Keystone Recovery Licensed Insolvency Practitioners Review

Do you need the assistance of licensed insolence practitioners? Keystone Recovery may be the one for you.

The Keywood Group is an independent group of Licensed Insolvency Practitioners, including the Keystone Recovery Licensed Insolvency Practitioners, that offers completely private, no-obligation expert assistance on all areas of corporate insolvency.

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Find out more about insolvency practice and how it can help you in this Keystone Recovery Licensed Insolvency Practitioners Review.

Keystone Recovery Licensed Insolvency Practitioners Overview

The Keywood Group provides same-day consultations suited to your specific needs. Once they have reviewed your position, they have a wide selection of company recovery alternatives. They provide a countrywide service, and their experts will come to you at no expense to discuss all of your alternatives without putting you under any commitment.

All of their advice is completely confidential, and with over 20 years of combined expertise amongst their ever-expanding staff, they can provide rapid and discreet practical counsel. Their corporate team has extensive expertise working with creditors such as HMRC, building societies, and a range of lenders.

With offices in Birmingham and London, the Keystone Recovery Licensed Insolvency Practitioners is one of the UK’s top insolvency practitioners. Their experienced advisers are courteous and knowledgeable, and their certified insolvency practitioner can give specialised voluntary liquidation assistance to business directors across London, Birmingham, and the United Kingdom.

They are enthusiastic about assisting their customers who are experiencing cash flow or creditor issues as a Licensed Insolvency Practice and trusted counsel to businesses in various industries.

Their highly experienced staff has the strategic insight and knowledge to aid and assist you with any insolvency. As Insolvency Practitioners, they take pleasure in being actively accessible to provide you with the best insolvency advice possible.

Services Offered By Keystone Recovery Licensed Insolvency Practitioners

Keystone Recovery Licensed Insolvency Practitioners offer different services to clients who want to overcome financial challenges. Read more about their services in this section.

Company Rescue

Depending on the firm’s conditions, a corporate rescue or restructuring can take many different shapes. When short-term cash flow restrictions exist, this may sometimes be accomplished by looking into the many financing options accessible to firms.


The process of Administration is a highly helpful mechanism that protects a firm from creditor pressure and puts a stop to any current or ongoing legal actions, generally to assist the company’s rescue or sale of its business and assets on a going concern basis.

The Keystone Recovery Licensed Insolvency Practitioners staff members are skilled in analysing your supply data to determine the best course of action.

Company Voluntary Arrangement (CVA)

A CVA is a legally binding agreement between a company and it’s creditors to pay back some or all of the company’s obligations over a certain period of time.

The procedure necessitates the directors drafting a CVA plan to be presented to creditors for approval. This is a highly extensive document that will outline the company’s contributions to the CVA and cash flow estimates to support the viability of continuing contributions and, finally, a timeline for when creditors may expect to receive their payments. Insolvency practitioners would serve as advisors to the board of directors as they craft the plan.

Once the CVA is granted, insolvency practitioners serve as Supervisors throughout the CVA, ensuring that the firm follows the plan’s provisions.

Finance Options

When formal insolvency aid is not the best option, Keywood Group can assist in locating emergency cash or capital.

They have strong relationships with various banks, building societies, and other lenders and can assist you in finding the best option to help your company maintain a healthy cash flow. They can connect you to several financing solutions, including short and long-term business loans, invoice factoring, invoice discounting, and bridging financing.

Starting Over

Creditors Voluntary Liquidation (CVL) is the most prevalent type of liquidation in the UK, and the Keywood Group team has extensive expertise supporting directors in CVL processes.

Keywood Group can assist in sourcing emergency liquidity or capital when formal bankruptcy assistance is not the best choice. They have great links with a range of banks, building societies, and other lenders and can help you identify the best alternative for maintaining a healthy cash flow for your business. They can help you find short and long-term company loans, invoice factoring, invoice discounting and bridging finance, among other options.

Company Closure

Keystone Recovery is a Licensed Insolvency Practitioner, and if your company is having trouble, closing it down may be the best option.

Creditor’s Voluntary Liquidation

Creditors Voluntary Liquidation (CVL) is the most prevalent type of liquidation in the UK, and the team at Keystone Recover has a lot of expertise aiding directors with CVL processes.

A CVL is a voluntary procedure begun by a business’s directors and shareholders once the firm’s directors and shareholders recognise that the company will be unable to pay its liabilities as they become due. It’s typically considered a viable choice when a firm’s financial situation has reached a point where it can no longer be salvaged or when the board of directors wants to dissolve the company and start over or walk away. In such cases, corporate directors have a legal obligation to work in the best interests of creditors to maintain their position.

A Creditors Voluntary Liquidation (CVL) may be the best option for you if you wish to liquidate your business and start again or walk away. The professionals at Keystone Recovery will assist you in implementing the CVL process and communicating with your creditors.

Members Voluntary Liquidation

An MVL, or solvent liquidation, is an effective method outlined in insolvency legislation that allows shareholders to extract cash in the most tax-efficient manner while also facilitating the winding down of solvent enterprises in an organised manner.

Keystone Recovery’s team will collaborate with you to conduct the MVL process, and their Insolvency Practitioner will guarantee that money is delivered promptly to creditors and shareholders.

Compulsory Liquidation/ Dissolution

You can apply to the Registrar of Companies directly to have a dormant company or one that has come to the end of its life with no assets or obligations dissolved. This can be done by submitting Form DS01 to Companies House, subsequently publishing a notice in the London Gazette announcing the planned strike-off. If required, this allows future creditors or other interested parties to file a strike-off objection.

The corporation is dissolved when the intended strike off’s required notice time (typically two months) has expired. The company is deregistered at Companies House when it is dissolved.

Keystone Recovery Licensed Insolvency Practitioners Contact Details

Keystone Recovery Licensed Insolvency Practitioners follow formal insolvency procedures when providing their services to customers. Reach out to the company through any of the following contact details to learn how they can assist you.

Address: Gill House, 140 Holyhead Road, Birmingham, West Midlands B21 0AF

Telephone Number: 0121 201 0399






Registration Number: 08160224

Keystone Recovery Licensed Insolvency Practitioners Reviews

Keystone Recovery Licensed Insolvency Practitioners have helped many businesses facing insolvency search and understand the best solution for them. Read one of the client reviews left for the company in this section.

At the start of this year my wife and I had to make the terrible difficult decision that our Company Midland Dance Supplies Ltd would have to go into Liquidation. We didn’t know at the time that the phone call we made to Keywood Group Ltd would be the best decision we could have made at that time. From the first initial meeting and all the way through to this day they have been there for us night and day whenever needed. We cannot praise every member of this company enough, Liquidation is an incredibly painful experience and they have literally carried us through this. If you find yourself in the same situation as us then we cannot recommend Keywood Group Ltd highly enough”. – Sandra and Eddie Newitt, Birmingham


While making this Keystone Recovery Licensed Insolvency Practitioners Review, we found that they have set of formal insolvency procedures that they follow whenever they provide their legal services. They make it a point to discuss the different measures they help the client take to regain control of their finances. All in all, after analysing the information we gathered about the company, we recommend the services of Keystone Recovery.

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