The Ultimate Guide to Engage Services Debt Collection

Engage Services Limited is a Debt Collection Company and will chase you for payments if you have a debt with them or they are collecting a debt on behalf of another company.

A Debt Collection Company (Debt Collector) will collect overdue debts either on behalf of a company or after buying overdue debts from other companies that you may have missed payments to.

These can be from Loan Companies, Banks, Finance Companies, Utility Companies, Store Card Companies, Catalogues, Councils and many more.

If you have a debt with Engage Services Limited or another debt collection company and are struggling with the payments you’ve come to the right place!

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Do I Qualify?

If you’re unable to pay them or don’t think what they’re asking for is fairly get in touch for instant debt advice.

Contact our debt advice and IVA team today for confidential help.

We may be able to help you by arranging an IVA or Debt Management Plan and reduce your payments to Engage Services Limited.

With an IVA you no longer have to deal with the debt companies alone, we manage the debts for you.

Can an IVA help with a debt with Engage Services Limited?

Yes, an IVA will stop a debt company from chasing you for payments.

An IVA company can help you freeze the interest and charges, reduce your debt payments and may even write off some of your debt.

An IVA is a great way to help you become debt-free for good.

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  • Reduce your debt payments
  • Freeze your interest and charges
  • Write off most of your debt
  • Stop letters and phone calls
  • Stop legal action and bailiff visits

Debt Collection Companies

As part of our Online Debt Directory, we have listed most of the Debt Collection Companies that operate within the UK, providing you with up to date information on each company.

To help you we have provided contact details and company information for Engage Services Limited below from the Credit Services Association website.

If you need help with Engage Services Limited debts, get in touch today.

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By submitting your details in the form to the right you will see if an IVA or Debt Management Plan is best for you and learn how to become debt-free.

Engage Services Limited

Engage Services Limited services are Consumer Debt Collection, Business to Business Debt Collection, Court Action, Status Enquiries / Company Searches, Utility Debt Collection, Other, Collector Accredited.

  • Member Type: Full
  • Member Since: 30/06/2013
  • Country: United Kingdom
  • Contact: Gary Jones
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Website:
  • Telephone: 0161 300 9650
  • Address: 2 Anchor Court, Commercial Road, Blackburn, BB3 ODB

Who Are Engage Services Ltd?

Engage Services Ltd to provide specialist Field Agent Services covering the whole of the UK.

In addition to standard services specific to certain market sectors such as Utilities and Finance. A debt help company also provide bespoke solutions to any sector or client who require a personal visit to their customer’s property in order to resolve any situation.

Engage Services have been servicing the energy market since deregulation in 1996.

Over the years our services have expanded to the Water Industry and have included solutions for both domestic and commercial supplies.

With over 25 years of experience and a field force of over 1,500 agents, Engage Services are a leader in their field constantly providing best in class performance and data quality.

Using the latest web portal interface Engage Services will ensure that both your on-going or periodic requirements can be addressed and solved.

We also have the support of a Contact Centre to assist performance both pre and post-visit.

Some people have explained they have received contact from a number they did not recall, 01415704152, you should keep this number in mind.

List of Debt Collection Agencies UK

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