The Ultimate Guide to My Jar Debt Collectors

You have received a letter from Harrison Debt Recovery regarding your MyJar Loan debt, and you don’t know what they want, why they are contacting you and who they are.

We understand that being in debt can feel like you slowly fall into a black hole with no lifeline to escape.

But by reading our Ultimate Guide to My Jar Debt Collectors and speaking to our expert team, we will throw you that lifeline you need and make your worries about debt go away.

It is important to speak to our expert financial and legal team who have years of experience in their fields before contacting the debt collectors. Click the link below and fill out the contact form, and they will get back to you as soon as they can.

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Harrison Debt Recovery is contacting me on behalf of My Jar loans. Who are they?

My Jar is a loans company that was based in Poole.

They went into administration in 2020, but insolvency agents from Harrison Debt Recovery took over as joint administrators of My Jar, ensuring that all debts are paid back to the creditors and stakeholders.

The Harrison Debt Recovery website says: “The Joint Administrators are qualified insolvency practitioners, regulated by the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England & Wales. The Joint Administrators act independently of the Firm for the benefit of all creditors and stakeholders. Their primary concern and mandate are to ensure that they maximise the returns to the Company’s creditors as a whole.”

Why is Harrison Debt Recovery contacting me on behalf of My Jar Loans?

You likely had a debt with My Jar loans in the past, and Harrison Debt Recovery is now pursuing that debt on behalf of My Jar Loans.

I have paid my debt already to My Jar. Why am I still being chased by Harrison Debt Recovery?

If you have already paid, your debt to My Jar. The best thing to do would be to contact Harrison Debt Recovery and My Jar and explain that you have already paid the debt if they disagree and say you still owe them money, send them a debt validation letter. If they do not reply or refuse to, but still harass you to pay the debt it is important to gather all the information from My Jay, if you have any proof from your bank account like a statement that you have paid the debt it is important to gather this as well.

How do I contact My Jar?

  •  Postal: MYJAR, Unit 22426, Po Box 7169, Poole, BH15 9EL
  • Phone Number: 020 3006 2000
  • My Jar Contact Form

Please note, Harrison Debt Recovery is working on behalf of My Jar.

My Jar is not taking on new customers; however, they are still contactable for repayments of debts.

What are my next steps?

It is a good idea to collect all the information you have received from My Jar Loans, whether this is details of your loan or any letters regarding the debt you have with them. Make sure you record any further correspondence, whether over the phone, email, SMS or letters. If they call you, ask for the person name, note down what they talk to you about. Take a screenshot and save any emails sent to you with the time and date that My Jar Loans sent them. These pieces of information will be important, as this could be used as evidence at a later date.

Before you pay anything towards your debt, please speak to one of our knowledgable financial and legal agents who have years of experience and are experts in their fields.

Did You Know You Can Write Off Up To 85% Of Your Debts?

Do I Qualify?

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