The Ultimate Guide to ABC Debt Recovery

Have you been contacted by ABC Debt Recovery? Wondering who they are, why they are contacting you and what to do next?

We know how stressful it can be to be behind on payments and how it can feel like you are in a dark place.

By reading our Ultimate Guide to ABC Debt Recovery, we can hopefully make a light at the end of the tunnel.

Speaking to one of our legal and financial advisors can make you feel like you are not on your own and that it’s not the end of the fight.

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Do I Qualify?

Who are ABC Debt Recovery

ABC Debt Recovery are a trading name of SHCE LTD, which is an acronym for the Sheriff’s High Court Enforcement

ABC Debt Recovery was founded on the 23rd November 2012

They are registered in England and Wales

They are registered on the Companies House website under the company name 08306066

It is important to note that ABC Debt Recovery is a dormant company active on Companies House, but other websites say they are dormant, which means they are not trading at this present time. However, if you get a letter from ABC Debt Recovery, they have a website to pay the debt.

They still have an active website; however, we found it may be insecure in our research. Therefore, the best way to contact them would be to:

  • Postal Address: 22 St. Andrews Crescent Cardiff Wales CF10 3DD
  • Telephone Number: 020 3848 2848

Are they a legitimate company?

Yes, they are a legitimate company. They have an active status on the Companies House website.

What will happen if I ignore ABC Debt Recovery

If you ignore ABC Debt Recovery, even though they are a dormant company, they will likely not just leave you alone. Either another debt recovery will take the debt on, or ABC Debt Recovery will continue to send letters or/and send debt collection agencies out.

Is there anything ABC Debt Recovery Can’t Do?

ABC Debt Recovery, like all debt collection agencies, has to adhere to the Financial Conduct Authority.

  • They can’t threaten legal action if it is unlikely to materialise
  • They can’t send that look like court documents or forms.
  • They cant pretend to have legal powers they don’t possess (e.g. send bailiffs when they don’t have a court order)
  •  They can’t chase you for payment when your debt is managed via a Trust Deed Scotland or IVA (Individual Voluntary Arrangement).

Also, they are expected to sign up to the code of conduct, which means they don’t just sign up but agree to the “spirit” of the code; this means they cannot.

  • Call at unreasonable times.
  • Contact you in a way that doesn’t meet the preferences that you’ve already agreed on
  • Call you at work without permission, or if you’ve asked them to stop
  • Discuss your debt with others
  • Take payments without your permission
  • Refuse to give you time to consider your options after you’ve contacted them or a debt advice agency for help
  • Pressure you into paying debt off by borrowing more money
  • Use language you don’t understand e.g. legal jargon or technical language
  • Demand payment when a statue is barred; that is, the debt is now considered too old to collect.

I have a debt letter from ABC Debt Recovery. What Should I Do?

First of all, make sure you owe the debt (you don’t want to pay a debt that you don’t even owe) a check or Experian or another credit check app to see if you have any outstanding debts.

Mortimer and Clarke (and every other debt collection) need to prove that the debt is yours; if they can’t prove it, they have to say it’s been settled.

Write them an email or letter (email is better as there is a paper trail) and ask for proof.

But don’t sign the letter; only print your name to allow the company to reconstitute the document.

Check the debt is not statute-barred; this means some debts have a time limit, and this is according to the Limitation Act 1980, the clock starts running after you’ve made the last payment.

If no payment has been made in five or six years (it will depend on the limitation period) and the creditor has not issued a CCJ, you may not have to pay, but this depends on the amount.

I can pay ABC Debt Recovery. Should I?

Yes. If you can pay them and you have made sure the debt is yours and it is less than six years old.

And you have spoken to a debt advice agency and they have advised you too.

Then go ahead and pay, this will stop calls, notifications and letters.

This will also stop the potential of furthermore severe actions, e.g Bailiffs and/or court action.

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