Payment Break Ending

A Payment Holiday is offered by creditors that allow you to miss the occasional monthly payments agreed in advance.

Some lenders record a Payment Break on your Credit Report as an Arrangement to Pay.

The consequences for your Credit Score on adding an “Arrangement to Pay” schedule could affect your ability to take out more credit in the future.

When payment breaks are ending you need to understand what happens next.

What to do when payment holiday ends?

When the payment break ends you will need to increase the value of your future payments or add additional months to the end of the credit agreement.

Be prepared that creditors may not agree on a debt repayment plan you suggest.

As the lenders will try to charge interest rates and receive higher payment values we strongly recommend receiving advice for a professional debt consultant.

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How long do payment holidays last?

Payment holidays generally last 3-6 months.

Some lenders will allow you to take up to 12 consecutive months off from paying the debts.

On mortgage breaks, many lenders allow only up to six months over the lifetime of the mortgage.

How does a payment holiday work?

A payment holiday is where your lenders allow you to pause a repayment plan for several months.

The payment breaks are a quick fix solution for short term financial problems.

Interest rates can be affected but many creditors will not record this on your credit file.

What happens when your payment holiday is over?

When your payment holiday (also called a payment freeze) is over your lender will get in contact with you to discuss repayment plans.

Speaking to your creditors to discuss the next steps can help you negotiate an affordable payment plan.

When the payment break is ending if you are struggling to repay monthly payments and interest is being charged you should speak to a debt advisor.

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