The Ultimate Guide to Excel Civil Enforcement

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Do Not Speak to Excel Civil Enforcement Until You Know About This

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Continue reading our Excel Civil Enforcement Ltd guide to find out everything to know when you’re handing this enforcement agency along with some debt solutions!

This article will reveal the ins and outs of everything the company can and cannot do.

Who is Excel Civil Enforcement?

Excel Civil Enforcement is a Welsh-based high court enforcement group trained to collect debts from clients that have received a court order on the money they owe.

The team at Excel civil enforcement has been collecting, enforcing, and associated services to local authorities and central government departments since they were founded in 1991.

With all the team combined, the directors have over 200 years of experience, meaning that Excel civil enforcement follows an understanding to support clients effectively.

Why is Excel Civil Enforcement contacting me?

If you have been contacted, you will owe money- previously to another creditor.

This company will cover a range of debts for some large, well-known companies.

Are they a legitimate company?

Excel civil enforcement agents are legit. Therefore, you must listen to everything they say and do as the enforcement agencies are very serious.

Excel civil enforcement is an active company with a registered office in Conwy.

To show its legitimacy, the company has been commended with a staggering amount of industry specialised awards, such as:

  • IRRV Performance Awards 2018, Excellence in Staff Development
  • CICM British Credit Awards 2018, Learning and Development Impact Award

What type of debt does Excel Civil Enforcement collect?

Excel civil enforcement collects debts for local authorities and central government departments.

The enforcement agency collects around the UK for these specific debts:

  • Council tax
  • Magistrates’ court fines
  • Commercial rent arrears (CRAR)
  • Housing benefit overpayments
  • Parking and traffic penalties
  • Bail and warrant arrests

What is the chasing process?

There are various steps to the chasing process:

  1. The chasing process these enforcement agents follow will begin with the creditor requiring the debtor to pay, or legal action will start.
  2. If the creditor asks this, the debtor should ask for proof of debt. If the creditor refuses or does/can not send any proof of debt, the debt is not required to be paid.
  3. If the creditor does send the proof of debt and the debtor refuses to pay, further action will begin as they will go to court to get a court order.
  4. The creditor will then use a court order for a law enforcement agency, such as Excel civil enforcement, to collect the debt.
  5. When the high court enforcement group is involved, you should expect bailiff action and possessions to be seized.

Keep reading to find out how to contact Excel Civil Enforcement. 

Should I pay Excel Civil Enforcement group?

As soon as you have received the notification of your debt, it would be best if you attempted to pay as soon as possible.

We will always advise you to ask for proof of the debt before you pay any amount, as this debt could be in somebody else’s name and mistakenly sent to you.

Where you can afford to pay, you need to do so. Otherwise, Excel bailiffs will be arriving at your door.

I cannot afford to pay- what can I do?

Plenty of people find themselves in a situation where they cannot afford to pay off their debt, you shouldn’t feel alone with this.

There is always a way to get out of your outstanding debt as a debt solution, and professional advice is always on hand.

Here are some of the debt solutions available:

You should not always expect to be accepted for the payment plan; few people get their offers denied, and the seizing of goods will begin.

When a payment plan is offered, it is advised to take it up as this should prevent you from having to pay a very high upfront payment.

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Can I ignore Excel Civil Enforcements letters and calls?

Ignoring the letters and phone calls from Excel Civil Enforcement will not benefit you.

Debts you ignore will not go away; as much as you would like to believe it, the situation will only worsen, and you should expect a visit from enforcement agents.

How can I stop Excel Civil Enforcement from contacting me?

Getting this company to stop contacting you completely is extremely difficult unless you pay off your debt with them.

Without paying your debt off, you can request that they only contact you via a certain method of communication or at a certain time of day.

They are legally required to send you information about what you owe and request for you to pay it.

Can Excel civil enforcement visit my home?

Excel civil enforcement follows orders that permit bailiffs to visit your home to request payments or take assets.

Excel civil enforcement must only ever peacefully enter your property- if they enter with aggression or break doors down, you can make complaints.

Usually, bailiffs will only arrive at your property if court action has taken place and your debts are still due.

They will only ever be able to enter your home if you have had a liability order issued against you on behalf of local authorities.

What items can Excel take from me?

As you should understand, Excel can legally seize your possessions and sell/auction them to pay off the debt.

The specific items that can be taken consist of:

  • Vehicles- cars/vans/bicycles
  • Jewellery
  • Cash
  • Luxury items
  • Televisions/gaming consoles
  • Joint-owned items

The items that Excel takes must equate to an estimation of the current value of the debt.

What items are Excel NOT allowed to take from me?

There are a variety of items that Excel is prohibited from taking.

Here is a short list of items that are not allowed to be seized:

  • Pets
  • Bedding
  • Clothes
  • Dining tables and chairs
  • Lighting
  • Anything owned by somebody else

To avoid them taking any of your items, it is advised to hide them or place them on another property (with permission) as the bailiff has no legal right to access the premises.

What rights does Excel Civil Enforcement have?

It is important to understand the rights that Excel does legally have, as they can sometimes go against their code of conduct and you will be able to take action from this.

Here is a list of some of the rights Excel civil enforcement has:

  • They can call you.
  • They can visit your home.
  • They can send letters to the address you have provided.
  • For larger debts, they can issue a statutory demand (£5000 and over).
  • They can apply to the court to have a default registered on your credit file- affecting your credit rating.
  • They are allowed to give additional charges, depending on your original agreement.

If this company does not comply with its rules and regulations, you should take action and contact them to discuss matters.

To learn more about statute-barred debt, continue reading our Excel Civil article. 

What rights do I have against Excel Civil Enforcement?

As well as Excel’s rights, you also have your own!

Here are several points that you should note when dealing with the enforcement action:

  • Excel is prohibited from speaking about your debt to friends, neighbours, or family members (this is a private matter and will go against the UK data protection law).
  • They cannot use complicated jargon in a way to have power and confuse you.
  • They can not tell lies about your debt or be threatening and abusive.
  • They cannot harass you, they are allowed to contact you as many times as they would like as long as this is not in a controlling, tormenting way.
  • The bailiffs are not allowed to visit elderly or vulnerable people.
  • They can not push past you to enter your property.
  • They can only enter through a door.
  • They are only allowed to enter between 9 am and 6 pm.

Excel Civil Enforcement contact details

Getting in touch with Excel as soon as possible is important to sort out and pay off your debt.

Here are the contact details you can use to reach them:


How long can debt collectors collect a debt from you?

Regarding the Limitations act 1980, there are only six years that a creditor can pursue a debt from you.

This means that within the six years, you must NOT have acknowledged the debt’s existence.

What bailiff fees are set in place?

For a letter of information on your debt, this is £75, Home visits are £235, and the removal/selling of belongings £110.


No matter how much debt you might owe, the situation is a scary one- with a debt collector chasing you up, it can be even more worrying.

Understanding all the rights you and this company has is incredibly important. Hopefully, this article has given you a wider insight into what you can do in this situation.

Make sure to contact a debt help agency to find a suitable debt solution and debt advice that may help you work your way out of persistent debt.

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