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Are you serious about making digital marketing work for you? Then it’s probably time to look for an online marketing service who can help push your website to the next level.

When it comes to reaching out to a new wave of customers or building up your revenue, you’re going to need to keep a team of experts – such as those working at Ghost Marketing – to help you along.

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In this Ghost Marketing review, we will be taking a close look at everything you need to know about the SEO firm, and we will also consider whether it is worth your time and money to get involved with their marketing strategies.

If you want people to see and find your business or website online, you are going to need to start with link building.

Who is Ghost Marketing?

Ghost Marketing establishes itself as a digital PR agency, with link building listed as their specialist concern. They work to create and distribute content for their clients.

They also ensure their links hark back from some of the leading sites and blogs in the spheres they work in.

They work on what they refer to as an ROI basis, which is excellent news for any business owners who are driving for significant results sooner rather than later.

Ghost Marketing is a white hat SEO agency, offering a variety of different services to help business owners and webmasters find their key audiences online. The team is based in Cardiff and has been operating since 2012.

They have generated thousands of legitimate, organic links for the businesses they work with. This means that thousands of business owners have been able to drive up revenue significantly in the past few years based on the company’s leading strategies and pinpoint expertise.

This is a firm that primarily focuses on link building, and for good reason – as they are amongst the best at what they do. They have a specific and precise process, and this is all the more to their clients and businesses’ benefits.

What Does Ghost Marketing Offer?

Ghost Marketing specialises in link building for business websites. As you may have seen from other reviews elsewhere, this is a service that the firm handles exceptionally well.

If it is your first time looking for a link building company, be sure to call the experts at Ghost Marketing to fine-tune the best package to your needs.

Here is a quick breakdown of what to expect from the firm when you call or book online with them:

  • First of all, you should find their proposal form. This is easy to spot on their main website, and it is where you will be able to fill out basic information on your link building needs to get a firm quote.
  • Ghost Marketing states that on the back of a proposal, they will work closely with you to outline a plan of action. Saying that they are the number one link building agency in the UK, they have a full guide advising how they hunt down the very best in legitimate links for your business and website.
  • Ghost Marketing focuses on white hat, manual techniques. This means that they take incredible time and precision in making sure that the techniques they use work to your advantage.
  • Ghost Marketing is careful to avoid what they call over optimisation. They understand that SEO is a precise process, and what’s more, they will always undertake a thorough audit of your website before you take on any link building campaign with them.
  • Ghost Marketing understands which content and keywords are likely to work best for manual, organic campaigns. Therefore, they are perhaps more thorough and more meticulous than most when building link campaigns from the ground up!
  • All you need to do is take a look at their guide to link building services on their website to see how much time and effort they put into their projects. Reviews like ours will likely agree – that the team works extremely hard – with the best tools in the industry – to make sure the businesses they work with always get the best authority links.


As each project is always likely to be slightly different from the last, Ghost Marketing leads on a bespoke project basis.

This means that to find out more about the pricing you can expect from your link building campaign with them, you should get in touch with a custom proposal as soon as possible.

Ghost will then tailor a bespoke plan of action around your visitors’ demands – and to your budget, too. As number one in their industry, it is pretty fair to say that Ghost focuses on generating exceptional value for their clients and customers.

Therefore – do make a point of reaching out as soon as you know that you need for link building.

Ghost Marketing Overview

Ghost Marketing is a leading SEO service based in the UK. They work hard to find the best links and authority paths for their clients and businesses they work with.

Crucially, Ghost Marketing advises that they are the number one link building agency in the UK. That’s quite an accolade and a lot of confidence! However, when you first take a look at their packages, pricing and expertise, it isn’t too hard to understand why this is the case.

Founded by Tom Buckland, Ghost Marketing’s approach has always been to search for links with real authority. Tom’s team understands that keyword services are only the beginning – and that hunting down the best links and best sites to host guest posts at is essential.

Ghost Marketing Contact Details

Get in touch with Ghost Marketing through the following information:

What Others Are Saying

  • “Ghost Marketing is number one for a reason. Great digital marketing starts with legitimate link building, and these guys more than understand this.”
  • “Tom and the team really have turned digital marketing on its head. Their links are the best I’ve ever worked with – and I’ve been through a few agencies in my time.”
  • “My website is now bringing in more interest than ever before – and I really do have Tom and the team to thank.”

Final Thoughts About Ghost Marketing

Ghost Marketing’s confident claims that they are the best link builders in the country are far from unfounded.¬†

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Why not take a look at what they have to offer and get in touch with their digital marketing specialists to see if there is a package or two you like the look of?

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