The Ultimate Guide to Asset Collections and Investigations (ACI)

Have you found out you have an overdue debt after being contacted by Asset Collections and Investigations?

Well, we’re here to help as this ultimate guide to ACI will give you everything you need to know about your debt and how to deal with it.

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Do I Qualify?

Who is ACI?

You might be wondering who this company is?

Asset Collections and Investigations, also known as ACI, are a debt collection company based in Blackpool. They first started their company in 1999 proving themselves to be experienced.

They will get in touch with you if a creditor has passed on to them, that you have a debt that needs paying off.

Asset Collections and Investigations are known to work with various different companies chasing up outstanding debts.

They can be incredibly kind to you and help you out via different payment methods (these will be explained further on into the guide).

Is ACI a legitimate company, regulated and authorised in the UK?

You will be glad to know, this company is definitely legitimate!

It can be a terrifying feeling, thinking that you are being scammed by a debt collection agency as you may not know where your money is going.

Well, rest assured, this company is real (they won’t scam you!), and here are some amazing credentials they have:

  • They are registered with Companies house with the registration number 03775287
  • They are also registered with the Financial Conduct Authority with the registration number 708400

Do I have to pay Asset Collections and investigations?

You might be hoping and praying that you don’t have to pay ACI… unfortunately, you most likely will have to pay off your debt.

The faster you pay, the less serious it gets.

Sometimes, in some circumstances, you wouldn’t have to pay. This is because of two reasons:

  • Your debt is statute-barred, which means that it is over six years old and is outdated and the court can no longer make you pay.
  • In another instance, you would not have to pay if you did not get sent any proof of your debt. This would come into consideration if you were to receive a letter regarding your debt and you wanted to see some proof. The proof would show who the debt was for and what company it was from. If ACI did not send any proof of debt, you are not obliged to pay any money at all.

However, if you do not fall under any of the two categories above, you will have to pay as the debt is yours.

Will they disappear is a just ignore them?

Short answer… no.

You might have figured out by now, debt collection companies can be a handful. Meaning, they can hassle you A LOT.

Realistically, the worst thing you can do is ignore them as they will take severe legal action and threaten to take you to court for county court judgment.

You may be feeling like hiding from them is all you want to do, but it is not a great idea. Contacting ACI can be a great decision. If you are open and honest about your current circumstances, ACI will have to listen to you and take your situation into consideration. They can be really helpful as they help you to figure out which option would be best for you.

What if I refuse to pay?

If you refuse to pay, this can get serious.

When you refuse, you will be given additional charges and fees to your debt. If you continue to refuse, ACI may threaten to take you to court. When they take you to court, you will be forced to pay your debt. If the refusal continues, ACI will employ bailiffs to go to your home and remove your goods.

What are my rights in this situation?

There are some different rules ACI has to strictly stick by which you should definitely read about. If ACI goes against these rules, you could complain to the Financial Ombudsman and gain some compensation.

Here is a list of rules Asset Collections and investigations needs to follow:

  • They cannot use technical jargon to mislead, confuse or manipulate you.
  • They cannot pretend to have legal powers they do not have, such as pretending to be a bailiff.
  • They cannot talk to anybody else about your debt unless you grant them permission.
  • They cannot harass you physically or verbally.

If you feel as if ACI has not followed any of the rules above, you can begin by complaining to Asset Collections and Investigations. If their response to your complaint does not satisfy your needs, We would advise you to contact the financial ombudsman.

How do I contact ACI?

Contact information:

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