Humber Debt Solutions Review

Humber Debt Solutions were a debt advice specialist company based in Hull, North Humberside.

Humber Debt Solutions Limited stopped trading but check here the top-rated companies for debt help:

Humber Debt Solutions were a team of experienced debt advisors who also helped claim back your mis-sold PPI.

Providing telephone debt advice for people throughout the UK they have now stopped trading.

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It can be difficult to know who and where to turn to when you feel your finances spiral out of control.

The solutions available can seem daunting and overwhelming, however, companies like Humber Debt Solutions, used to help to relieve these pressures.

Debts can arise from a number of different causes, and end up being owed to multiple creditors. For example, debts can arise from:

  • Rent arrears
  • Unpaid court fines
  • Council tax which remains unpaid
  • Unpaid utility bills
  • Payday loans
  • Credit cards

What Did Humber Debt Solutions Do?

Humber Debt Solutions Ltd has vast knowledge and expertise in debt management solutions and debt advice.

The services they were able to provide to debtors in the UK was:

  • IVAs (Individual Voluntary Arrangements)
  • Debt Management Plans (DMPs)
  • Bankruptcy advice
  • General debt advice
  • Claim back your mis-sold PPI
  • Budgeting advice

The IVA and Debt Management experts could reduce their debts to only £70 per month and help to freeze your interest and charges.

Sadly Humber Debt Solutions Ltd are not trading anymore but there is plenty of other great debt help businesses in the UK.

How Could Humber Debt Solutions Help?

An IVA and Debt Management Plan will stop the debt collector calls, stop threatening letters and will write off most of your debt.

Debt help companies in the UK have helped thousands clear their debt with an IVA or a DMP, they are great options to help you become debt-free quicker.

To find out more on whether you qualify for any of our debt help services such as an IVA, debt management plan, bankruptcy or a debt relief order then simply fill out the form and get in touch today to speak with a trading insolvency practitioner.

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Contact Details

Here are Humber Debt Solutions contact details.

Address: 362 Holderness Rd, Hull, North Humberside, HU9 3DL

Final Thoughts About Humber Debt Solutions

Humber Debt Solution Limited has ceased trading and if you are looking for debt advice in Hull or anywhere in the UK there is plenty of companies who can assist.

If you speak to a debt advisor they can assess your suitability for which debt solution is best, and then identify how much you can reasonably afford to repay your debts and set up an agreement with your creditor(s).

This removes the stress of dealing with creditors yourself, as this can be a daunting prospect, and support you in the steps to a brighter future.

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If an IVA is not the most appropriate solution for you, they will advise you on your next step.

Impartial advice is available, so why not take it?

Are you wanting to progress with clearing your debts? Considering setting up an IVA?

Simply contact one of many Insolvency Practitioners we have reviewed in the UK.

Debt Solutions UK Reviews

Here is just a small collection of customer reviews, and the lovely thing they had to say about Humber Debt Solutions Ltd after helping them. They too like you had been suffering sleepless nights worrying about debt, all until that was they got in touch with Humber Debt Solutions and they solved their problems.

D and L Ashton said a fantastic debt solution review:

We have to thank Humber Debt Solutions for getting us out of a very bad financial situation and giving us peace of mind. They have been patient and understanding. We would thoroughly recommend them.”

Kerry Overton said a superb debt help review:

I am very very happy with the company and the way they worked with me to clear my debt. I have recommended my friend as they are a really great company. I am feeling a lot more happier now the weight has been lifted off my shoulders and that I have no more threatening letters through the door, I want to thank Humber Debt Solutions and Rob of course for helping me get through this.”

Paul Gibbs said a great debt solution review:

I have been using Humber Debt Solutions for over a year now and they have done exactly what they said they would do to reduce my monthly outgoings and help me to clear my debts by paying an affordable amount each month. I was tempted to another company but on reflection, Humber Debt Solutions offers a more personal service and you are not treated as just another case number they will take their time to explain everything in a simple to understand way. All I had to do was send my documents over and Humber dealt with the rest, am more than happy to recommend their service.”

Susan Webb said an amazing debt help review:

After my husband died in 2010 I found myself with numerous debts that I was to pay, some were mine, some my late husband’s and unfortunately some from previous relationships. I saw an advert for Humber and filled in an online form. They rang me back at a time suitable to me and there and then started the process of taking my debts and sorting them out”

As you can see from the customer reviews a lot of people suffering in debts picked up the phone and received a fantastic service to leave such positive debt help reviews.

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