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Are you struggling to meet your monthly instalments toward your Tesco credit card debt?

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Our article covers all you need to know about managing and minimising your Tesco bank debts. You don’t have to let yourself fall deep into persistent debt.

Keep reading to find Tesco Bank’s contact details and further support.

Why is Tesco Bank contacting me?

If Tesco Bank is contacting you, you likely hold outstanding debts to them.

You can check your outstanding balance by requesting Proof of Debt. A Proof of Debt provides valid evidence that the debt in question is yours and details the amount you owe.

If Tesco cannot provide you with Proof of Debt, then you should not make any payments, as it has not been confirmed that the debt belongs to you.

How do I stop them from contacting me?

The easiest way to stop Tesco Bank from contacting you about your debt is to meet your monthly repayments.

If you stick to your payment plan, then Tesco won’t bother you, as their monthly terms are met.

However, if you cannot make your payments, you should immediately communicate with Tesco to let them know.

If you are honest and make them aware of your struggles, they may let you amend your monthly payment plan to allow for lower, more affordable payments.

What will happen if I just ignore Tesco Bank?

Should you fail to communicate with Tesco effectively, you may start to receive more letters, calls, and visits from their debt collection agents.

So, it is in your best interest to let Tesco know about any changes to your financial circumstances.

If you continue to ignore your Tesco credit card debt, you may face further interest rate charges.

Additional fees for collection services will only increase the debt you owe, making it even harder to make your payments. You could even be pushed into persistent debt.

As soon as you know you will struggle to meet your minimum payments, you should seek confidential advice from professional debt help services.

Continue reading to find helpful tips for clearing your credit card debts successfully. 

I can pay. How do I make a payment?

You can make a payment to Tesco Bank via the following methods:

Direct debit

You can set up a direct debit to your credit card to allow monthly instalments to be made automatically.

  1. Register with Online Banking.
  2. Log in to your Online Banking.
  3. Click on your account and select Direct Debit.
  4. Follow the instructions to choose your payment amount and input your account details from your debit account.

Pay by bank

You can send direct payments from your bank to your credit card account.

  1. Log in to Online Banking.
  2. Click on your account and select Make a Payment.
  3. Select Pay-by-Bank, then click Next.
  4. Choose your bank from the drop-down list and check your payment details are correct.
  5. Press Confirm, then follow the on-screen instructions to complete your payment.

Debit card

You can make debit card payments from your Online Banking account or your Mobile Banking app.

  1. Log in to your Online Banking.
  2. Click on your account and select Make a Payment.
  3. Select Pay by Debit Card and choose your previously saved card details.
  4. If you need to register a new card, select Pay with a new card and enter your details.


You can submit a cheque to your local bank.

  1. Complete and hand in the Bank Giro Credit Slip from your bank statement.
  2. Fill out a complete cheque with the correct payment amount.
  3. The cheque should be addressed to Tesco, PO Box 1533, Northampton, NN1 9HU.
  4. Do not date your cheque.

What will happen if I can’t pay?

If you cannot meet your monthly payment plan, you should let your credit card provider know immediately.

Most credit card providers will help their debtors find a suitable repayment plan; however, if you try to ignore their calls and letters, they might not be so lenient.

Should you refuse to make any payments, your creditors might take court action, and if they win, they could sue you.

This is the last resort; however, it isn’t unheard of. To avoid matters escalating, speak with a Tesco personal finance advisor about your situation.

When you realise you might not be able to pay your credit card bill, contact a debt-help charity for qualified debt advice.

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How can I contact Tesco Bank?

You can get in touch with Tesco Bank via the following methods:

  • Customers that want to discuss their credit card can call 03453004278.
  • Customers with financial difficulty can call 03453666468.
  • You can write to them at Tesco Bank, PO Box 339, Newcastle Upon Tyne, NE12 2BT.

Tesco Bank’s opening times are 8 AM to 9 PM on weekdays and 8 AM to 6 PM on weekends.

How can I complain about Tesco Bank?

You can file a complaint against Tesco Bank via the following options:

You should receive a Summary Resolution via email, letter, or text within two weeks.

If you have not received a resolution within five weeks, you should escalate your complaint to the FOS.

Financial Ombudsman Service

If you haven’t received a response within five weeks, or if you are unhappy with the resolution Tesco has provided, you should raise your complaint with the Financial Ombudsman Service.

You can get in touch with the FOS via the following methods:

You should contact the FOS within six months of receiving your final resolution from Tesco Bank.

How do I clear my credit card debt?

Many management techniques could help you pull yourself away from persistent debt.

Evaluate finance

First, you should evaluate your finances and see if there are areas in which you can reduce expenditure.

If you spend lots of your disposable income on unnecessary purchases, you might want to try to reign it in and put more money aside to pay off your debt.

Once you have fully assessed your finances, you can see what you are working with and may even be able to negotiate a lower payment plan with your credit card provider.

Strategy in place

With a full understanding of your income and expenditures, you can create a strategy to help you manage your credit card balance.

Committing to a budget will help you ensure you put away enough to meet your monthly repayment plan.

You may consider balance transfers, where you can transfer money from your current account into a new one. This may allow you to make lower payments.

Seek help

Many debt help services available in the UK will help individuals struggling with persistent debt and credit card debt.

Professional debt advice charities can introduce you to plausible debt solutions, help you deal with bailiffs, and even communicate with your creditor on your behalf.

What debt solutions are available for credit card debt?

A range of debt solutions could help you pay your credit card bill and improve bad credit.

Debt Relief Order

You could consider a debt relief order if you are headed toward long-term debt. A DRO allows customers to freeze paying money toward their Tesco loans for a whole year.

Being debt-free for a whole year allows customers to save money and avoid added interest.

This reasonable period could offer the needed support to customers who need some assistance in meeting their repayments, as they have a year to improve their financial standing without the dread of overhanging bills.

Find the top DRO companies right here!

Debt Management Plan

A DMP helps lenders start saving and repaying by freezing any interest rates attached to their Tesco loan.

Repayments can often become unmanageable if they have large interest rate charges attached.

High interest may even push a lender into persistent debt, making it harder to continue paying minimum payments.

So, a debt management plan allows individuals to pay less interest while making minimum repayments.

If you are struggling with high interest attached to your minimum payment plan and you fear you are falling into persistent debt, contact a qualified DMP company today.

Individual Voluntary Arrangement

An IVA is another debt solution that can help. It focuses on reducing your minimum payment limit and helps you make more affordable instalments.

An Individual Voluntary Arrangement is popular among lenders as, after six years, any remaining debts will be written off.

Learn more about the IVA process here.

Frequently Asked Questions

How often should I use my credit card to build credit?

To build good credit, you must repay your credit card provider monthly.

So, you should only use your credit card for expenditures you feel comfortable with and know you will be able to repay.

Essential spending includes mortgages, energy and water bills, and phone payments.

If you fail to meet your minimum payment each month, you should assess your monthly expenditures and see if there are any areas where you can make cuts.

Is it good to have zero balance on credit cards?

Zero balances will not negatively impact your credit score; however, they won’t prove to potential lenders that you can repay loans.

If you can clear your account each month, this will be seen as good, as you aren’t exceeding your credit limit.


If Tesco Bank has been in touch, you probably hold an outstanding balance with them.

To ensure you don’t fall into persistent debt, speak with a debt help charity as soon as possible.

Debt advisors can act as your appointed representative and may help you make more affordable payments.

You don’t have to flounder in debt; make a change today to free yourself from fees and interest.

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