Nick Brown Racing Club Review

Getting involved in any syndicate is a perfect way to meet new people. It’s an opportunity to meet fresh faces and share experiences.

Many syndicates have an amazing community of people who all share a passion for horse racing.

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Owning a racehorse and becoming a member of a racing syndicate is a lot of fun, and that is what this syndicate offers.

Nick Brown Racing Club Overview

Going to the races and seeing your horse run is the highlight of horse racing pleasure, but seeing your horse in training on a daily basis can be just as exciting, if not more so.

Going to a race as a spectator is enjoyable and exciting, but it pales in comparison to going as an owner.

On race days, any member of a Nick Brown Racing Partnership is guaranteed at least two Owners & Trainers badges so you can treat anybody of your choice to come with you.

Services Offered By Nick Brown Racing Club

Of course, there are benefits of joining Nick Browns Racing Club, here is a few:

  • A real share in a genuine racehorse
  • All prize money gained by your horse stable visits at your leisure, in proportion to your stake ownership.
  • Any time your horse races, you’ll get two free Owners & Trainers badges.
  • A proportionate share of the proceeds of any sale or bloodstock deal involving your horse in proportion to your stake ownership.
  • A website that is regularly updated with the latest up-to-date information
  • Updates by Nick Brown himself

Nick Brown Racing Club Contact Details

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Costs and Accounts

Individual shares differ in price depending on the horse’s purchasing price, but the average price is between £750 and £3000, with monthly expenses charged by standing order into the Wetherbys Account at a fixed £200 per month.

Training costs, gallop fees, vet care, transportation, and race day expenses are all covered by this monthly charge. There will never be a request for additional payment for unanticipated products.

The Nick Brown Racing Clubs work in a similar way, although on a larger scale. A 4 per cent share would typically cost between £300 and £500, and 25 members pay a fixed fee of £20 per week with no additional charges guaranteed.

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Benefits on race day

Here are a few advantages you will receive on race day:

  • Use owners Trainers entrance
  • Food and drink available
  • Champagne and Photographs
  • Chance of meeting fellow partners
  • no queuing at the turnstiles
  • See your horse in the paddock
  • Meet the jockey and trainer
  • Reserved area to watch the race
  • Access to the winner’s enclosure


Overall, we enjoyed reviewing this syndicate because it not only appears to be a success, but it also provides personalized service to each syndicate member.

Nick Brown racing club obviously want to build on their previous success, and we are confident that by having a great trainer specifically train their horses, they can only improve year after year.

To get started on your new journey as a racehorse owner, get in touch using the contact details.