Best Partnership Administration Companies

When looking for a Partnership Administration company, you need to choose a reputable business.

The best Partnership Administration order company in 2024 is there to assist you with business debts and provide confidential advice.

There are many Administration businesses to choose from, but here is an updated list of the top-rated Partnership Administration companies in the UK.

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Best Partnership Administration Companies 2024

From our research, here is a list of the best Partnership Administration companies in April 2024:

  1. Business Insolvency Company
  2. Debtline
  3. GW Financial Solutions UK Ltd
  4. Business Debt Help 
  5. Trust Debt Advice
  6. NTF Financial Solutions Insolvency
  7. Payplan
  8. National Debt Advice
  9. Stepchange

What is a Partnership Administration?

Partnership Administration is a form of business administration that occurs within a partnership.

A company administration is a court-ordered protection mechanism that shields a company from creditors while undergoing a business rescue.

A Partnership Administration Order is similar to how limited companies enter into administration. A partnership Administration order allows an administrator’s appointment to the partnership with or without the need for a court order.

What Does an Administrator Do?

An administrator must be a licenced IP who also serves as a court officer (whether or not the court appoints them).

An administrator will generally take any action concerning the partnership’s management or any of its assets.

An administrator has certain rights that enable them to carry out their responsibilities, and these authorities take precedence over current management for the administration period. However, to ensure a good end, the administrator usually prefers to engage closely with senior members of the partnership.

It may be an option to examine if a partnership has serious financial difficulties, is insolvent, or is soon bankrupt. Survival of the limited company is a going concern of the administration process.

Typically, there is a pressing need to address the issue since the company quickly runs out of funds and requires protection. All of the partners must be solvent to enter into partnership administration.

While restructuring, refinancing, or a sale is considered, the partnership administration role is to protect the partnership.

How Can A Partnership Enter Into Administration?

A partnership can enter into administration in any of the following ways:

  • Application by the members of the insolvent partnership in court.
  • Application by the creditor of the insolvent partnership in court.
  • Application by a Partnership Voluntary Arrangement Supervisor in court.
  • By the members of the insolvent partnership out of court.

If a court order is made (by members or creditors), the court will only appoint an administrator to the partnership if they are satisfied that the partnership cannot pay its debts. In contrast, in corporate administration, the court needs to be convinced that a corporation will be unable to pay its debts.

The partnership members will sign a statutory declaration that the partnership is unable to pay its debts if an administrator is appointed outside of court.

Is a Partnership Administration Order the Best Solution?

If your partnership cannot pay its debts, a PAO may be the best solution.

The “balance sheet test” determines if a partnership can pay its debts or not.

The “cash-flow test” determines whether a partnership can pay its debts when they become due.

When a partnership’s assets are insufficient to cover all of its liabilities, including prospective and contingent liabilities, as and when they become due, the balance sheet test is met.

What Are the Benefits of a Partnership Administration Order?

The main benefit of a Partnership Administration order is that it can help rescue the partnership. The administrator appointed will have 3 months to assess the situation and partnership business before proposing an administration procedure.

Other benefits include:

  • Protecting the partnership business from creditors who wish to take legal action to collect debts.
  • The appointed administrator will ensure that all decisions made are within the best interests of the partnership.
  • Survival of the business is a going concern of administration.
  • If a partner becomes insolvent, the partnership creditors are unable to contact or attack the partnership.

Are There Any Risks?

The risks involved with a partnership administration order procedure are:

  • Once a partnership enters partnership administration, all creditors and customers of the company must be notified. All future correspondence with creditors and customers must state that the partnership is in administration.
  • The involvement of a licensed insolvency practitioner as an administrator can increase the cost in comparison to other partnership debt solutions.
  • The involvement of an administrator can often affect customer confidence.

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What is Administrative Receivership?

Administrative Receivership is a process started by a secured creditor (often a bank) that has worries about a company’s ability to pay its debts.

What is the difference between going into administration and receivership?

The administration’s principal purpose is to assist the company in repaying its debts, thereby avoiding liquidation. The goal of receivership is to maximise the benefit to secured creditors by recovering a company’s assets.

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