Opus Credit Card Debt

Debt can be an extremely confusing and exhausting situation to be in, and you might not understand where this has come from or how you can deal with it.

We can help you with this.

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You do not have to end up in persistent debt; there are helpful debt solutions that can assist you out of financial difficulty.

Reading our guide for Opus credit card debt can help you to recognise where you stand and what your next steps are for dealing with and escaping your debt.

Who is Opus?

Opus is a fully registered company in England and Wales, where NewDay Ltd and NewDay Cards Ltd provide the credit they give.

Opus is also authorised by the Financial conduct authority under the Payment services regulations 2017 to state it is a provision of payment services.

Why have I been sent a letter?

If you are confused about why you have been sent a letter from Opus, this will be regarding money.

Nine times out of ten, the Opus customer services team reaches out to customers to inform them that they are in debt in their bank account.

According to the financial conduct authority, you are in persistent debt when you have paid more interest, fees, and charges than you have with the repayment of your credit card.

Keep reading to find out how to get in touch with Opus. 

Proof of debt

It is completely essential to request proof of debt when you are dealing with paying back the money you owe.

Confirming that the debt is yours and the amount is correct can put you in a position where you feel more confident.

There have been cases, although not incredibly common, to show that creditors have issued debts to the wrong credit card customers- this is why you should always ask for proof.

If Opus does not or can not send you any data that websites store to show that the debt is yours, you have no obligation to pay a single penny.

What will happen if I ignore Opus?

If you are ignoring Opus, you should expect to receive more letters, calls, and visits from collectors to your home.

We always advise you to reach out to Opus and explain your personal and financial situation so they can understand how you plan to continue with your debt repayments.

When you are struggling, speaking to Opus can help you to find some help to avoid long-term debt as they provide you with some payment plans.

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How can I pay my debt?

It is fairly simple to pay your debt as there are a variety of payment services and methods you can use, such as:

  • Online account manager
  • Money transfers online
  • Telephone banking
  • Cheque
  • Direct debit

When you set up a direct debit, you can choose the amount you pay from your statement monthly. These options would be:

  • The contractual minimum payment
  • Boosted payment
  • Full outstanding balance
  • The requested payment on your statement
  • Fixed amount

How often do I make a payment?

If you have a balance with the company or are actively using your Opus credit card, you will receive a statement and have to pay back the money.

Every month you should receive a statement that informs you of all the payments you have made in the previous month.

You should be paying at least the contractual minimum payment per month so that it can equate to the total interest.

The statement you receive will include every payment you have made in the past month. Therefore, you must pay back at least the minimum payment of your outstanding balance.

Keep reading to find out how to make a payment if you haven’t received your statement. 

Can I change the date I pay my account?

If you are confused about when exactly you will receive your statement, this will be shown on any past payment statement, or you can contact the company.

You can decide the date that you would like to pay each month to suit you. However, you are only able to change this three times every year.

I cannot afford to make a payment. What do I do?

Struggling to pay your credit card debt is not uncommon, and you should not feel alone with this.

Being in a financial situation where paying back the money you owe is difficult, you can contact some debt-help charities to seek free and impartial advice.

Some charities known to help are:

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Can I still make a payment if I haven’t received my statement?

You should still pay a monthly payment even if you have not received your statement, paying as much as possible.

If you have not received your statement, you should contact customer services so that they can sort out your statement.

If you have received your statement but have lost it and need a replacement, this will be an extra fee of £5 for a duplicate.

There are ways around paying the £5 duplicate fee by registering for an Online Account Manager that will show you the previous six months at any time you require.

Can I ask for my credit limit to be increased or decreased?

Although consideration by Opus is always required, you can consistently request for your credit limit to be increased or decreased.

Opus will always monitor your account details, along with your credit rating and all your credit essentials, so that they can decide whether your credit limit should be increased or decreased.

If you are requesting for your credit limit to be increased, it is essential that you consistently make at least the contractual minimum payment every month.

This can show Opus that you can manage your payments and will not miss any in the future.

What happens if I go over my limit?

If you exceed your credit limit, you will be charged £12.

Do not fret; when you are getting close to your credit limit, Opus will send you a text or an SMS alert to inform you of this so that you do not risk going over it!

Opus contact details

Getting in touch with Opus is important so that they know that you are listening to them and corresponding, but it is also important for you as it will show you exactly where you stand.

Here are the important contact details you should note:


Can I keep using my card if I'm in debt?

You can carry on using your card if you are in persistent debt unless Opus has informed you otherwise.

Once informed, you should stop using your credit card to prevent further financial issues.

How do I avoid my account going into persistent debt?

To avoid your account going into persistent debt, you should always make the minimum payment of your overall balance each month.

We should advise paying more than this if it is feasible so that you can escape your debt faster.

Final thoughts

You will be placed into an underlying debt when you fail to repay your credit card debt.

You can always reach a debt solution, and persistent debt can be avoided!

Contact a professional debt charity for quality advice on managing your money.

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