, any other card provided by NewDay, or business credit cards.

You also get an interest-free period on balance transfers for nine months after opening the account, which is always a bonus for those who hate paying interest. This is called the Fluid balance transfer offer.

Always ensure never to exceed your credit limit since you could be charged an over-limit fee, and your interest rates could increase. You can also request a credit limit increase, but it is not recommended.

Can I Transfer Money From Fluid To My Bank Account?

You can transfer money from the Fluid credit card to your bank account. You can also transfer balances from your bank account to your Fluid account.

This is called a money transfer, which could help to pay off your debts.

Final Thoughts

Falling into debt can always be a worrying time, especially when creditors begin chasing you for the amount you owe.

Starting with making the monthly minimum payment on your debt that you and your creditors agreed on is the best way to get you back on track with your money.

The Fluid Credit card allows you to transfer balances from your other cards for a low fee. A bank account balance transfer to your Fluid card can help to pay off your debts.

The Fluid credit card was created to help you to give more control over your credit card balances since it keeps all your money in one place.

If you need further advice, it would be best to reach out to a debt counsellor to get free professional advice.

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