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So, if you’ve never heard of Nick Bradley Racing, or you have and want to know more, keep reading and we’ll tell you everything you need to know about them.

Nick Bradley Racing Overview

Owned by Nick Bradley, a businessman in the UK, Nick Bradley Racing purchases all of his horses using his own financial investment.

In this way, Nick does so in the hopes that his investors and himself will be able to make a profit in the future.

Therefore, Nick offers his investors the maximum opportunity to experience racehorse ownership, and reap all of its rewards.

Formed in 2015, Nick Bradley was initially a co-owner of a racehorse syndicate company called Middleham Park Racing between 2008 and 2015 before deciding to leave and start up his own company.

Therefore, Nick has plenty of experience in the horse syndicate industry.

Services Offered By Nick Bradley Racing

Bradley Racing offers all of its syndicate members a fantastic opportunity to share in the excitement and sheer joy of racehorse ownership.

But that isn’t all they offer.

Nick Bradley Racing also offers the following services for syndicate members:

  • Each horse syndicate offers shares for on average 12 people
  • Owners can terminate their contract any time after 12 months
  • Personal advice from Nick on training, racing, and selling your racehorse
  • Kept up to date with all your horse’s plans
  • Owners are given the opportunity to have a wager based on Nick’s race previews
  • Spare badges for race meetings even if your horse isn’t running
  • All prize money is shared according to the percentage shares each owner holds

At Nick Bradley Racing, it’s clear that it’s Nick’s racing expertise and professional gambling skills are what separates this syndicate from the rest.

His team made up veterinary and racing professionals alike, work tirelessly to make sure that each of their horses is at their very best – ensuring that each owner has the best chance at winning some prize money and thoroughly enjoying their share of racehorse ownership.

Nick also owns a couple of farms in North East Lincolnshire, which were a retreat for horses having a break from racing, which has now become a 100-acre breeding operation.

Glebe Farm Breeding Syndicates operate with around 50 horses on-site throughout the year, allowing many horse racing enthusiasts to get involved in breeding thoroughbreds with a fantastic pedigree.

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Nick Bradley Racing’s Contact Details

Like what you see so far?

Check out this horse syndicate’s contact details below for a way to get in touch with Nick and his team, to discuss your journey in racehorse ownership with them!

Address: Glebe Farm, Horsegate Field Road, Goxhill DN19 7NN

Telephone Number: 07780 112636


Social Media Accounts: 

Nick Bradley Racing Reviews

Are you now wondering what it would be like to have a share in one of Nick Bradley’s syndicate horses?

Read some of the following reviews to find out how much people love the syndicate that Nick Bradley runs.

  • “Professional, dedicated, knowledgeable, honest & fair…all you could ask for in horse syndicate management.”
  • “Great way to enjoy owning with an enthusiastic team who are full of energy and always keen to keep you updated with entries, race preview, and analysis. Would not hesitate to recommend Nick and his team to anyone!”
  • Whenever I have asked for something no matter how big or small I’ve always had a ‘yes, can do’ Top Syndicate!”
  •  “The updates and images/videos we get for our horse has been terrific and much appreciated. They have enabled us to have a greater affinity with the horse & we feel part of the process at this stage of her career”
  • They really keep us involved & it’s great to see our horses growing up after each race. I got quite emotional watching her first experience of the stalls.”
  • “Nick has an uncanny knack of unearthing great value racehorses for owners be it at the yearling or HIT sales and strives to give his owners the best possible experience for a very reasonable outlay.”
  • “So happy I bought my first share in a race horse last year. It’s one of the best things I’ve ever done and the rush you get is absolutely unreal.”

It’s clear to see why so many people love the thrill of racehorse ownership and want to share it with their friends and family.

Each race is different and the experience just gets better and better each time – so why not pick up the phone and get involved?


Overall, Nick Bradley Racing’s horse syndicates are clearly a well-loved and well-run operation, with many wins under their belts and lots of prize money shared between the members.

Although no links to official racing bodies or charities, many syndicate owners couldn’t be happier with the service that Nick Bradley Racing offers which they think is un like any other syndicate in the UK.

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So don’t hesitate to contact Nick Bradley Racing to discuss how to begin your own horse ownership journey, buying shares in some of the top horses in the UK.